Promise (One Direction not famous)

A young teenage girl named Zena gets a text from her boyfriend to meet her in the park late one night. She expects the normal routine for when she sneeks out to see him, but it goes horribly wrong. She runs off and a young man named Harry finds her, and willingly helps her through her struggles, but there's always a few bad things that pop up along the way in everyone's life....



~Quick note: You pronounce Zena (Zain-a)~

**Zena's P.O.V.**

     "Common Zena! I'm hungryyyyyy!!!" I hear Niall yell as we pull up. I roll down the window, "The queen is never late, everybody else is simply early!" I say, blowing him an air kiss. He jumps up and pretends to catch it, brining it to his face and planting on his lips. He smiles at me as I roll up the window. Harry's Audi glides into the parking space and I start to unbuckle the seat belt as he silences the purring motor. "Oh wait! I'll do that for you!" he scrambles to undo my seat belt, his big hands shortly find the buckle. I stare at his hair, trying to find something to say but he suddenly looks up, our faces inches apart. His minty breath is lacing my lips as the silence unfolds. I find myself searching his eyes for any emotion what so ever.

     A knock at the window breaks the trance, I turn to see Niall. Shocker. "Urm... we should go, Niall's getting impatient," he stutters, gesturing to a pouty Niall at the window. "Oh, ok," I say slowly. Did that just happen? Would we have kissed? I smiled as Niall opened the door, Zayn offers his hand which I gladly take. Zayn and I walk behind Niall and Harry into Nandos, the wonderful smell of chicken hitting my nose immediately as we walk in the door. Niall ordered for is while Harry, Zayn and I found a seat. We pick the booth in the back corner of the restaurant, and I slid to the middle corner.

     "So has Haz been nice to you Zena?" Zayn chuckles, slapping Harry on the back. Harry blushes and fiddles his fingers, avoiding my gaze. "He's been quite the charming lad!" I giggle, flashing Zayn a smile. "Alright guys, foods gonna be here soon!" Niall exclaims, sliding into the booth besides me. "What ya talkin bout guys?" he pipes in, flicking his eyes between all of us. "Oh nothing mate," Harry quickly says, clearly happy the subject has changed. "Order number 14?" our waitress asked from behind the food. "Geeze Niall, how much food did you order?!" Zayn snickers, his eyes watching the blonde boy snatch his food from the tray and immediately start digging into his food. "Mrfmmferhj," he mumbles around his food. Harry throws his head back and lets out a hardy laugh, sending us all into fits of laughter.

     I plopped down on the couch and pulled my legs up next to me. "So what do you guys wanna watch?" Zayn asks while browsing through the channels. "Urmmm, let's watch that new american movie 21 jump street! Demi told me it was a real knee slapper!" Niall voice rings out from the kitchen. "Alright!" Zayn mumbles and searches for the movie. I feel the couch sink beside me. I look to see Harry smiling down at me, "Are you ok love?" he asks, his breath tickles my ear. "Yeah, just a wee bit cold.." I lie, rubbing my arms for emphasis. "Come here," he says, spreading his arms wide. I gladly scoot over and lay down on his side, laying my head on his chest. I feel his left arm settle down along my back, his hand falling on my hip. I snuggle closer to him and wait for the movie to start. "I'm not waiting any more Niall!" Zayn hollers to him, clicking play. "I'm gettin beer! Hold up one sec mate!" I hear him reply. Footsteps pound the hardwood floor and glasses clink as Niall rushes into the living room. He winks at me, "You want some? I have the best in Ireland right here!" he laughs, holding out a red plastic cup. I nod and gladly take the cup and take a big swig, welcoming the bitter-sweet aftertaste. "That's good stuff!" I murmur and lick my lips. "So enouf!" he says, raising his cup, "TO BEER!" "To beer!" I repeat and down the rest.

     I wake up just as the ending credits are flashing on the screen. All three boys are laughing and reciting random parts of the movie I must have missed. I'm about to move my head but Harry starts to talk. His voice rumbles through my body, sending chills down my spine. I sigh, "Bedtime?" he laughs. "Yeah, I guess. I don't wanna be a party pooper though..." "Aw Zena, your not a party pooper! You drank with me! We're the life of the party!" Niall slurs from the beige chair. I try to stifle my laughter," Ni your the life of the party, I passed out halfway through the movie!" His eyebrows furrow and he begins to say something, but quickly stops and completely falls out of the chair and starts to roll around on the ground laughing. I exchange glances with Zayn and we both know he's enjoyed this night wayyy to much. "Niall, it's time to go home," Zayn says as he moves towards him. "YOU GOTTA CATCH THE NIALLER FIRST! I'M THE FLASH!" Niall suddenly screams and bolts out of the living room and down the hallway, into the spare bedroom. Zayn quickly gets up and runs after him, leaving me and Harry alone. "They're quite the interesting lads huh?" Harry chuckles, moving a few strands of hair out of my face. "The strangest!" I giggle, avoiding his eyes. I know he's looking at me, but I can't stand to look at him, I'll freeze up! A few thumps sound from somewhere in the flat and we both laugh. "Just you wait until Louis is here with the two of them! That'll be a show!" he laughs. I smile, and start to trace little circles on his chest.

"Zena," he starts, moving his finger under my chin, forcing me to look at him. "Why were you out on the street alone? When it's freezing and nightime!" he adds, his face softening. "It's a long story. I have nowhere to be anymore, so it doesn't matter.." I trail off, returning my gaze to the television screen. "Why is that?" he asks. I feel his hand slowly start to rub my back in circles just like I had been doing to him just a few moments ago. It feels nice, so I let him continue. "Harry, can you sing?" I whisper, not wanting to ruin the moment. I feel him take a breath, "Why yes, yes I can!" he breathes out. He begins to softly sing Thinkin Bout You by Frank Ocean, a personal favorite of mine. I hum along for as long as I can before I feel sleep come over me.

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