Just Normal Girls

Five normal girls are in love with One Direction. When they go to One Direction's concert, they aren't so normal anymore...

Madi, Aubrey, Amber, Salina, and Sky are all the best of friends. Nothing can seperate these besties from each other. Then, they meet One Direction and there's fights between best friends, people going to the hospital, and people having to choose sides. And to think this all started at a loss of a phone.......


23. Amber's Passion And Talents

Amber POV


"So. What about you, Amber?" Kate asked.


"College? Um, I honestly don't know yet. I might wait a year." I answered.


"Oh c'mon!" the girls shouted.


"What?" I asked.


"We all know what your passion and talents are. Therefore, we know what you're going for." Sky answered.


"What are your talents, love?" Liam asked me.


I thought about it. "Hey girls!"


They all turned to me.


"Who's up for a little game or two? To show my boyfriend my talents." I asked, winking.


They all nodded and smiled.


"We'll all get changed and grab our gear. You boys go get into something you can run around in. Preferably football (soccer) clothing." Madi said.




"Again, can you please tell us where we're going?" Liam asked.


"Nope." I answered with a smile. He rolled his eyes and I laughed.


I'm gonna let you in on a little secret: My talents are sports. I can play practically EVERY sport. Mostly, volleyball and softball. I can play basketball too. I play PLENTY of sports.


We were on our way to the Thalia-Malibu softball field at Thalia Elementary School. Madi and I were smiling when we pulled up to the school.


"So many memories." we both said at the same time. I could see that Madi's eyes were glassy. Mine were too. We looked at each other, smiled, and immediately started balling. We hugged each other tight.


"Love, are you alright?" Liam asked me, concerned.


At the same time, Harry asked, "Babe? Madi, you alright?" concerned as well.


We both pulled away and nodded, wiping away tears.


"They used to go to this school. Most of their teachers are gone." Aubrey answered.


"Gee Aubrey. Waita lighten the mood." Ashlyn said, sarcastically.


"Sorry. Thought that's why they were crying." she answered.


"Didn't you hear them say, 'So many memories'? THAT'S why they were crying." Sky said.


Aubrey shrugged as we pulled into the school parking lot.


"Oh, great." Zayn said.


"What?" Salina asked him.


"Not only are there paparazzi, but there's crazed fans as well." he told her.


We all groaned. I was shaking like crazy.


"Just hold my hand." Liam whispered to me. I nodded, still shaking.


I did NOT do well with people yelling questions at me or tearing at my clothes or urging me to answer their questions.


We all got out. Sky was on Niall's back, Zayn was holding Salina's hand, Ash and Kate were huddling by Paul to stay safe, Harry had his arm wrapped securely around Madi's waist, Liam had my hand (and I was gripping TIGHT), and then there was Aubrey and Louis. They weren't talking and Louis seemed to keep his distance from her. But, why?


When we got to the field, the security guards had to haul away every person.


The girls went over to a dugout and set up. The boys were still confused.


"Just go over to the other dugout and we'll get everything you boys need." I told them.


"Hey, Aubrey!" I yelled. She turned to me. "You got your grandad's keys to the concession stand?" I ask her. Her grandad runs the concession stand whenever there's a game. He loves us.


She nodded and ran over to get the rest of the equipment.


She came out with a green bag that had some baseball bats in it, a bucket that had some softballs, and five gloves for the boys. She tossed the gloves to them and came over to the dugout.


"No helmets?" Salina asked.


"We don't need any." Madi said.


"No but she does." I answer, remembering that Salina isn't much of a softball player.


Aubrey ran to get her one and came back to give it to her.


"Alright." I said, clasping my hands together, "We'll split into two teams. Team 1D and Team Awesome."


The boys STILL looked confused.


"Wait. What are we doing exactly?" Harry asked.


"Softball, babe." Madi answered.


"Why?" Liam asked.


"My talents." I answered, "I can play practically every sport. Softball, volleyball, and basketball are my best."


They all nodded.


"Who's batting first?" Aubrey asked.


"Get me my lucky bat, Sky." I said. She nodded and grabbed my lucky bat.


"Who's the team captain for Team 1D?" I asked.


"Louis." they all answered.


"Why me?" he asked.


We all looked at each other. At the same time, everyone said, "Louis is The Leader."


"Oh yeah." he said.


I motioned for him to come to me. He obeyed and I set the bat, handle up, on the ground. I slapped my hand on the bat, then he did the same. We kept going until my hand was on the top. I smiled.


"Team Awesome bats first." Ash (aka the umpire) said.


We girls cheered and ran to the dugout. The guys all chose who pitched and where everyone else played. Kate was going to be the catcher for both teams.


"Where's my lucky bat!?" Madi shouted.


"Your purple one with your name written in silver?" Salina asked her.


Madi nodded and Salina pointed to where the dugouts met. Harry was standing there, her bat in his hand, smiling. The other guys, except Louis, were there as well with.......


"My lucky bat!" we each shouted.


The guys smiled as we ran over to grab our bats.


"Liam? Why did you have my bat?" I asked my boyfriend. He pointed next to my gold, all caps name on my red bat. Next to it, was Liam's signature and a heart.


"Awwww! Liam!" I said, hugging him tight. He returned the hug, chuckling.


"Awwww!" the other girls shouted to their boyfriends, either hugging or kissing them. Apparently, they did the same.


All of us girls looked over at Aubrey. She was sitting on the bench, playing with her hands. We turned back to our boyfriends and whispered something in their ears. They all smiled and pulled out her lucky bat. All of them, except Louis, had signed it. But, why didn't he sign it?


I shook it off. We took the bat to Aubrey, who smiled and hugged the boys.


"Play ball!" Ash shouted.


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