Runescape Competiton- A HERO RISES

Young thirteen year old Sean Blake wishes he could have the life of his Runescape Character Sir Humphrey Bloodstone, slaying dragons and becoming a hero in the land of Geilinor. Luckily for Sean, on one star filled night, he gets his wish. This is that tale, a quest of a young boy, who quickly realizes being a hero is just as a hard as being a kid.



Sean Blake had always wanted to be a Knight. A sword wielding dragon slayer. A hero of the land. However the closest Sean had ever gotten to such heroic deeds was playing his favourite online game Runescape. His avatar Sir Humphrey Bloodstone was rich beyond his wildest dreams, and well renowned throughout the land of Gielinor. How Sean wished he could have such a life. The life of a computer character seemed much easier than his. No homework, no nagging parents, no bullies awaiting around the corner waiting to strike. Life as a knight seemed fun, exciting and adventurous.

Sean was just about to craft some more blood runes for the new quest he had started when his mother poked her head around the corner of his bedroom door.

'Sean its elven o'clock. Its time to go to bed.'

'But mum, I need to finish this quest.'

'I don't care what quest you have to finish Sean. You know you have to get up early for school.'

'But mum I-'

'NOW Sean.'

'Fine.' said Sean reluctantly logging out of Runescape, and shutting down his laptop.

'Thank you.' said his mother. She swiftly left.

Sean crossed his small square room and got into bed. He rolled over and stared out of the window at the star speckled night sky.

'Yes', he thought ' Life was definitely easier being Sir Humphrey Bloodstone. If only I could have that life. God I wish that were true.'

Sean closed his eyes and drifted off into a peaceful sleep. Luckily for him a falling star fell that night, that star blessed night, where dreams came true....

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