Life with One Direction

There is this girl named Alexadra. Her dad is the owner of One Direction. She is 17 a senior in High school. She is looking into going to college in Doncaster. When she meets One direction her world changes completely.


4. day before the tour

After that kiss with Louis my Dad came in. He wanted everyone up and he was going to tell us whats going to happen for the next couple of months.


We all gathered in the living room. I was still sitting by Louis and Zayn came and sat by me. Putting his had on my leg and saying "good morning." I said "good morning." and Louis looked at me with a weird look. I just laughed and sending my attention towards my dad.


My dad told us that we are leaving tomorrow morning. We are going to be flying to California to meet some people that are going to be doing interviews witht the boys. Then they had there first gig that night. He told us to go get ready and go pack.


I ran up stairs to my room. Louis had followed me. He had a look on his face that he wanted to ask something. I looked at him. I got closer to him. He smiled at me and pulled me closer to him wrapping his arms around my waist. He wispered in my ear. He said "this is going to be great having you on tour." I smiled and said "yes it is." He let go of me. He told me that he was going to go pack and left my room.

Later after he left. Cassey came in. She asked me whats going on between me and Louis. She was wondering about Zayn why is slept with him and then having this thing between me and Louis. Cassey said "so which one are you going to have a serious relationship." I just looked at her. Then i asked her what was with her and Harry. She blushed a little when i said it.  I asked her if she wanted to go on tour with us for the summer. I knew her parents were going to a conference. Her parents were doctors so she didnt see them much. So she hangs out with me most of the time.

I ran down stairs to my dad. I asked him if Cassey can go. He though at about it for a minute and he told me "If she comes there cannot be any trouble or she is going home." I nodded and said ok. I ran back up stairs to Cassey to tell her the good news. I went in my room. She was sitting on my bed. I sat by her. Told her that she can come. She all excited. she danced around. Soon Harry saw us so happy and he came behind Cassey wrapped his arms around her waist and said "whats all the excitment for." Cassey said " I am coming on tour with you guys." Harry was exctied. They hugged. Then she said i have to go home and pack. She left. I told her to come back when she is done.

I finished packing. So i went where Zayn was to talk to him. When i came in he saw me and smiled. He was like my brother. I sat down on the bed. He came and sat by me. We talked for a couple of minutes. He asked me if I had feeling for Louis. I said yea. He smiled. I asked him if he was okay with that. He smiled and said "I am glad that you have feelings for him. I love seeing you happy. That is all i want is to see you happy." I put my head oh his sholder. We sat there.


I was glad that he didnt mind that i had feelings for Louis. Know i can start getting seriouse with him.

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