Promise (One Direction not famous)

A young teenage girl named Zena gets a text from her boyfriend to meet her in the park late one night. She expects the normal routine for when she sneeks out to see him, but it goes horribly wrong. She runs off and a young man named Harry finds her, and willingly helps her through her struggles, but there's always a few bad things that pop up along the way in everyone's life....


2. Home?

Harry's hand is firm on my waist, and his body sturdy against my side. We walked up to a steep flight up steps, "I-I don't think I can climb that.." I say. "Ok, problem solved," he laughs and scoops me up with one arm. I wrap my arms in his neck and drink in the smell of his cologne. I didn't even really know this guy, and I was letting him take me in his house. "I'm gonna get raped, awesome," I say quietly. We reach the top step and he gently sets me down and unlocks the door.

     "So this is my flat!" Harry says, and pushes the door open. My eyes slowly take in the warm cozy area. All the furniture is a plush redish-brown velvet, playing off of tan colored walls and black and white speckled tile floors. "It's beautiful..." I sigh, thinking about my old shaggy flat. I heard him huff and shut the door, sliding the locks into place. "Thanks, I have a maid too!" he says, walking past me into the kitchen. I slowly follow him, not wanting to get my filth on his expensive things. I turn to follow him, breathing in his cologne mixed with the smell of pine needles and mint. I walk through a wooden arch way and up the steps, into the kitchen. Harry was standing at the fridge, doors wide open, "Want anything to eat love?" he turns to me, flashing a cheeky grin. I turn up the corner of my mouth," No thank you Harry, I couldn't possibly take anything else from you!" I say and move to the counter. Everything is so clean, I feel like I'm in a castle!

      I pull a wooden stool out from underneath the bar and plop down, turning to look out the big glass window. You could see the lights downtown London, and the beautifully lit shops. I felt my mouth fall open, as I have never seen down town like this before. "Zena, please! You must be hungry!" he answers me, his voice muffled by the vastness of his refrigerator. I turn back around watching him dig around, "Anything small will do," I murmur, secretly hoping he didn't hear me. "Here!" he says, tossing me an apple. I barely snap my hands up in time to catch it, but thankfully it landed in my hands. His green eyes shine with amusement, "Quick reflexes huh?" I feel my cheeks flush with color, and I bite into the apple, spraying juice everywhere. I couldn't help but laugh, almost choking on my apple. I hate my laugh, it's so musical.....and girly. He laughs along with me, but quickly goes serious, "Alright don't die! I just had the floor cleaned!" he yells, and we both just laugh harder.

     Harry walked out of the kitchen over to the couch, leaving me alone. How could he do that? He just met me not even an hour ago! I heard him click on the television, so I quickly finished my apple and threw it away. I walk to the arch and peek my head around, seeing the back of Harry's head lolling over the back of the couch. I step down, quietly shuffling over to edge of the couch. I walk over and sit beside him, and grab the remote, switching the telly off. My hand brushes his upper thigh and he smiles in his sleep, his cheeks flushing pink.  giggle and stand up, leaning over him, "Harry, let's get you to bed," I whisper softly into his ear. "No mom, five more minutes..." he groaned and jerked his head away from me. I couldn't help but laugh, "Harry, it's Zena. Let's get you to bed." I croon, gently lifting his head up. His eyes fluttered open and his cheeks quickly flushed pink. "Oh my, I'm sorry!" he quickly stutters and jumps up. I laugh as he stumbles over the furniture and falls on the floor. I hear a small groan escape his lips as he try's to lift himself up. I run over to him and slip my arms under his and help him up. "Thanks," he mumbled and we walked to his bedroom.



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