The 84th Hunger Games

Just another Hunger Games fanfiction.


1. Let The Games Begin!

"Let The 84th Hunger Games begin!" A loud voice boomed throughout the arena. I was surrounded by tree and tall plants. It was similar to the forest near home. Near District 12. There was a golden horn in the center and around it was 24 metal plates that exploded if you stepped off them before the sixty seconds was up. Inside held weapons, food and everything you needed to survive. I looked around at my opponents. Each of their faces took in the arena. Planning their strategy. To my right I saw the boy from my district. I breathed in and out. Keeping my eyes on the small silver dagger which was metres from my feet. I could easily get it. I'm the fastest runner in my class. 

The sun shone brightly. Almost blinding every one of us. One girl moved quickly and nearly fell off her plate but regained her balance before she fell. A high pitched screech fell out of her mouth. Then, the loud cannon sounded and most of us ran off our plates. Some stayed behind, still collecting their thoughts and deciding what to do. My feet moved quickly. My boots gripping onto the grass. The silver dagger was in reach. 



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