Promise (One Direction not famous)

A young teenage girl named Zena gets a text from her boyfriend to meet her in the park late one night. She expects the normal routine for when she sneeks out to see him, but it goes horribly wrong. She runs off and a young man named Harry finds her, and willingly helps her through her struggles, but there's always a few bad things that pop up along the way in everyone's life....


7. Truth or Dare?

The bass is practically beating down the walls as we're pulling up. I notice there's a few cars parked outside, all very nice might I add, and I smile as I see Niall's blue Ford Mustang GT Cobra parked proudly away from everyone else's car. "Common Zena! I'm freezin my peanuts off!" Harry yells over the bass from the porch. "Sorry!" I reply and quickly run over. I sneak my hand into the crook of his arms as he peels the door open, the smell of alcohol and guilty pleasure hits my nose immediately. The house is HUGE and packed to the brim with young people, but no recognizable faces. "Harry! Zena!" a voice calls from somewhere. "Up here sillies!" the voice calls again. I look up and see Lou and Niall hanging over the banister with beer in their hands. "Be right up guys!" I yell. "Harry up here!" I say to him. He just nods and laces our fingers together, letting me lead the way.

      I push my way through all the bodies, not really caring who it was. "Hey guys!" Louis calls from the couch. "Oh hey Lou, why are you all up here?" Harry asks from behind me. "We were downstairs," he snickers, "but we got tired of waiting for you two!" gesturing to Niall, Liam, Zayn, Eleanor, Perrie and himself. "But now that your here...." Niall starts, his blue eyes glowing, "Lets play truth or dare." "OH MY GOSH YES!" Louis squeals and slides onto the floor.

     I just giggle and lower myself in between Niall and Harry. Once everyone is settled Louis wastes no time, "Ok I'll ask first," he smiles, "Urmmmm Perrie! Truth or Dare?" "Dare," she giggles. "I dare youuu..." he pauses, rubbing his chin, "to go run around downstairs with no pants on!" He laughs giddily. "Oh Lou!" she gasps. "Do it babe!" Zayn chimes in. She shoots him a sour look and pops up and sprints down the stairs, screaming and yelling. We all bust out laughing and roll around on the floor until she comes back, pulling up her shorts, a huge grin plastered on her cheeky face. "Well that was mighty exhileratin'!" She laughs, and walks over to Zayn. "Ok, who wants to go next?!" Louis pipes up. "Zena, truth or dare," Niall asks me. I purse my lips and I feel Harry squirm beside me. "Dare," I hiss clicking my teeth together. "7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN FOR YOU AND HARRY!" Harry roughly scoops me up and carries me into the closest bedroom.

      He gently lays me down on the bed and sits beside me. "I don't really want to do anything with you," he starts, "only 'cause we've only know each other for like, three days..." he quickly rumbles. I'm happy the room is dark so he can't see me blush. "Normally I wouldn't care, but your.... different." I can hear his lips crack as they slide over his teeth. His hand gingerly comes to rest on my inner thigh, instantly sending butterflies flying in my stomach. I lean over and put my head on his shoulder and he pulls me onto his lap. "Zena, may I ask, what happened? That night I found you outside," he looks up, his green eyes glowing in the dim moonlight.

      I sigh and bury my head in the crook of his neck. "My mum and dad left when I was seven, they went on a trip but they never came back. They promised they'd come back, and I waited and waited for the day they would walk through the door and say they're home, but that day never came. I had no family or friends, and I still don't to this day. I pushed everyone away for years because I thought everyone was going to be like my parents," I stop to wipe away the tears that are now rolling down my cheeks. "Hush now, don't cry," he croons, slowly rocking me. I suck in a sharp breath and let it out, "There was this boy John who caught my attention a couple years ago. I somehow thought he would help me regain my trust in people. He was always there for me, never hit me, and never broke his promises," I pause again. His arms bring me in closer, but he still didn't say a word. "But he started to go down the wrong path, and do drugs and drink. And that's when things started to change."

     "You don't have to finish if you don't want to," "No Harry, I have to." I snap, "And he started to beat me and call me names. But I was to stupid to see that he wasn't good for me anymore. I always thought if how good he treated me in the beginning, and I kept hoping that one day, I would just wake up and he would be back to normal. So the night when you found me, he had texted me to meet him in the park, so I crept outside and stupidly went to meet him. When I got there, John wasn't there. He had traded me for drugs, and a old drunk man was waiting there for me instead." "I'm sorry Zena.... I promise I will NEVER let that happen again."

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