Runescape competition: The Life Of Noob

Dave the not so great adventurer of a land called Gielinor, goes on a quest to be the greatest adventurer in the game after everyone starts calling him a noob. In his adventurer he kills cows, gets killed by cows and makes friends with cows and many other creatures you wouldn't expect your average human to be friends with.


1. The Arrival

One day in the land of Gielinor one man was about to change everything over a period of 138 years, no one knew what was about to enter the lands of Gielinor, but they got the biggest surprise of their lives when they saw....DAVE!

Dave was 3 years old, yet looked like a fully grown man, he came from an unknown town called Grimsby and he had just arrived to start his life in Gielinor at Burthorpe. At Burthorpe he was greeted by a man called Ozan, one of the greatest archers in Gielinor. Ozan requested his help killing a troll in some caves in Burthorpe, and this was the biggest mistake he was about to make. Dave accepted the offer and the two of them headed down into the caves and went forward to fight the troll. After they found the troll, Ozan told Dave to attack the troll and he said it would only focus on him, but Dave did not trust him and decided not to attack the troll, Ozan then got killed by the troll and had to meet the grim reaper for the first time in his life to respawn, and then Ozan raged....

Afterwards the troll attacked Dave, and Dave ran for his life through the exit of the tunnel but the troll followed him and summoned all of his troll minions. And from that day Burthorpe was doomed, everyone called Dave a noob, and Ozan went back to 'singing for money' Trolls started destroying Burthorpe and killing hundreds of  innocent people, and the person behind all of this was Dave himself and he was the only person who could stop it. Everyone threw rotten tomatoes and snowballs at Dave and yelled abuse to him until Dave had finally had enough and he decided to train his skills. Dave loved fishing so he started off by fishing until he knew everything he could know about the skill and he was awarded a cape for his excellence in fishing.

Dave sold all the fish at the local shopping centre ' The Grand Exchange' where managed to get over 100 million coins. He spent some of the money on iron armour and a scimitar, and then he went to the cows at the cow field in the city of lumbridge where he met a beautiful cow called Daisy. Daisy and Dave were both interested in the same things and there was realy something going on between the two of them, and that was when Dave made a friend. However all the other cows were jealous and they started attacking Dave, so Dave had no choice but to kill Daisy and kill all the other cows too. after killing mad cows until he had some skill in combat he slowly moved on to stronger and more powerful monsters while obtaining more powerful items on the way. He killed everything from hellhounds to dragons and from aviansies to demons until he was as powerful as he could be and he got a total of 8 capes for his excellence in attack, strength, defence, prayer, magic, ranged, summoning and constitution. However he was not ready yet...

Dave might of had the combat skills he needed to kill the troll however he still needed some potions made and a certain amount of experience in slaying things, so Dave mixed potions all day and killed beasts all year until he was as good as he could be in slaying monsters and making potions. Now Dave was ready!

He made 2 overload potions and bought 23 rocktails, he also bought himself some torva armour and dragon claws, and then he went back to Burthorpe to kill the massive troll that was destroying the place, and at that time he realised he done all the combat he had done was for nothing, as he easily killed the troll in one hit! Dave, angered by the fact he had just wasted 138 years of his life, decided to use his money to help people who had been affected by the attacks, and then he left Gielinor and sailed back to his home town of Grimsby.







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