Just Normal Girls

Five normal girls are in love with One Direction. When they go to One Direction's concert, they aren't so normal anymore...

Madi, Aubrey, Amber, Salina, and Sky are all the best of friends. Nothing can seperate these besties from each other. Then, they meet One Direction and there's fights between best friends, people going to the hospital, and people having to choose sides. And to think this all started at a loss of a phone.......


9. Aubrey's Little Crush

Aubrey POV

I was at home on my Twitter. I saw that Madi tweeted something a few minutes ago.

@Madi_1Derful: At my boyfriend's house watching Love, Actually. Never knew it'd be so romantic:) Love you, @Harry_Styles <3

I smiled. They make a beautiful couple.

There was a knock at the door. I went to answer it.

"Louis. Hi." What's he doing here?

"Hiiiiiii Aubeeeeeyyyy!" he yelled. I giggled and gave him a hug. He squeezed really hard.

"Louis. Can't. Breathe." he let go quickly. I showed him in.

"What did you need, Louis?" I ask.

"Just wanted to talk. Harry and Madi are watching a romantic movie and I left in case there was going to be any lovey-dovey stuff." he said.

I laughed. "Oh, well what do you want to do?"

He pretended to stroke a beard. I had to laugh. He always made me laugh.

"Hmmm I don't know." he said.

I pretended to curl a mustache, which made him laugh. Then, in my best accent, I said, "Why don't we get the other non-couples and play laser tag?"

"You mean Sky, Niall, Salina, Zayn, Amber, and Liam?" Louis asked.

"Nope. Amber and Liam are now dating. So, 2/5 of One Direction are taken." I said.


"Ok. Louis and Aubrey are a team." Niall said.

Louis and I high-fived.

"Salina and Zayn are a team."

They looked at each other and blushed. Awwww! They're so cute!

"And Sky is with me." he smiled. He so liked her.

We all split up and played some laser tag. I hid behind a big box and waited for someone to run by. I heard footsteps and readied my gun.

I saw Zayn running by. I shot up and shot his vest. He stopped and stared at his vest.

"Fuck. You." he said.

"Hey! Language! There are kids here!" I heard Louis yell.

I giggled and ran to find someone else to shoot. I saw Sky crouching behind something, her back to me. I tip-toed behind her. I yelled, "Hey!"

She screamed and I shot her vest. "Awww man. Niall, I'm out!" she yelled to him. She went to stand with Zayn.

Two down. Two to go.

I saw Louis hiding behind something and Salina sneaking up behind him.

"Louis!" I yelled. "Behind you!"

He turned around quickly and shot Salina. She pouted and went to stand with Sky and Zayn. One more.

"Now, where's Niall?" I ask and right then, my vest lit up. I shot around and saw Niall smirking. He shot me. I'm out.

"Get em Lou!" I shouted. They did a quick draw. Louis shot Niall right away.

"YES!" he shouted, "VICTORY!"

I laughed. "Nice job, Lou."

He smiled, satisfied.

"I'm hungry." Niall said.

"Surprise, surprise." Sky answered. We all laughed.

"Why don't we go to McDonald's or-no! Chick Fil A!" I shouted. Chick Fil A is my favorite fast-food place to eat. I jumped up and down. Did I mention that I can get pretty hyper?

"Woah. Calm down, Blondie." Louis said. I giggled. He usually said 'Calm down, Curly.' to Harry.

"She can't." Salina said. "One, she LOVES Chick Fil A. Two, she's Aubrey."

We all laughed and went to Chick Fil A.

~~12:00 midnight~~ (still Aubrey POV)

I couldn't sleep. I don't know why. I just couldn't. I decided to text someone.

Me Madi?? You up??

A minute later, I got a text.

Madi Styles<3 I am now. What do you need??

Me I can't sleep.

Madi Styles<3 Obviously. Why??

Me Idk. But......

Madi Styles<3 But what??

I paused.

Me I-I think I'm in love with Louis......

I didn't get an answer. But, about five minutes later, the doorbell rang. I went to answer it. Madi was there wearing this: (The Jack Wills sweatshirt is one of Harry's)

"I came as soon as I got the text. Now, explain EVERYTHING." she said.

I told her what happened today. She just sat and listened like a best friend would.

"Wow. My best friend is in love with Louis Tomlinson." she said with a smile.

"And MY best friend is dating Harry Styles." I said.

We both laughed and hugged each other.

I could only think of one thing to say, "Thanks for being my unbiological sister."

We laughed at my reference from a picture Madi found and emailed me a while back.

"You're welcome. And tank you for being mine."

That night, Madi slept over and we ended up watching movies and having midnight snacks practically the whole time.

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