Just Normal Girls

Five normal girls are in love with One Direction. When they go to One Direction's concert, they aren't so normal anymore...

Madi, Aubrey, Amber, Salina, and Sky are all the best of friends. Nothing can seperate these besties from each other. Then, they meet One Direction and there's fights between best friends, people going to the hospital, and people having to choose sides. And to think this all started at a loss of a phone.......


7. The Perfect Boyfriend For Madi

Amber POV

I woke up to my phone ringing. I groaned and looked at the Caller I.D.

Madi SoftballBuddie Styles:)

I smiled at the name I gave her and answered the phone.

"Hey Madi."


"Why so excited?" I ask her.

"Two things. One, you have a date with LIAM PAYNE! And two, my date with Harry went PERFECT!"

"Ooh. Please spill." I say.

"I will when you and the girls come over. When is your date?"

"Uh......noon. I'll see you at your place at around...."

"Now." she says.


"Now." then, she hangs up.

Wierd......I hear a car horn honking outside of my window. I look outside and see Madi and the other girls in her car. She's signaling me to hurry up.

I quickly shower and change into dark colored shorts and my old, but totally adorable, softball jersey that says 'Losers' backwards inside of a broken heart and has my last name on the back as well as my lucky number (18). Madi, Aubrey, Sky, and I were on the same team. Then, I pull my hair into a loose ponytail and slip on my red converse.

I get into Madi's car and we head to her house.

Madi POV

"Spill." Amber says when we get into my house. They all slump onto the floor, cross-legged, and ready to listen. I laugh.

"Okay well......."


We walk out of my house and to Harry's car. He opens my door for me.

"After you, my lady."

"Why thank you, sir." I say.

He gets into his seat and starts to drive.

"Where are we going exactly?" I ask.

He just smiles and shakes his head. I slump back into my seat, pouting. He just chuckles.

"Oh, so that's funny?" I challenge.

"No, no! Just forget I did anything." he quickly says. I laugh. Then, Harry parks the car in the Sandbridge Beach parking lot.

"Sandbridge? Harry, why did I have to dress fancy to go to the beach?" I ask.

He gets out, without answering me, and comes around to help me out. We walk down near the water and I gasp at what I saw was there.

There was a small square table covered with a white cloth, two chairs covered with white cloths that tied in the back, the table was set with a candle in the middle, there were candles spread out all over in the sand, and it was all right by the water.

"Harry..." I say.

He leads me to the table. "What do you think, love?" he asks me.

"It's beautiful. All of it." I say.

He smiles and pulls out my chair for me to sit down. I sit and stare out at the sunset. I look back at Harry, who's staring into my eyes.

"What?" I ask.

"Nothing." he whispers. "Everything is perfect."

I blush and look down.

After we've eaten, we take a walk along the beach, hand-in-hand.

"I had a wonderful time tonight, Harry." I say, looking at our entwined hands.

"As did I, Madi." he says. He stops, which makes me stop.

"What is it, Harry?" I ask. "

I don't want this to be a 'one time thing', Madi." he says. "I know that we've only known each other for just two days but, I can't see my life without you."

I'm speachless. Then, he leans down slowly, closing his eyes. I lean up slowly, closing my eyes as well. And, finally, our lips meet. He places his hands on my waist and I wrap my arms around his neck. He stops the kiss and touches our foreheads together.

"I love you, Madi. Will you be mine?"

I smile. "Yes, Harry. I love you too."

He smiles and we kiss again.

*End of Flashback*

"Awwww!" the girls coo.

"So, you guys are an item now?" Amber asks.

I smile and nod. Harry Styles is my boyfriend.

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