A Nightmare Turned Into a Dream

17 year old, Stella, and her 18 year old sister, Marie, never really got along that well when their mother was still there. They would hit each other, scream at each other, sometimes even try to kill each other. Until one day their mother got diagnosed with cancer and everything changed. Their mother had to stay in the hospital until death and was not allowed to have visitors. But the nightmare has barely started.....


2. ***Author's Note****

Hey everyone!

Thanks if you read the first chapter. I'm sorry if it wasn't the greatest I had a bit of a writer's block. I want to know what you guys think about the story so far. Is it interesting enough that you want me to keep going or do you want me to just end the story all together? Please be honest!

  Also please kik me @ krazee7 for new story ideas/ ideas for this story. If I like your idea you will get a chance to be put in either this story or the next one.You will need to tell me certain stuff.

 Kik me your character's name, who you fall in love with or if you are already dating someone, your age, where the story takes place (if it's for a new story), or if it's for this story where your character meets One Direction/Marie and Stella. If you want a new story tell me if you want it to be violent, run away from abuse, have the boys fighting over you, etc..

I am also looking for co-owners so if you want to be one kik me and I will consider you. There are two rules though

1.) Don't give out my email/password for this account.

2.) Don't mess with any of the other co-owners stories or even mine. If you didn't start it then you have no right to mess with it :)



-Rachel x

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