My Dreams

Kathy was just a normal 14 year old girl who lived in the big city of Houston,nothing exciting ever really happened to her,she had big dreans&she had a best friend named Marissa,and they were both fans of One Direction,their dreams were to meet them and to fall in love with them(Kathy wanted to fall in love w/ Niall&Marrissa wanted Zayn).They always talked about 1D&every1 told them they were never going 2 fall in love w/ them,not even meet them:(But little did Kathy know her life was going to be turned upside down...,


2. BFFs

One day when my mum was taking my BFF and I to school,we were listening to the radio,suddenly the DJ on the radio said, "If you are a Directioner in the Houston area,you're in luck because 1D are having a concert here in Houston,at the Toyota center,and we have many chances for you to win free VIP passes to meet them backstage,so start calling for your chance to win,and if you're the 20th caller,you win!" As soon as Marissa and I heard that,we both took out our phones and started calling,we waited for a while,then someone finally picked up on Marissa's phone and said, "hello,this is Martha,are you calling for your chance to win free 1D VIP passes?" and Marissa said, "yes!" Martha,then said, "well,congrats,you're the 20th caller!" "we will send you the tickets next Friday!" "Just send us your address,and next Friday they will be there!" "but you also have to remember that you can only take 3 friends!" And Marissa said, "got it!" "thanks!" Then Martha said, "you're welcome!" "Bye!" As soon as she hung up Marissa and I started smiling and screaming,then mum said, "I know you girls are excited,but please don't scream so loud because I'm driving." Then,Marissa and I said, "sorry." And stopped screaming,but kept smiling the rest of the way to school,as we arrived at school and got out of the car to walk into the school,we couldn't believe that we had won the contest,we were still smiling when we were walking to our class,we also became BFFs faster because we were in the same classes,as we sat in our desks we couldn't stop thinking about how amaZayn it would be to get to meet 1D backstage and talk to them,we were just so excited,the concert was going to be in 5 months and we were so anxious.The teacher saw that we were day dreaming,so she gave us 'the stare' and we tried our best to concentrate,eventually,we succeeded.As we walked to another class we looked at eachother and smiled,we just couldn't contain our excitement,but we knew we had to,at least until we got home,so we tried to contain our excitement during the rest of the school day.But,when lunch came all we talked about was about us meeting them and talking to them,then Marissa asked me, "who's your favorite?" and I told her, "Niall,he's so adorable",then I asked her, "who's your favorite?" and she said, "Zayn,he's so gorgeous." As the school day went on we concentrated on our work.Finally,the school day was over and we climbed into the car chatting about 1D and all my mum could hear was 1D this,1D that,and she said, "wow!" "you girls are very very excited about meeting 1D." And we were like,"why wouldn't we?" "this is something BIG!" "we love them so much!" And my mum said,"well, I'm glad you girls are happy." And I said,"thanks,mum." Then we arrived at my house and we spent the rest of the day listening to 1D songs and watching the Up All Night DVD.Finally,night came and we fell asleep,dreaming about spending a day with 1D.
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