Soul mates

Lucy has been abused and neglected ever since she was little. Her brother is absolve and her paret never have time for her so she doesn't really have a family that is until she turns 18 when her world went from bad to complicated to perfect but many obsticales ly in her way! So read on to she where her fate takes her and power she will hold


1. Blackout and snappy shouts



Hi I'm Lucy, I'm 18 in three months and I live in California and its lovely there. I'm a normal average person, not the school talk or a popular kid but I'm not an Emo or goth. I'm just me, the Nerdy kid with no friends. I'm not pretty like any one else I know, I have healthily moss coloured eyes which make me look weird whilst everyone else have blue or brown.  My hair is wavy brown that reaches my hips and freckles covering my face.
My life at home is hell with my brother that is abusive and parents that always work so don't really care about me. The only thing that keeps me going from all the bulling from school because of my bruises and cuts are my diary where I drain all of my thoughts. 

I wake up to another bruise and cut from my brother, great, this is going to be hard to cover up, I think as I look in the mirror at the massive cut on my forehead just missing my left eye and bruises up my arm. In a way I'm lucky all my cuts turn to scars pretty quickly, I don't know why it happens, I guess I'm just a quick healer. My cuts are going to be gone by third period at school anyway but some wont they'll stand out and won't sort them selves out quickly, I remember having one cut that took one whole week that is pretty long for me. 

Once again it was time for me to come out of my daydream and get ready. Just as I walked or limped to my closet, the lock that was on my bedroom door smashed open rivalling a still drunk brother, josh, who was yet again banging on my door for the whole night once I left to my room from another beating.
I turned around and stood frozen to the spot, as he stalked closer to me like a animal that just found his prey. But there was something else in his eyes that showed brutal anger. I stumbled back and hit something hard, it was the wall. I whimpered I he reached me but I stood straight trying to hide the tears in my eyes as he started to shout.

"WHY ARE YOU NOT DOWN STAIRS MAKING MY BREAKFAST," he yelled causing me to flinch.

"I..I..   I.. I....,"I said trying to form a sentence but I was cut off before I could even try.

"I don't want one of you excuses just get down stair and make my breakfast then get to school and I swear if you tell anyone what happened to you then I'll kill you and your friends before anyone finds out who I am!" and with that he slapped my across the face leaving another bruise.

Once josh left I let out I sigh and changed into some new clothes before limping down the stairs.

I got to work making breakfast, which consisted eggs, bacon, sausage and beans but none of this mouth watering food was for me it was for josh and again he was at my heals kicking and punching me telling me to hurry up.

After that I left with my hood Up and texted Leah and beth which are both sisters.

-can u give me a lift to school plz- I texted.

And shortly after when I say at the front of my house my phone bleeped.

-of course whn do u want us 2 pck you up- they replied.

-kk Thanx- I replied

I put my phone in my bag and sat there waiting then 5 mins later they arrived

"get in Lucy or we're going to be late,"beth shouted. I slowly walked an got in the back and let all my tears out as Leah started the car but it stopped straight after when they heard my sobs.

"Lucy what wrong?" they say at the same time. My friends are the only ones that no about what my brother is like and how had he beats me but I made them keep quiet because I couldn't risk anyone else getting hurt.

I sat there staring out the window whilst they were shouting my name but I couldn't help it. I was in my own world and at the moment i just wanted to be alone, I felt weak, to weak to carry on living like a reck. 

I sat there long that I could remember just looking at my house which my brother was in probably enjoying him self whilst I was in a sate that anyone would recognise as abuse but there I was convincing everyone I did this to my self. I kept thinking and thinking of why I was so hated in life but there was no answer. I felt my self getting weaker and weaker as Leah and Beth's voice began distant whispers. I felt tired and wasnt sure if it was sleep or  unconsciousness taking over but the next thing I new I was blacking out.


Am I dead? Is this what heaven looks like? Or is this hell? Where am I? Why is my body numb? Why can't I open my eyes or talk for that matter? Questions flew through my mind but I couldn't concentrate on anything but the voice that I assume was the people around me but I just wish I could tell them how I feel but I couldn't speak and move just here there voicing. So I listened.

"how is she?"

"She's doing a lot better than before but not fully recovered,"

"Or woke up." 

"No but we are doing all we can to help."

Urgh what was that supposed to mean they are doing all they can to help I mean I'd be awake if that was the case!!

"Miss Evan please consider that she's only been out for a few hour and she has a lot of  cuts and bruises around her head," 

Beth is here... Wait where am I? Why does everyone sound worried? I need to wake myself up! Urgh so numb! I try to lift my arm. Fail!! I try to open my eyes. Fail!! I try to talk. Fail! But I try again but this time I let out a croak but no words come out  I do hope they heard. So I wait and listen and suddenly I here feet scattering and come to the conclusion that there were alot people in the just then.

" DOCTOR," Beth shouted, "she just let out a croaking sound I think she's trying to wake up!"

Damn right I am! I thought.

"Oh, good she should be awake soon, someone hold here hand and if you feel anything get my right away," and with that the door shut again and I felt... actually felt someone grip my hand but I couldn't do anything I still couldn't move a muscle.

I sat there for ever trying to open my eyes but I gave up about one hour ago, or thats what it felt like but then I again I don't have a watch.

"Why won't you wake up Lucy,"
I small voice whispered and I instantly realised it was Leah, "everyone has been to see you even your brother!"

What? Is all I wanted to say when I heard that coment so I tried again to speak but it was no use. Then I had I idea to try to squeeze who was holding my hands hand. So I squeezed Didn't don't think it worked and then shes squeezed back and I knew she felt.

"Come on Lucy, I know your strong and wake up now you have to try, Come on, come on, come on!" she encouraged and you could here the determination in her voice. 

I didn't have to try to speak this time but I could only whisper so I said the first think that came to mind,"Where am I? And Why the hell did my brother turn up,"

"L..l..lucy your awake, keep talking it will help and I'll answer the question of where you are when your awake it will be easier to understand when your  ,"

"Like hell I'll keep talking do you no how it feels be hurt this much and then black out and feel dead!" I waited and second for a reply, "yeah I didn't think so," and with that I opened my eyes but stayed lay there staring at the ceiling.

"it's good to have you back Lucy,"  two voices chirped and I realised it was Leah and Beth.

"Now answer my question, why the heck was my brother here when I'm in this state because of him!!!"

"Well umm he came here in case it was umm um it was time but I'll explain that later but for now you need to rest, I'll get the doctor come on Leah we best get the doctor and leave for the pack.. I mean my house," and with that they left me. 
I looked around the room and I looked cosy peach coloured walls and chestnut coloured carpet. The room was small with just a bed, desk and two more doors one a assumed was a closet for clothes and the other a bathroom.

I waited five minutes before I gave up hope on a doctor turning up so I sat up and prepared myself to  walk out the room.

I placed one foot on the floor and wobbled and then placed both on the floor and held the edge of the bed for balance. When I was sure I had enough balance I started warily walking towards the door and opened it straight away when  I bumped right into Beth and Leah who were walking back towards the room.

"Lucy! What the hell are you doing out your room? Where is the doctor?"

"I don't know but all I do know is that I'm the one that should be asking questions, like where the hell I am? and why my brother turned up when I was unconscious?" I snapped

As quickly as every thing went silent it went normal again in seconds.

"Lucy we will explain everything later, now where is the doctor?"

"She didn't turn up and I want answers now?"

"You'll get an answer tomorrow but first you need to promise not to freak out and get some rest first," leah sighed.

"and that you'll be patient too," Beth chirped 

"now back to bed,"the both said pushing me towards my room and I wasn't about to argue I'm really tired.
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