Promise (One Direction not famous)

A young teenage girl named Zena gets a text from her boyfriend to meet her in the park late one night. She expects the normal routine for when she sneeks out to see him, but it goes horribly wrong. She runs off and a young man named Harry finds her, and willingly helps her through her struggles, but there's always a few bad things that pop up along the way in everyone's life....


3. Hello

**Zena's P.O.V.**

     "Harry, you got to help me a little," I hiss through gritted teeth. "I'm sorryyyy..." he moans in reply as he pushes the curls out of his face. I stop and re-adjust Harry's weight on my shoulder and we continue to walk, more like stumble, down the hallway. "It's this one!" he piped up and suddenly stood up. I'm taken aback by his sudden burst of energy. He looks down at me and smiles, showing off his cute dimples. I feel my cheeks grow hot and I quickly look anywhere but him, "You can sleep in the spare bedroom at the other side of the flat love.... if you want," he says, mumbling the last part. "I'll sleep in the spare if you don't mind," I giggle and steal a glance at his face. His deep green eyes are searching my face as I spoke, his tongue tracing his lips at the same time. "Ok, here," he sighs and slips into his room. A part inside of me is screaming for me to follow him, but I know that would be pushing it, so I just lean against the door frame.

      I hear muffled "Oofs and ouches" from somewhere in the darkness, but soon enough Harry comes walking back with a pile of clothes in his hand. "Uhh sorry about all the ruckus, I had a little.... urm trouble?" he shrugs, his mouth slowly pulling into a smirk as he says trouble. I can't help but smile," Thank you Harry, for everything you've done for me tonight," I stand on my tip toes and plant a kiss on his cheek, being the polite person I am. "Y-your welcome!" he stutters. I just laugh and walk down the hallway, feeling Harry's eyes boring a hole into my back. "Don't look at my bum!" I yell as I turn the corner. I hear him laugh and I pop my head around, flashing him a smile and adding a cute wink. "Off to bed with you!" he jokingly snickers and shoos me away with his hand. I walk around the flat and switch off all the lights as I make my way to the spare bedroom.

  ~The Next Morning~

I feel a warmness spread across my face as a soft light dances across my face. I try to snuggle down into the enormous bed, away from reality, but to no avail. I sigh and open my eyes, stretching my arms above my head and rolling my ankles around. "Ohh lord I'm tired.." I murmur and swig my legs off the side. I push the sheet off me, "What the..." I start but all the memories from last night come flooding back. I throw myself back onto the bed and let out a loud and tired moan. I glance at the clock, 10:30. Greattttt, I've over stayed my welcome. I get up and shuffle over to the door and peak my head out. Harry sat on the couch with two other boys, one being a loud blonde boy and the other quiet with dark black hair. "Harry, I'm hungry!" I hear the blonde boy whine, picking up on his irish accent. "Shut up Niall! Go make your self food!" the black haired boy snapped at him. "Niall" mumbled something and got up and moseyed on over to the kitchen. I giggle and shut the door. I walk over to the bathroom doors and fling them open, and my jaw immediately drops. The bathroom is completely white marble with gray swirls, with accents of gold and reds everywhere. It's a bathroom fit for a king! "What do you do for a living Harry..." I whisper as I trace my fingers over the beautiful fabrics and designs that lay before me.

     I hear a cough and spin to see Harry standing in the doorway, the other two boys standing at his sides with big eyes. I gasp and look down, only now realizing I only had on one of Harry's big t-shirts. "Oh urm!" I grumble and pull the shirt down as far as it could go. "Hi," said the dark haired boy, his dark brown eyes fixated on my face. "Hi," I smile, "I'm Zena!" "I'm Niall and I like food!" the little blonde boy blurted out. "Oh and I'm Zayn," the other boy barked in reply, not to be outdone by Niall. He looks over at Niall and smirks, but quickly turns away and faces me again. "Hello Niall, hello Zayn!" I chirp and nod my head to them. "Would you like to take a shower love?" Harry asks. "Yes please!" I reply nodding my head quickly. He laughs and throws a few towels at me, "I'll have Eleanor bring you some extra clothes!" he smiles and closes the doors.

      I realize that I was holding my breath almost that whole time, so I let it out and get undressed, and step into the shower. The warm water feels refreshing on my bare skin as I watch the tiny droplets hanging off my eyelashes fall to the shower floor without a care in the world. I push the world away and focus, breathing in the sweet smell of mint and honey.

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