Just Normal Girls

Five normal girls are in love with One Direction. When they go to One Direction's concert, they aren't so normal anymore...

Madi, Aubrey, Amber, Salina, and Sky are all the best of friends. Nothing can seperate these besties from each other. Then, they meet One Direction and there's fights between best friends, people going to the hospital, and people having to choose sides. And to think this all started at a loss of a phone.......


15. Salina's Hidden Talent

Salina POV  

Tell me I'm a screwed up mess. That I never listen listen. Tell me you don't want my kiss. That you need your distance distance. Tell me anything but don't you say he's what you're missing baby. If he's the reason that you're leavin' me tonight, Spare me what you think and Tell me a lie.

I sang one of my favorite One Direction songs as I drove to the guys' hotel. I thought about Zayn's tweet last night. If Madi's right, then could he really ask me on a date today? It's possible......

I shook it off. No need to worry about it. I pulled up to the hotel.

I went up to their room and knocked on the door. Zayn answered it, smiling. He let me in. Everyone was staring at me, smiling.

"What?" I asked.

"I didn't know you could sing." Zayn said.

I whirled around. "Wh-what?"

He pulled out his phone. "You butt dialed me. I could hear you sing all of Tell Me A Lie."

I blushed. "Y-you h-heard?" I asked.

Everyone nodded. I ran into the hall, embarrassed. I could hear Zayn calling my name but I just kept running. I ran into the main lobby and hid where no one could see me, and cried.

I don't think I could get any more embarrassed. I heard Zayn calling my name.

I just embarrassed myself in front of my crush. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Zayn staring down at me, worried. He saw the tears in my eyes and sat down next to me.

"Salina, what's wrong?" he asked, confused.

"Y-you h-heard me s-sing." I stuttered, still crying. He pulled me into a hug.

"Yes and it was beautiful. I just said that I didn't know that you could sing. I never said it was bad or horrible. You have a beautiful voice, Salina." he said.

I blushed. "You're just saying that, Zayn." I said. My eyes were still glassy and I had a tear stained face. He tilted my chin up and looked me in the eyes.

"No I'm not. You do have a beautiful voice." he said. "And I know you saw my tweet last night. It was meant for you, you know. Madi told me about how you called her at midnight just to tell her about it." he chuckled. "When Madi told me about what happened, I hid in my room for a while trying to figure out what to say. Then, you butt dialed me. At that moment, I knew what to say."

"And what's that?" I asked him.

"That you have a beautiful voice. Also, I want to know if I can take you on a date. Tonight, possibly." he looked at me with hope in his eyes.

I smiled and nodded. He kissed my forehead and helped me up. We walked back to the room in silence.

~~~~~ Aubrey POV

We were all waiting for Zayn to come back with Salina. We knew he'd find her. And we knew that they'd be together.

It's been about 25 minutes and they still aren't back. Madi is the most worried. I mean, this is her COUSIN we're talking about. She's pacing the floors, biting her nails. We're all trying to calm her down, but she just won't listen.

"Love, they're fine. I'm sure it's just taking them a while to get back." Harry said.

"I can't calm down! This is my COUSIN we're talking about." she answered.

"Yes, and she's 17, Madi. At least it's not Ashlyn or Kate that's missing." I said.

"Who?" the guys all asked.

"Her younger cousins. Ashlyn is 15 and Kate 13." Sky answered. "They mean the world to her just like her brothers."

They all nodded their heads, understanding.

Then, Niall got a text. "It's Zayn. He said he found her and they're on their way up."

Madi relaxed and sat back down with Harry. He put his arm around her and pulled her close.

The door opened and they came in, both smiling.

"What are you guys smiling about?" Amber asked.

"Oh, nothing....." Salina answered.

Immediately, us girls knew. We all squealed and clapped. The guys looked at us, confused.

"What are you girls squealing about?" Louis asked.

I whispered it in his ear.

"Ah. Well done, mate!" he said to Zayn.

The other girls explained it to their boyfriends. The guys reacted the same as Louis.

Wow. After tonight, I believe that 4/5 of One Direction will be taken.

If only I could get Louis to REALLY notice me.......

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