Magic Is Lost.

When Harry gets into a car crash almost killing him and he falls in love with his nurse who thinks she's going crazy cause she's the only one who can hear him. ....what will Harry go through to get her when she's engaged and he's in a coma?


7. Engagement is off!

we both pulled away and looked at each other "why did you kiss me?" "because i wanted to" he said smiling and putting his hand around my neck "harry im engaged" he looked into my eyes "but you dont want to be you want me i know i can see it" i pulled away from him "harry i cant do this" he looked at me "yes you can" he said moving closer to me again and putting his hands on my waist "no, no i cant" i said taking his hands off my waist "Kierha i know how you feel about me because i feel it to" he said brushing my hair out of my face and kissing my forehead "i cant just go from one relationship to another that's not how it works i cant do that!" "your not its not like your fooling around with just anyone its me the one you've been talking to the one that you can personally say you like don't hide from feelings there, there to stay and be shown, so show me" he said putting his hands back on my hips and i looked up at him and kissed him once then was about to back up when he pulled me back and we started making out.. "KIERHA" we stopped making out and i turned around to see Diana and my 'Fiancée' standing there harry wrapped his arms around my waist "Nick don't just, it's over nick were done" i said walking over to them and leaving harry there.. "YOU, YOU DID THIS" nick said screaming and shoving me out of the way "whoa kierha" "shut up ass hole before i make you" Nick said grabbing harry by the neck and shoving him up to the wall "Nick let him go right now" "kierha please back away babe" harry said looking at me . "no harry," i said crying and grabbing nick off him and standing in front of harry "if you hurt harry nick you hurt me" i said hugging harry "fine by me" nick said coming towards me and nick "your not a real man!" harry yelled at nick and punched him in the face making nick fall to the ground i looked at harry who turned around and looked at me "im so sorry kierha if that startled you" harry said putting his hand on my shoulder "no harry that didn't" i said hugging him "harry your a real man" i said kissing him behind his ear 

"Kierha you mine as well stay till i get off" Diana said laughing and helping harry back into his bed "yeah sure i guess" "oh and kierha you wanna sponge bath harry for me" Diana said winking at me "he's awake now i think he can do it him self" i said winking back at her and walking over to harry "im sorry about everything that happened to you" i said to harry and putting my hands in my pockets "don't be sorry everyone has crazy ex's"  he said laughing and smiling at me "yeah i guess" laughing with him "so.. do you think you could go from one relationship to another?" harry said smiling at me "you know i might if only someone really cute would just ask me already" i said laughing and putting one of my hands on his...

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