Life with One Direction

There is this girl named Alexadra. Her dad is the owner of One Direction. She is 17 a senior in High school. She is looking into going to college in Doncaster. When she meets One direction her world changes completely.


5. leaving home

Today was the day that we are leaving for tour for six months. I was so excited. I get to spend time with Louis on tour and I had my best friend coming with me.


Cassey was relly excited too. She was jumping up and down. She had a hard time keeping her excitment down. Harry was laughing because he loved seeing her so happy.


My dad came in and told us that the car was here to pick us up and take us to the airport. So we got all of our bags and headed to the car.


We got in the car. I sat by Louis. He put his hand on mine. I smiled at him. He gave me a wink. Cassey sat by Harry of corse.  They were all googly eyed over eachother. It was funny to watch. Then the other boys climbed in. We had some nice conversations about diffrient things.


We got the airport. The boys put there sun glasses on. Me and Cassey did the same. They were a lot of fans out there. It was really loud. I couldnt beleive that there could be that many. Louis held my hand though the crowd and we went it.


We went through secriety. Thank god that thing didnt beep. When Cassey went through it beeped. I had a hard time trying not to laught. The boys said "oh great." 


Cassey steped aside with the lady. She ran the medetal detector up and down her body. It came to her navel. Cassey had a grin on her face. She had forgot to take her navel percing out befor she went through. So she removed it and the lady went through.


So we all went to our gate. Got on the plane and found our seats. I sat by Louis. I new he would intertain me for the 8 hour flight to Florida. Harry and Cassey sat be hind us. Harry was pouting becase he wasnt sitting next to Louis.


The flight attendent said buckle your seat belts. Then thats when the long flight started.






(Authors Note)


Sorry its short. I though i would give you another chapter.




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