Soul mates

Lucy has been abused and neglected ever since she was little. Her brother is absolve and her paret never have time for her so she doesn't really have a family that is until she turns 18 when her world went from bad to complicated to perfect but many obsticales ly in her way! So read on to she where her fate takes her and power she will hold


6. Shift...

I look at Luke, whilst he carries me to the doctor, I screamed in pain as a bone broke in my arm. I cried out in pain again and again.

I looked at Luke again, he was crying so I cried too. We got to the doctor and my back popped. I screamed again and this time I was hit with waves of pain all in the ribs. I felt like I was dying so I focused on the voices o the people trying to comfort me.

"Come on Lucy just focus on breathing," so I did.

"Focus on letting your body change as it wants," I relaxed my body realising it was tense and screamed as my legs snapped.

I collapsed and felt fur grow and claws extend. I sat up and tried to ask what was going on and all I could do was bark and whine.

'You can't speak to them through bark you idiot' my wolf was talking.

'Now you decide to talk' I chuckle in my mind


'Did you just growl at me'

'Baby are you alright' I was Luke.

'How do I change back I'm not liking this to much yet,'

'Just image your self as a human with your beautiful face'

I concentrated on my human form an before I knew it I was sat there naked staring at Luke and then I smiled everything was perfect.

"I've never been this happy, through all the pain there was me a white wolf with black paws."I smiled and hugged Luke.

I Love you Luke, but he t me some clothes I smiled as he looked disappointed that I need something to where

"Perv," I laughed as I read his now dirty mind.

I covered up and looked at Beth and Leah who were watching wide eyed like I was some rare species of wolf.
****Authors notes****
Sorry for shortness but hey I'm tired and you got one upload already tonight.

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