Promise (One Direction not famous)

A young teenage girl named Zena gets a text from her boyfriend to meet her in the park late one night. She expects the normal routine for when she sneeks out to see him, but it goes horribly wrong. She runs off and a young man named Harry finds her, and willingly helps her through her struggles, but there's always a few bad things that pop up along the way in everyone's life....


4. An Audi with Nandos on the side

**Zena's P.O.V.**

     I step out of the shower and see my towels right were I left them, accompanied by a pile of clothes. I quickly wrap myself up and plop down to examine the bundle. A black Ramones shirt, a pair of white high waisted shorts, and a pair of black lace toms. I nod in approval, whoever's clothes these are has good taste! I pull on my bra and underwear from last night and wiggle into my new clothes, admiring how they hug my figure. I look in the full length mirror and smile, then turn to the other mirror above the counter. I frown as I think I look like a drowned rat. I snatch the towel quickly and rubb my hair, hoping to improve my appearence a tad. I flipp my head back up and look back in the mirror, and smile because now my hair looked presentable. I part it to the side and leave it, now to my face. My olive coloured skin is acne clear, thank god! My blue eyes sparkle back at me and I check my teeth, making sure nothing is in them and turn to look one more time in the full length mirror before heading out.

     I step into the common area and quickly search for the boys. "Mornin Zena!" Harry and Zayn yell from the kitchen. "Morinig boys!" I call back. "Hi Zena!" I hear Niall chirp from the over stuffed beige chair in front of me. I laugh as he struggles to get up from the masses of the lounger. After about a minute of struggling he gives up and throws up a pouty face, and motions for me to come help him. "Ugh fine!" I teasingly groan and stomp over to him. I grab his hands, "One. Two. Three!" I count and yank him out of the chair. We both go flying across the room, Niall landing on top of me with a thud. He stares down at me for a second, completely frozen. He starts to smile, exposing perfect teeth and lets out a hardy laugh whilst rolling off of me. His laugh is contagious because I begin to laugh and we both roll around laughing and clapping like seals for the longest time. "Oh Zena your funny! We're gonna be good friends!" he whispers, his warm breath tickling my ear. He stands up and offers me his hand and I quickly grab it and he pulls me up.

     "Alright love birds, break it up!" Harry's voice sounds behind me. I turn around and smile at him and he returns it with his cute cheeky one. "Would you like to go out to lunch with us love?" Zayn's voice rang out from in the kitchen. "Yeah! That'd be lovely!" I smile and flick my eyes to each boy. Niall is practically jumping up and down next to me, his blue eyes wide in anticipation, "YAY!" he squeals and wrapps his arms around me. I return Niall's hug and he snuggles his head into the base of my neck, his strong cologne fills my nose. He lets go and winks at me, "Let's go to Nandos!" he says excitedly. "Alright lads," Harry starts, "and the beautiful lady," he finishes and offers his arm. I nod and glady place my hand in the crook of his elbow.

     We walk to the door and Harry locks the door and walks me to his Audi. "Woah..." I whisper, taking in the car, "is this..... yours?" Harry laughs and opens my door, "Allllll mine!" he grins, his green eyes sparkling. "Wow!" I squeal and hurridly hop in and buckle my seat belt. I shimmy to get comfortable and turn my attention to the car. It has all black leather interior with soft blue lights making the cab glow peacefully. I traced my hands over the stitching of the dash board and I turned my attention to the radio pannel. I spin a couple knobs and press a few buttons, jumping as the music blasts to life. "Sheesh!" I sneer through my teeth. "Having fun tampering with my toy?" Harry asks cheekily as he plops in the car. "It's beautiful! I've never been this close to one! Not even in my dreams!" I say breathlessly. I'm still trying to take this in!

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