Promise (One Direction not famous)

A young teenage girl named Zena gets a text from her boyfriend to meet her in the park late one night. She expects the normal routine for when she sneeks out to see him, but it goes horribly wrong. She runs off and a young man named Harry finds her, and willingly helps her through her struggles, but there's always a few bad things that pop up along the way in everyone's life....


8. Five More Minutes?

      "Thanks Harry," I whisper, and snuggle farther into his neck. "Anything for you Zena," he says into my ear. "Hey you two, 7 minutes are up! Is it safe to look?" Liam laughs outside. "It's ok Liam, we're not doing anything!" I giggle and watch as he pops his head around the door. I can feel Harry smiling into the back of my neck. He stands up and wraps his pinky around mine, dragging me along."Hey, what's wrong?" Liam asks as we walk past. "Oh nothing Harry tells some good jokes is all!" I laugh and wipe away the left over tear streaks with my free hand. "Ohhh ok," he breathes, totally unconvinced.

      "How was it?! Was he good?!" Niall roars from the couchas we turn the corner. "The best!" I smirk, and watch as surprise spreads on his face. "You're kinda drunk mate," Harry laughs, slapping him on the back as he sits down. "I don't get drunk Harry Styles," he slurs, "I get fucking awesome!" "Whatever Niall. But now that Niall's finished this beer, spin the bottle it is!" Liam quickly says, snatching the glass from Niall's hand and setting it in the middle of the circle.


      I look around at everyone, their eyes glowing and cheeks tinted pink with alcohol. Lou and Eleanor have moved off downstairs somewhere while Zayn and Perrie left a few minutes ago. "Wake up sleepy head, we're going back to Harry's!" I hear Liam whisper into Niall's ear. "Five more minutes daddy?" he mumbles. I can't help but laugh at how defenseless and tiny he looks curled up on the couch. "Come on, they'll meet us at my place in a bit." I turn to see Harry staring intently at me. I take one last look at the two other boys and take Harry's outstretched arm gratefully.

      There's a handful of people left downstairs, and the music's quieter, thank god, and thanks to the slight breeze the mixed smells have died down. We wave goodbye to Louis and shut the door. The soft light of the full moon dance off the wet grass around us, displaying soft grays and pale whites on our skin. A gentle humming sound soon fills the air as we get farther away from the house, "Harry?" it stops as he turns to me. "Yes?" He stops walking, and spins me around to face him. "Was that you humming? Just a second ago?" His eyes are glistening a pale gray, shadows from his curls lay across his face. He nods and starts to hum again, but this time a different tune. "Close your eyes and think, I know you know this song!" he whispers as his thumbs glide over my eyes. He pulls me closer, grabbing my hips and resting my head on his chest. His humming fills every inch of my body, and the lyrics instantly pop into my head. I nod and hum along. "A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather I was praying that you and me might end up together," He sings, his raspy voice hits each note perfectly. He suddenly picks me up and throws me over his shoulder all in one movement. "Let's go home Zena," he laughs. "Harry! My bum is hanging out!" I squeal and quickly pull my shorts down. "The more the merrier!" He chuckles and swings me into his Audi and buckles me in. He's already hopped in his seat and started the car by the time I've closed my door, "Um excited much?" "Nawh, not really," he smiles back, "We should go get Ice Cream!" "Ok!" I quickly agree.

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