Soul mates

Lucy has been abused and neglected ever since she was little. Her brother is absolve and her paret never have time for her so she doesn't really have a family that is until she turns 18 when her world went from bad to complicated to perfect but many obsticales ly in her way! So read on to she where her fate takes her and power she will hold


4. Being Attacked

Luke's POV

I stood there gob smacked from what just happened, Lucy just kissed me, which wasn't half bad but then skips off happily to eat.

I was shocked and that wasn't even half of what I felt there are more feelings I had in just a few seconds of the kiss such as happiness, lust, passion, confusion plaster my face most of all. I suddenly came back into reality when I walked into a wall.

I ran down to dinner and say opposite Lucy where she was smiling evilly. So I simply mouthed 'payback time' and grinned evilly.
She looked at her plate of food and looked up this time she mouthed to me,'only if you can catch me' what the hell was that supposed to mean. She stood up and look her plate to the side and came to me.

"I'm just going for a walk," she smiled

"Wait I'll come,"I said running and dumping my plate and running to where Lucy had moments ago stood. I looked at the door it was wide open. I ran out the door following Lucy's scent. Crap she went in to the woods and it's midnight. I ran towards the woods following her scent, it's a good thing she's not that fast since she's not shifted.

"Lucy come on where are you it's dark and dangerous, you can even shift to protect yourself," I shouted running after her. 

I ran and ran still not finding her I for her scent again and it was faint so I kept going. I stopped at a sudden halt when I heard screaming from behind me. I turned around and ran in the direction of the scream. It was Lucy! She lay there on the floor cuddled up in a ball with her eyes closed crying. I hid behind the shadows and I looked over a man who was looking over here.

"what's a poor old unshifted female wolf doing out at this time,"he cooed into her before grabbing my mates hair and pulling her up. She stood there whimpering as he looked at her and pulled on her arm.

"stop whimpering you little rat," he shouted and stabbed her arm

I looked at him as he pulled her hair and again and with that I shifted and die onto of him before  nuzzling Lucy bad before carrying on fighting. I dive on to the man and snapped his neck quickly before he could even get up and shift he was dead. I shifted back and ran to Lucy who was shaking and crying.

"shhh lucy your all right now He can't hurt you let's go,"I whispered.

"H...he stabbed me Luke and it hurts, please help me, It hurts to much, and I'm so tired, I need to sleep," she whispered.

"No, Lucy, you listen to me right now, you are not leaving me not now I've only just met you, I'm not losing my mate now, your so strong Lucy I know you can do this even for me, now stay awake," I ushered and started moving keeping pressure on the wound.

"ok," was her reply as she lay in my arm in her weakening form so I ran and mind linked Beth and Danny at the same time, 

'Danny, Beth I need you help Lucy's been stabbed we are just near the old cottage on our way back but she's weak, get the pack doctor ready at the pack house now and Beth cone and help me' 

'ok' Beth replied 

'ok but who is Lucy' Danny spoke in my mind,

'I'll explain at the house Danny'

I approached the house with Danny and Beth waiting with the pack doctor.

Beth rushed over crying, "Lucy are you okay!"

But her eyes were closed and I kept walking into the house and carried on until I got to the doctors office, which again I walked through in to the medical room and lay her on the bed just as the doctor came in and looked at me worried.

"Luke I'll just check on her," he spoke softly knowing my mood as I held her hand and just nodded.

Pulled up her shirt enough to see the would on her stomach and grimaced. I held her hand tighter and looked at her pale face.

"Luke the stab wound is deep and her breathing is weak, luke I need you to understand that the next 24 hours are crucial, she might d-"

"NO you will make sure she lives I can't live with our her she is my mate, I can't lose her not now not only knowing her for a day," I shouted at the now shocked doctor who was looking at me with probably the fact I said mate but who cares I want her alive.

"Logan, if she is your mate and not one of your toys you know you can save her from dying,"

"of course she is my mate and I can heal her anyway, with my alpha blood I can heal anyone who desperately needs it,"

I get the razor from the operating tray on the opposite side of the room and slice my trying to get as much blood out as possible to put in her wound. 

The blood drips and drips into the wound and then stops because it has already healed but now all we can do is hope that it recovers her and she lives to see another day.
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