Life with One Direction

There is this girl named Alexadra. Her dad is the owner of One Direction. She is 17 a senior in High school. She is looking into going to college in Doncaster. When she meets One direction her world changes completely.


3. sleep over

After see Cassey reaction earlier today. We hung out. Cassey called her mom and told her that she was spending the night and she would be back tomorrow.  It was about 11pm. We all decied to watch a movie. The boys picked it. We didnt care as long as the boys were there we were happy. I sat by Zayn and Louis. Leaning on Zayn. Cassy was sitting on Harry. She was holding him down. He was grabbing and tickling her. She was laughing hard and trying to hold him down. I was just sitting there trying not to laugh.

The movie started i got comfortable snuggled down in Zayns lap. I soon fell asleep. Zayn got up carried me into my bedroom. I was holding on to him. I woke up just enought to see him. He was smiling down at me still in his arms that was caring me. I was enjoying his warmth off his body keeping me nice and warm. He layed me down. I didnt let go. I said " Dont leave me. Stay with me". He laughed and said 'alright alright." He layed down in bed with me. I was under the covers. He layed on top. He pulled me into his arms.

I fell asleep as soon as his arms around me. We slept untill morning.


I got up carefully not waking up Zayn. It was nice to have someone there beside me. I was lonley. I went down stairs walking into the living room. Cassey and Harry were all cuddled up a sleep. Liam and Naill where still asleep. I found that Louis was up. So I went and sat by him. His eyes layed on me. He put his hand on my leg that sent sivers up and down my spine. He asked me if there was anything between me and Zayn. I said no. He smiled. Looked down at me. Our heads got closer together. Then i felt his lips on mine. I kissed him back. His lips were nice and soft.


(Authurs Note)

WOW I didnt see that coming!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the book. I am having fun writting it.



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