My Dreams

Kathy was just a normal 14 year old girl who lived in the big city of Houston,nothing exciting ever really happened to her,she had big dreans&she had a best friend named Marissa,and they were both fans of One Direction,their dreams were to meet them and to fall in love with them(Kathy wanted to fall in love w/ Niall&Marrissa wanted Zayn).They always talked about 1D&every1 told them they were never going 2 fall in love w/ them,not even meet them:(But little did Kathy know her life was going to be turned upside down...,


1. First Day of High School

"Wake up,Kathy,it's your first day of high school!"my mum yelled at me through the covers. "Nooo!" I yelled,"I want to sleep for 30 more mins!" I said as I put my pillow over my head. "You have to wake up,you have school!",said my mum. "But I don't want to go to school today!" I yelled. "You have to,or I will take your one direction magazines away",said my mum. "Alright,alright,I'm awake!" I said as I walked down the hall to brush my teeth.Today was a Monday,my least favorite day of the week. "I hate Mondays",I mumbled as I walked to my room in search for clothes to wear,I couldn't find anything to wear so I started searching everywhere in panic,finally a black shirt and some shorts caught my eye and I decided to try that on,I thought it looked pretty good,so I decided to wear that to school. The reason why I didn't want to go to school,was because it was my first day of high school and I was scared that I wasn't going to make any friends or that no one was going to like me. It was pretty nerve wracking to go to a new school,especially a new high school. After I was done putting on my clothes,I put on some mascara and makeup,and brushed my long,brown wavy hair. Then I went downstairs to eat some breakfast,the usual;cereal. Finally I was done doing everything,so I got my backpack,and climbed into the car,as my mum was driving,there was a lot of silence and it felt like it was a long drive,so I asked my mum, "how come it's a really long drive from home to school?" "I thought it was only a 10 min drive?!" "It is", my mum said, "I have only been driving for 5 mins." "oh",I said, "I thought you had already been driving for 20 mins." "Aww,sweetie,you feel like it's been a long drive because you're nervous,but soon you will get used to your high school." We finally arrived at the school and I got out of the car,and I knew that this was going to be the start of something new,as I stepped in the hall my stomach started churning,I felt eyes on me and I started to get really nervous,until I finally bumped into a girl and she said, "I'm so sorry." I said, "It's ok." Then she said, "my name is Marissa." "what's yours?" "My name is Kathy," I said. Then she asked me, "what grade are you going to?" "I'm going to 9th", I said, "what grade are you going to?" She told me, "I'm going to 9th,too!" And I said, "what a coincidence!" and she said, "I know!" Then she looked down at my arms,where I was holding my 1D folders and she said, "I see you like 1D!" and I said, "I don't like them,I love them!" and she said, "so do I!" And from that day on,we became best friends.
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