Soul mates

Lucy has been abused and neglected ever since she was little. Her brother is absolve and her paret never have time for her so she doesn't really have a family that is until she turns 18 when her world went from bad to complicated to perfect but many obsticales ly in her way! So read on to she where her fate takes her and power she will hold


2. Truth is told

I woke up and couldn't help but feeling wary of where I was it didn't feel like a hospital like you'd expect I'd be. I sat up and looked around the room, it was still dark outside so I guessed it is still night. I sat there staring into space for what felt like forever some thing moved in the room and I did the first thing I thought of and screamed.
       The shadowed figure came closer and did the first thing you wouldn't expect, he kissed me.
I pushed him away and got up to run out the room but Beth came running in and turned the light on.

"Lucy whats wr-," she stood there speechless at who was standing in the room with me, "Luke what are you doing in here?"

"I....I..I w...was-"he took a deep breath, "Beth she is my mate!"

I stood there confusion was clear on my face. "I don't understand what is going on. What is a mate? Why am I not at hospital? Where am I? Why was my brother here?" I let out a breath, "and why did he kiss me."

Beth stood there her mouth wide open in shock looking at me and then 'Luke'.

"Lucy, I think we have a little explaining to do," she sighed with an apologetic smile.

"you'd think!" was all I could reply but it was enough to make her laugh.

"let's go some where that is calmer because you'll be able to let out steam then."

"is ryan and Leah going to be there, Beth!" I said warily as I looked at him. God he was gorgeous with tall muscular figure  and a clear 8 pack under his tight shirt and low hanging jeans. He has short blonde-brown hair and ocean blue-green eyes. He was perfect. I came back to reality from a smug comment him at that moment.

"like what you see,"he grinned but it soon disappeared but in stead held a smug smile.

"as if, I've seen better before," which was a lie but I couldn't help my self he isn't finding a weak spot to me.

He didn't reply but didn't look pleased either. Urgh what is wrong with me, I do not like this guy!! God I don't even know him!

"Lucy, come on we are nearly there," Beth yelled getting my to come out of my day dream but god I hadn't even realised we were moving until I seen we were in a clearing in the forest.

"where are we,"I mumbled more to my self to the others. I looked around and it was lovely the was a water that ran in to a clear water lake and rocks all a round there was a island in the middle of the lake with a cherry blossom tree in the middle but the island was only small probably just enough room for 3 people to sit.

"OMG, this is beautiful how do you know about this," I squeaked.

"it's our spot where we come to hang out and chat but most of all relax and calm down,"Beth whispered whilst admiring the view. 

I sat down under a willow tree next to the lake and so did Beth, Luke and Leah.

"so...," I sighed waiting for then to begin an explanation.

"well,"it was Luke who started, "where do I start."

"how about the beginning,"I chirp 

Everyone went quiet for a few minutes before Beth got fed up.

"God I'll say it then, Lucy your a werewolf," I thought I couldn't breath. That was a shock!

"I don't believe you, if this is some kind of sick joke, kill me now!" I yelled. 

"Lucy calm down I'll show you but just don't freak out and promise not to hate us for who we all are!"

"Ok but why haven't I changed into one yet then," I was now confused.

"you aren't 18 yet we are just watch us change," Luke sighed obviously frustrated. So I watched as all three of there bones cracked and popped and furr grew and claws grew.

I stood there letting out the breath I didn't know I was holding as I saw three giant wolves in the places of Beth, Leah and Luke.

Beth was brown fur with black paws and so was her tail. Which look amazing. Leah was a dark brown-reddy colour with a glowy kind of sparkle to her fur and luke well he was gorgeous with pitch black fur with a silver shine and white patches on his paws.

"please can you change back please I think I'm gonna faint," I murmured.

They changed back and I quickly covered my eyes because they were naked.

"eww guys cover up," and I turned around. 

"Lucy we are changed," Leah chirped I turned around and looked at them.

"you still need to explain what a few thing are," I complained and sat down.

"basically we are werewolves we live in pack like ordinary wolves would but we have a human side to us, the leading of a pack is called an alpha normally the alpha has a mate which is the alpha female which helped lead the pack. There are 12 main packs over the united states of America and alot more over the world. Not all wolves are in pack these are called rogues they are ruthless and have let the wolf instincts take over there human one and run free over different packs land causing chaos." Luke explained taking a pause and then carrying on, "this pack is the shadow valley pack which is the strongest and biggest pack. I am the future alpha to the pack which makes me the next leader and you Lucy are my mate. A mate is a wolves soulmate, there other have something your inner wolve want to care for and mate with.
You know you have found your mate when you first touch it with feel like electric between you and you will start to feel like you need them to survive as the bond getting stronger but because an alpha is stronger they feel more lust and passion for there mate and can become uncontrolled to the state the wolf takes over and claims there mate then and there."

I let out a breath and began to think things over.
"So I'm your mate Luke and your and alpha to the strongest pack and one day I'll be leading with you and I'm a werewolf,"

"yes," he sighed.

"I...I..I don't think I can lead a big pack I don't think I can be a good enough mate to you luke, I barely know you," I looked at my hands on my lap and waited for a reply.
But before anything else was said I was picked up by some large arms and carried until I was on Luke's lap.

"Lucy there could be no one better than you for me, you perfect in every way, you past may have been bad but no one can hurt you any one, your mine," Luke whispered in my ear.

"how do you know about what happened to me," I gulped.

"I can read you mind Lucy, you are my mate we can read each others mind but you can un till you turn eighteen and you shift."he whispered again and kissed me on my lips to silence me again.


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