Life with One Direction

There is this girl named Alexadra. Her dad is the owner of One Direction. She is 17 a senior in High school. She is looking into going to college in Doncaster. When she meets One direction her world changes completely.


2. cassey reaction

After talking all night with the boys. I decied to go up stairs and take a shower and clean up. I did my normal routine in the shower. Then i got out lettting the cold air taking in my body. I went into my room to find some clothes to wear. I put on my favorite baseball shirt and some jeans and then sone white toms. I put my long blond hair in a bun.

I went down stairs smelling breakfast cooking. That was our maid Lisa. She cooked some great food. I loved her she was like my mom. My mom left me and my dad when I was about 5. My dad never heard from her since. So he was a single father. He did a great job. I didnt really get along with my mom and she was never home. Then one day she just got up and left. So my dad just took care of me. My dad got the job when I was in Freshman in high. He hired Lisa to do things. I thought he had done it just to make sure i would get into any trouble. But i enjoyed her company. We had some good times.


So I sat down in a chair. The boys cam strangling in. First Niall. He said "good morning love". I giggled and started to eat. He had a plate full of food. Lisa just laughed and said "I better make more food." Then Harry and Louis came in. They were having a disagreement about something that they saw on twitter. Then Liam was behind them trying to read what they were talking about. Then Zayn with his sleepy smile came in and sat by me trying to ingore the other boys.


My phone beeped and there was text.


Casssey: Hey. Can we hang out today. I havent seen you since school ended.

Me: You can come over. I want to you to me someboy.

Cassy: Okay I will be over there in 10 minutes

Me: See you then.


10 minutes later Cassey was knocking on the door. I ran and got the door. I saw Cassey and led her to the kitchen. I made her cover her eyes. I knew she loved One direction because that is all she talked about these days.

When we got into the kitchen I told her to open her eyes. She did.  Her faced droped. Her mouth wide open. The boys looked shocked and she said " you guys are One Direction." Then she looked to me and said" You know them."

The boys introduced them selfs. Zayn started then Louis, Harry, Naill and Liam. They all said Hi. Cassey was shocked she didnt know what to say.


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