My Dreams

Kathy was just a normal 14 year old girl who lived in the big city of Houston,nothing exciting ever really happened to her,she had big dreans&she had a best friend named Marissa,and they were both fans of One Direction,their dreams were to meet them and to fall in love with them(Kathy wanted to fall in love w/ Niall&Marrissa wanted Zayn).They always talked about 1D&every1 told them they were never going 2 fall in love w/ them,not even meet them:(But little did Kathy know her life was going to be turned upside down...,


4. I Choose...

It was Saturday,I was really anxious to know who Marissa had chosen,but what I didn't know was that Marissa was struggling to explain to Kimberly that she had to choose between her and me,and when Marissa told her that,Kimberly started demanding Marissa to choose her,"you HAVE to choose me!",Kimberly demanded,"we have been friends since 2nd grade,and you barely met her this year!",she said.So Marissa was stuck in between Kimberly and me,she just didn't know who to choose,it was a really hard decision for her to make,but what she did know was that I didn't demand her to choose me.Marissa was just standing there,surprised at Kimberly's reaction,she was wondering why Kimberly was yelling at her and demanding her to choose her.Then Kimberly told her,"tell you what,I will give you 3hours to think about this,after those 3hours you have to choose me,or I will NO longer be your friend." So,Marissa went home to think about this a little more,she thought about all the moments she had with Kimberly,and how Kimberly treated her,suddenly Kimberly yelling at her came to her mind,and she wondered why she was being so mean and demanding to her,since they had always gotten along pretty well.Then she thought about all the moments she had with me and how I treated her,she thought about the fact that I didn't rush her or demand her to choose me,so she gave it a lot of thought,then she made her final decision.After that,she went back to Kimberly's and told her,"I have made my final decision,and I choose..." "You choose me?",Kimberly asked anxiously.Marissa,then responded to her by saying no.Kimberly asked,"why?" And Marissa told her,"I choose Kathy,because she NEVER yelled at me,rushed me, or demanded me to pick her,unlike you." Kimberly then said,"your loss,you just lost me as your friend." And Marissa told her,"so?" "At lest I have a better friend who cares about me." "And she treats me way better than you." Then,Kimberly told her,"but you and I have been friends since 2nd grade!?" Marissa replied to her by saying,"that doesn't mean I will forcefully pick you." Kimberly said to her,"whatever." "Like I said earlier,your loss." Then,Marissa walked from Kimberly's to mine,and told me,"I have good news!" and I asked her,"what is it?" And she said,"guess who I chose?" My spirits went from high to low,and I asked her,"Kimberly?" And she responded to me by saying,"no" "you!" I asked her in shock,"really?" And she said,"yes!" Then,I asked her,"why would choose me over her?" and she said,"because you're my true friend,and because you didn't yell at me,rush me,or demanded me to pick you!" "Thankyou so much for picking me!" I said,pleased. "For a second there I thought I wasn't going to be able to meet 1D." And she said,"well,you are!" " So...get excited!" Then,I told her,"I love you!" And we both jumped up and down excitedly and hugged. Then,night came and Marissa slept over at my house and I fell asleep,happy,knowing I was going.
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