Just Normal Girls

Five normal girls are in love with One Direction. When they go to One Direction's concert, they aren't so normal anymore...

Madi, Aubrey, Amber, Salina, and Sky are all the best of friends. Nothing can seperate these besties from each other. Then, they meet One Direction and there's fights between best friends, people going to the hospital, and people having to choose sides. And to think this all started at a loss of a phone.......


21. Two More Editions To The Crazy 1D Family

Madi POV


We pulled up to the airport and parked the orange van (yes, THE orange van:)) in the parking lot.


"Okay. So, you guys will stay here with the van while we girls go in and get them. And, since I didn't tell them about us girls dating THE One Direction, when you guys see us start to come out, stand by the van. Then, just follow our lead. Okay?" I tell them.


They all nod and the boyfriends kiss their girlfriends goodbye. I looked over at Aubrey and Louis. They keep stealing glances at each other, but nothing else. Poor guys. Then, I had an idea.


"Everyone give Aubrey and Louis a huge, squeezy hug!" I shouted. Everyone squeezed Aubrey and Louis.


"Hey! Broken arm over here!" Aubrey shouted, trying to lift up her broken arm. Everyone immediately released them. We all laughed and we girls left.


"Did they say when the landed?" Sky asked.


I looked at my phone. "Uh. A minute ago but they were in the very back so they'll be some of the last people out." I answered.


"There." Amber said, pointing to two preteens coming out. "Isn't that them?"


I looked a little harder and smiled. "Yup." I got a little closer, as did the girls.


"Ash! Kate! Over here!" we all shouted, jumping up and down.


The girls immediately saw us, squeeled, and ran towards us. I opened my arms and they ran into them.


"I missed you guys sooooooo much!" I said, happily.


"We missed you too!" they said.


"Well." Amber huffed. We pulled away.


"What?" I asked.


"Ash and Kate come and Madi is the only one that gets a hug?"


Ash and Kate laugh and give everyone hugs. When they get to Aubrey, Ash notices her cast.


"Oh my god! What happened!?" she asked.


"Car accident." Aubrey answered, lifting her damaged arm.


"Well, get well soon." Kate said. Aubrey nodded and we went to get their luggage. Kate had two suitcases and Ash had around three or four, since she was staying the whole summer.


"Alright. We got your suitcases. Now let's go. Our boyfriends are waiting." I said.


They nodded and we headed for the front doors.


"So, what are your boyfriends' names?" Ash asked.


We all looked at each other. "Um, well, my boyfriend's name is Harold." I said, hoping they wouldn't be suspicious.


"My boyfriend's name is Liam." Amber said, since it was a common name.


"And-oh! they just told me that they're by that orange van we saw earlier." Sky said, pretending to take out her phone and check her texts.


"Well then, let's go." Aubrey said, winking.


We got to where the van was parked and Ash tugged on my shirt while Kate tugged on Aubrey's.


"What?" we both asked, smiling.


"O-One D-Direction." Ash stuttered.


We looked up. "Oh, that's not One Direction." Amber said. Ash and Kate snapped their heads over to her with an 'are you blind!?' look on their faces.


"Yeah. They aren't." Salina said.


"Are you guys blind!?" Ash asked.


"They're our boyfriends." all of us but Aubrey said. Poor girl...


"Ha ha ha. Very funny." Kate said, "We all want them to be our boyfriends."


"You don't believe us?" Sky asked.


They shook their heads. I texted Harry with lightning speed.



You & the guys: call us by r nicks (babe, love, princess, etc.) & walk ovr 2 us.


Then, I put my phone away.


The guys started to walk over. Ash and Kate started to FREAK OUT.


"Hey, babe." Harry said to me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pecking my lips.


"Hey." I answered, smiling and pecking his lips. Ash and Kate stared at us, not believing what they saw.


Niall went over to Sky, picked her up, twirled her around, and set her down. "There's my princess." he said, pecking her lips. Sky giggled. Kate stared at them with envy (Niall was her celeb crush).


"Ello, love." Liam said to Amber, hugging her and kissing her forehead.


"Hello, Liam." she answered, kissing his lips.


"Hello, beautiful." Zayn said to Salina, bowing like an idiot. She laughed. He was HER idiot. She curtsied and said, "Why hello, Mr. Malik." They laughed and kissed.


I looked over at Aubrey and Louis. They were just talking, but I could tell that Louis wanted to hold her in his arms and be able to call her his own. They're SO getting together.






"GOD!" Ash and Kate shouted, breaking up the sentence.


"Do you believe us NOW?" I asked, Harry's arm wrapped around my waist.


They nodded rapidly and we all laughed.


Two more editions to our crazy, and very special, One Direction family.

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