Soul mates

Lucy has been abused and neglected ever since she was little. Her brother is absolve and her paret never have time for her so she doesn't really have a family that is until she turns 18 when her world went from bad to complicated to perfect but many obsticales ly in her way! So read on to she where her fate takes her and power she will hold


7. No Rare species more like a myth...

Luke's POV

I looked at Lucy as se changes into a beautiful white furred wolf with black paws, the total opposite of me. I am black with white paws.

I had read about the white wolves in myths and all most fairy tales, they are the most rare species of wolves ever and there are only 4 in the whole world and my mate was one of them.

Also I read about white wolves having certain powers each a associating with a season.

Summer- fire and weather control.
Winter- ice, mind control.
Spring-water, able to heal people with one touch.
Autumn- earth/nature.

I was tempted to change there an then and play with her but I knew it would scare her.

I decided to see if she would anzwer me through mind link so I said, 'Baby are you alright'

'How do I change back I'm not liking this to much yet,' she said.

'Just image your self as a human with your beautiful face' I looked at her as she can closer and changed right iron my arms.

The doctor walked over and stared at Lucy in astonishment and I just focused on her body and kissing her.

"I've never been this happy, through all the pain there was me a white wolf with black paws." She said smiling at me. But then frowned.

"I Love you Luke, but get me some clothes," I smiled as she an I looked disappointed that She needed something to where.

"Perv," I laughed as she read my now dirty mind.

Got up and walked to Beth and Leah who's faces were clear astonishment.

"Oi Beth, Leah I know what you think the finial four were just myths but believe me she is one of them, I can sense her power like you can sense my alpha blood," I whispered.

"Luke her paws were black that means she is the winter wolf and can control any ones mind," Beth said uneasily.

"We'll we need to tell her before she finds out here self because she can use her powers in human form too," Leah said.

I nodded my head, "someone's been doing the home work," I chuckled.

I grabbed the clothes and through them to Lucy who caught them easily.

The doctor came over to Lucy and I and started talking to her,

"Wow, Lucy well aren't you special," he said.


Lucy's POV

I gulped what did the doctor mean.

"What do you mean I'm special," I muttered looking at the ground.

"Lucy babe your a rare species of wolf that has powers associated to the seasons, what you favourite season?" Luke asked.

"Winter,"I replied easily, winter had always been my favourite season since I was little.

"Lucy you are the winter wolf you paws are black like the myth said and we have no idea where the other three are but you have power over ice and can control people's minds which is really dangerous so please can you not try to find out how to use it," he told me, wow I'm a myth and I have two powers, that a lot to take in.

"Ok," I said angrily trying to work out how this is possible. With out warning ice balls came from my hands straight into the pack house window.

"Omg I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to," I said shakily.

"It's ok you didn't mean to," Luke cooed into my ear.

Authors note: sorry for not updating quicker. Hope you like the idea.

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