Just Normal Girls

Five normal girls are in love with One Direction. When they go to One Direction's concert, they aren't so normal anymore...

Madi, Aubrey, Amber, Salina, and Sky are all the best of friends. Nothing can seperate these besties from each other. Then, they meet One Direction and there's fights between best friends, people going to the hospital, and people having to choose sides. And to think this all started at a loss of a phone.......


24. It's A Softball Player Thing

Aubrey POV


"Play ball!"


Amber headed to the home plate. She was batting first. She stood back a bit to practice swing. I looked at who was pitching, and froze.


Louis was pitching. He was pitching underhand. Please. Underhand pitching is for slow pitch. We girls are all fast pitch players (except Salina).


Amber stepped up to the plate and Louis readied his glove.


He threw the ball and Amber whipped her arms around. The ball flew far. Liam started running for it while Amber ran as fast as she could. Once Liam got the ball, Madi was already doing some practice swinging.


Louis got the ball from Liam, and threw it. Madi whipped her arms around, just like Amber, and the ball was going....and going....and going.....until....


"Outta the park!" Ashlyn shouted. Which meant that the score is now 2-0.


It was Sky's turn. She got a triple.


Then, Salina went and got a double. Which made the score 3-0 since Sky made it to home plate.


Finally, my turn. It was gonna be hard to do with a broken arm.


"C'mon, Aubrey!" the girls shouted. Salina was swaying back and forth on the plate, ready to steal if Kate missed the ball. The girls started to chant.


"Hi, my name is Madi and you know what I got?"


"What do you got?"


"I got a team that's hotter than hot!"


"How hot is hot?"


"Grand slams and Home runs too."


"Uh huh uh huh."


"Let's see what Skyler can do."


And then Sky did the chant. By now, since I had a broken arm, I had a strike and Salina was at third base.


"C'mon, Aubrey! Show 'em what a softball player can do!" Amber shouted.


Louis pitched the ball. I took a deep breath and swung. The ball flew all the way to where Liam was standing. I ran as fast as I could.


By the time I got to second base, Harry (who was at third plate) had the ball. I kept running. Why? Our coach taught me and the girls a little trick. ;)


Harry had the ball and was ready to tag me. I stopped between the bases and ran backwards. The boys seemed confused.


Harry did the expected, and threw the ball back to Zayn (he was at second base). I smiled and, once Zayn got the ball, ran at top speed all the way to home plate.


The girls were all cheering and the boys looked dumb-struck.


"Switch it up!" Ashlyn shouted.


We all grabbed our gloves and a ball. Amber was going to pitch and, trust me, this girl can PITCH!


She wasn't going to pitch underhand like Louis, she was going to do the windmill. Hey, we're supposed to be showing these guys what Amber can do. Who says we have to take it easy on them? ;)


We knew EXACTLY where to go. I went to first plate, Madi went to second, Sky went to third, Salina went to the outfield, and Amber went to the pitcher's mound.


"Batter up!" Ashlyn shouted.


Louis stepped up to the plate. I could see Amber smile. To joke around, she shouted to us, "Easy out!"


Louis stopped and said, in a girly voice, "Uh uh! Girl, you did NOT just say that!"


We all laughed and he stepped up to the plate. Amber put both hands in front of her face, ball in the glove, took a deep breath, and whipped her arm around in a huge circle as fast as she could. The ball left her hand and immediately went into Kate's glove. The boys were standing in the dugout, wide eyed, as was Louis.


"Strike one!" Ash shouted.


"What?!" Louis shouted back, "That's not fair! We've like, never played and they get to throw like THAT?!"


"It's called fast pitch, Lou." Amber said, "You threw like you would in SLOW pitch. For little leaguers."


He stepped up to the plate again, and readied his bat. Amber whipped her arm around again and, this time, Louis hit the ball. It went straight to Madi.


She caught the pop-fly with ease.


"Out!" Ash shouted. Louis bowed his head and slugged back to the dugout.


This time, Harry stepped up to the plate. He stopped about four feet away from the plate and looked at Madi. He winked and blew her a kiss. She smiled and winked at him.


He stepped up and immediately, Amber threw the ball.


"Strike one!"


Harry was standing at the plate, staring at Amber, dumb-struck.


"I wasn't ready!" he shouted to her.


"It's softball, babe!" Madi shouted, "Once you step up to the plate, you gotta be ready."


He pouted and stepped up to the plate again. Amber pitched again and Harry hit the ball.


It went out to Salina. Harry ran past first and was headed to second. Salina threw the ball to Madi at second.


She caught the ball and was ready to tag him. Harry slid and Madi tagged his foot.


"Out!" Ashlyn shouted.


Madi helped Harry up.


"Nice try, babe." she said. He smiled and kissed her, then went to the dugout.


Niall stepped up to the plate, ready to go. Amber pitched the ball.


"Strike one!"


Niall shook it off. Then, Amber pitched again.


"Strike two!"


"C'mon, Niall! You can do it, mate!" the guys shouted.


Amber pitched the ball again.


"Strike three! Batter out!"


Niall hung his head in shame and slugged back to the dugout.


"That's the game!" Ash shouted.


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