A Nightmare Turned Into a Dream

17 year old, Stella, and her 18 year old sister, Marie, never really got along that well when their mother was still there. They would hit each other, scream at each other, sometimes even try to kill each other. Until one day their mother got diagnosed with cancer and everything changed. Their mother had to stay in the hospital until death and was not allowed to have visitors. But the nightmare has barely started.....


1. The Usual Morning

Stella's POV:

  "Wake up, now Marie!" my dad said sounding angry.

  Knowing what happens when he's angry I decided to get up before he came in my room. I peeked my head around the door into Marie's room to see her sitting in her bed with a very angry dad over her. Marie looked at me and I guess dad saw it because he came running to get me. He pulled me into the room and grabbed Marie too pulling us into his bedroom. He pushed us onto the bed and started unbuckling his pants. This is what he has been doing ever since mom died. I looked over to see Marie crying.

Marie's POV:

   "Don't cry or you know what will happen" dad said.

I tried holding in my tears but it was impossible at this point of time. I look over at Stella and see her starting to fake cry. I always can tell when she is faking cause her nose twitches. She shouldn't be doing this for me. She is just going to get hurt. I start crying again so she won't be the only one getting hurt. I can see dad looking at me and then Stella. He laughed and said "you really think just because both of you cry means I still won't hurt you." Right after he said that he reached over and slapped both of our faces, leaving a streak of blood. Did I mention he is boxer?

"Now go! I don't need you anymore." he said after pulling up his pants. Marie and I left crying and holding our face. We go through this every morning since mom has died and I really want to run away. I'm just afraid dad will find me.

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