My Dreams

Kathy was just a normal 14 year old girl who lived in the big city of Houston,nothing exciting ever really happened to her,she had big dreans&she had a best friend named Marissa,and they were both fans of One Direction,their dreams were to meet them and to fall in love with them(Kathy wanted to fall in love w/ Niall&Marrissa wanted Zayn).They always talked about 1D&every1 told them they were never going 2 fall in love w/ them,not even meet them:(But little did Kathy know her life was going to be turned upside down...,


3. Who Do I Choose?

The next day,after Marissa and I woke up, we went to school,but we were both glad that it was Wenesday,but the bad thing was that the rest of the week we had to contain our excitement,and I was surprised that we were both able to concentrate on school for the rest of the week,we waited for a week,very anxious for the tickets to get here.Finally,Friday afternoon came,we were watching TV when we suddenly heard a knock on the door and we opened it,it was a guy wearing a red shirt,he asked,"is there a Marissa Smith here?" and she said,"yes,I'm her!" then he said,"ok, I have your 1D VIP passes." then she said,"thank you,thank you so much!" and hugged him,then he said,"oooK!" "Well,I will give you the passes if you sign this sheet",he said pointing to the paper.So she signed the sheet and he gave her the passes,after he left we started jumping up and down excitedly and screaming(typical fan girl moment)we couldn't believe that we were going to actually talk to them.I said,"dreams do come true!" Then my mum heard the screams and she asked,"did you girls already get the passes?" and we both answered,"yes!" But then I reminded Marissa that she had to choose between me or her friend,Kimberly,who was also a fan of 1D,because she only had 3 passes,and 1 pass had to be for her,the other one for my mum,because she said she was taking Marissa to the concert,and there was another pass;either for me or her friend.The only thing I knew about her friend was that she was a fan of 1D,besides that I didn't really know her.I asked Marissa,"so,who will you choose?" Marissa just sat in thought,she couldn't believe that she had to choose between 2 of her friends,so I told her,"don't worry,you can take your time thinking about this." "Thanks,you really are a great friend",she said with a smile on her face.I told her,"you're welcome,just know that I'm always here for you." "and that it doesn't matter who you choose,you can choose whoever you truly want to,and if you truly want to choose Kimberly,you can." Then she told me,"well,I guess I'll go home and give it some thought,tomorrow I will tell you who I chose." "Ok,bye",I said feeling a little upset that she might choose Kimberly.She waved bye to me and left.I just sat there wondering who she would choose;I started yawning,so I decided to go to sleep,a little worried that I might not be the one getting to meet them.
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