Life with One Direction

There is this girl named Alexadra. Her dad is the owner of One Direction. She is 17 a senior in High school. She is looking into going to college in Doncaster. When she meets One direction her world changes completely.


1. the Surprize

"Alexadra get down here. I have a surprize for you". My dad said. So i hurried and logged off my computer running down the stairs to see what my dad had for me that was so urgent that couldnt wait until later. I got down the stairs with almost tripping on the last step to get down where my dad was. Then I said "Hi dad what was the big surprized."  He said. " I know I promised we would have go somewhere for summer but I thought what the heck we can have tons of fun with the One Direction while they on tour." I rolled my eyes but in my mind I said great this going to be great. Maybe I can find a boyfriend. I finaly got back to reality.


My dad walked me over where the boys where. When my dad was away and i was at school. I did some research about One Direction. So i knew some facts about the boys. My dad said. Here they are the boys. He said " this is Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn.


My dad left leaving me alone with the boys. I wanted to go tell my best friend Cassey but she wouldnt be able to keep a secret. She would just go and tell everybody in school. I didnt want them to know. I was the quiet one and was happy having my best friend Cassey and that is it.


Me and the boys hung out for the rest of the night. We talked about all sorts of things, They asked me questions and i asked question about them.


I was liking them. I couldnt wait to see what happen on tour with them.


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