Soul mates

Lucy has been abused and neglected ever since she was little. Her brother is absolve and her paret never have time for her so she doesn't really have a family that is until she turns 18 when her world went from bad to complicated to perfect but many obsticales ly in her way! So read on to she where her fate takes her and power she will hold


3. Realisation and no concentration!

I stood up, not quite realising I had been cuddling up to Luke and looked at beth and Leah.

Luke looked gob smacked that I got up and looked at them all weird.
 "Whats wrong,babe," Luke stood up and went to to me but I stepped back.

"I..I.I I'm not ready for the mating thing but I don't know I keep feeling need for you like but I'm not even shifted or feeling my wolf, I just need time to think straight," I stuttered and blushed.

"it ok baby as long as you need I'll be waiting," he murmured stroking my cheek, "Just don't take to long because I don't know how long I can last!" this time he was serious though.

"I just need to shift and I'll be more than happy to mate with you just need time ok," I sighed.

"Sure baby, whens your birthday?"

"in two weeks, so August 25th" I smile.

"well  the shift will be at midnight and we'll," he pointed to Leah Beth and himself before carrying on, "be there to comfort you, I first shift hurts like hell,"

I just nodded and smiled just trying to take in all the information I have been give today.

"we should get going, it's getting dark,"I sighed at Beth for saying that.

"I don't wanna go its lovely here and I don't wanna go home to my brother," I flinched at the memories of his drunken self.

"that's ok then Lucy cause your coming with us," luke said pointing to Beth and himself.

"but what about Leah, wait are you to siblings," omg they are! I thought.

"yeah and Leah lives in to pack house with some of the family's and the rest of the pack have separate houses close by in to would and stuff." Luke looked at me to see if I under stood and I smiled at him.

We walked back to the houses and dropped Leah of at the mansion of a pack house and then walked to Luke's house that was way big for two people if you ask me.

Luke opened the front door and let us in."like which bedroom am I staying in,"

"um I'll show you, Beth go make Lucy something to eat please,"

We walked up the stairs and entered a room it was massive I flat screen tv, couch, a king size bed, a ensuite bathroom and a walk in wardrobe. 

"Wow," I gasped.

"do you like our room,"i spun on my heels and faced Luke.

"what do you mean our Room," I looked at him wide eyed.

"This is my room but now it is our room,"

"but there is only one bed,"

" we are going to share, silly," he said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"ok but no games Luke I want to shift before you mate,"I smile to him apologetically.

"it's ok Lucy we can wait as long as it takes," he smiled and pulled me in to an embrace. 

"let's go down stairs Beth stood have food ready," I laugh at the way he said food. 

"ok,"trying to Sound as enthusiastic about food as luke was.

I stared at him and did the last thing i thought I'd be doing I kissed him passionately and then pulled and and skipped down the stairs to get food probably living the poor thing gob smacked. 

Authors notes 

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Ooooh theres some drama coming up in a few chapters, yippee

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