All or Nothing

Kim is just a typical teenage girl. Who happens to be Best Friends with One Direction. As she falls for the beautiful blonde haired boy, drama is constantly being thrown her way, People are hurt, relationships are broken and friendships are destroyed. Kim finally realizes that shes gotta give it her all or walk away with nothing.

*On hiatus because it's so carroty I cringe*


40. Zerrie

A/N: Six days ago marked the year anniversary of this story. Thank you all for reading it, the story is almost to 1K reads and that's mental. Just thank you for reading this. This chapter does contain some sexual content at the very end. its not that detailed but heads up :) here we go. 

"Be nice to her please." I look at Liam and smile. "I'm always nice to people Liam." I watch as Liam nervously drums on the steering wheel. "And make sure El is nice to her too. She didn't look like she liked her at the premiere." 

I laugh at Liam's nervous manner. He called me at four in the morning saying he wanted me, El and his new girlfriend Sophia to spend some time with one another before she flies back home. After cursing him out, I agreed on going to a park with them. 

"You thought she was nice, yeah?" "Well  I honestly just said hi to her but she seems ok." Liam lets out a shaky sigh. Apparently it was important for his friends to like Sophia, he had been getting a lot of hate on her since he debuted their relationship off.

"And were here." I look out the window at a sitting Sophia and El. "I'll pick you all up in about an hour and we'll go to Zayn's." I place a quick kiss on Liam's cheek before climbing out of the car. "Oh yeah and Kim?" I turn back to Liam. "Please take it easy on her." I nod my head before accidentally slamming the door shut. I begin to walk over to the girls, waving my hand as El spotted me. 

"Sorry, Liam got lost on the way to Harry's house." I take a seat on the slightly damp grass, playing with a blade of grass between my fingers. "What have y'all been talking about?" El rolls her eyes. "Oh we were just talking about how Sophia would be leaving tomorrow." I narrow my eyes at Eleanor's rude behavior, hoping Sophia wouldn't notice. "Yeah it's quite sad. I'm really going to miss Liam." I'm glad to she didn't catch Eleanor's rude manner. Or maybe she just didn't want to confront the situation. 

"So, you and Liam went to school together?" Sophia looks down at her hands and blushes. "Yeah we did. When he was on his break earlier this year we bumped into each other at a shop back home. Been hooked to him ever since." I smiled as pink tinted Sophia's cheeks. "And what month was this?" Sophia looked confused at Eleanor's question. "Um April I think?" Eleanor huffed in response, what the hell was wrong with her. 

I continued to talk to Sophia. Eleanor's sour attitude was still present as we conversed amongst each other. "Hey I'm going to get some water before Liam picks us up." Sophia stands up and begins walking to the water fountain on the far end of the park. Once she's out of ear range I turn my attention to Eleanor. "And what the hell is your problem?" Eleanor runs her hands through her hair. "I don't like her." I widen my eyes and form my mouth in an o. "Really? What? I didn't even notice." I sarcastically respond before composing myself. "You didn't even give her a chance! Why don't you like her?" "Well for starters she's my best friend's ex boyfriend's current girlfriend." I look at Eleanor in complete confusion. Nothing she just said made any sense what so ever. "If you're forgetting Danielle is my best friend. And she dated Liam. And all of a sudden Liam is breaking up with her because 'it wasn't working out'. And now Sophia just magically popped up, being all lovey dovey with Liam. She's the reason they broke up!" I scratch my head at Eleanor and then it clicks. "You don't like her because you feel she's taking the place of Danielle." I touch Eleanor's shoulders and she flinches. "You have to keep an open mind on her. I love Danielle too but you just can't be rude to Sophia."El shakes her head, her long locks becoming tangled. "See it from my perspective, if me and Louis broke up, would you welcome his girlfriend with open arms?" I bite the inside of my cheek. I guess she did have a point. "Just try to be nicer. She's getting a lot of hate already, she doesn't need more." Something in Eleanor's eyes changes when I say that. She knows better than anyone what it's like to receive heaps of hate from people who don't even know her. Eleanor nods her head and a honk of the car startles us. The window is rolled down and Liam's face is shown. "Lets go ladies." I spot Sophia sitting comfortably in the passenger seat as me and El slip into the backseat of the car. "So Sophia, what did you say your favorite food was?" I beam at El's effort to know Sophia. She warily smiles at me before continuing to speak to Sophia. Liam catches my eye in the mirror and mouths thank you. I smile at him and slump back into my seat, awaiting to be taken to Zayn's house for dinner. 
We pull up to Zayn's large house. It reminded me of Harry's in a way but it was a bit smaller. Cars lined the drive way, confirming many others were awaiting inside. I loop my arm into El's and begin to ascend the staircase,stopping when we reach the door. I give two knocks before the door swings open, revealing a smiling Perrie. "Hello! Come in,come in!" She ushers us in and gives us a hug. "Everyone's inside the living room area." Perrie closes the door behind all of us before showing us to the living room. I make out many familiar faces as well as a few new ones. I spot Niall laughing with who it looks like to be Perrie's brother. He brings the drink he's holding to his lips. He quickly turns his head meeting my gaze. A smirk tugs on his lips after he drops his right eye to a wink. He turns his attention back to his conversation and I'm left standing alone. I see Zayn sitting on the couch nervously twiddling his thumbs. He jumps a bit as I tap on his shoulder. "Oh god Kim you scared me." I laugh at Zayn's frighten expression. "Quite the shindig you and Perrie are having." I gesture to the nice amount of people here. There had to be at least 20, Zayn always liked to keep things intimate. "Yeah." Zayns voice trails  off with the rest of his mind as he continued to bite his lip."You ok  Zayn?" Zayn shakes his head and turns to me. "Can I tell you something? Alone?" I nod my head and try to slip away from the scene with him.

He takes me out on his patio and draws in a long breath. "I'm going to propose to Perrie tonight but-" My eyes widen and I quickly bring him in for a hug. "Oh my god that's brilliant! It's going to be so great! That's what you called everyone one over for dinner? Ah you two are so cute and perfect and-" Zayn chuckles as he covers my mouth. "You didn't even let me finish. I'm having doubts on it." My face falls at his words. "What if she says no? What if she says yes? I don't think I can go through all of the hate I will get or she will get." I grab Zayn's hand and look at him. "Perrie loves you and you love her. The fans may be a bit bummed out but the true ones will be happy for you two. I think you should go for it." I give his hand a squeeze and he smiles. "Yeah?" "Yeah." Zayn continues smiling as he leads us back into the gathering. 

"Hey everyone can I have your attention?" The chattering dies down and all eyes are focused on Zayn. He looks over to me and I nod for him to continue. I stand beside Harry as Zayn frantically scans the room. He smiles when he meets Perrie gaze, making his way towards her.

"Perrie, I don't think I've ever been in love with something more perfect than you. I don't think I've ever been so emotionally attached to someone as I am with you. When Im away from you, I find it hard to breathe, when I'm with you I find it even harder to breathe. When I look at you I see forgiveness and love and passion. I see a fire that light guides me through the toughest of times. And if that light ever was taken away, I would be forever lost in the dark. You make me laugh, you make me pull my hair out but mostly you make me happy.I've brought these fantastic people here to share this moment with them." Zayn drops down to his knee and pulls out a black box from his back pocket. Perrie hands fly to her mouth, covering them as the tears steam down her face. I grab hold to Harry's hand and lace our fingers together, still watching the scene unfold in front of us. "Will you do me the honor of marrying me?" Perrie tackles Zayn onto the floor. Laughs escaping everyone mouths as they kiss. "Of course I will." We all clap and cheer as Zayn slips the ring on Perrie's finger. I don't think I've ever seen him so happy. I'm startled as Harry's fingers wipe the tears on my cheeks. "You're such a girl." I punch him playfully on the shoulder and turn my attention back to the newly engaged. "Now who's ready to eat?"
I lay sprawled out on Harry's couch. My mind drifts from the awful movie to the events of earlier tonight. Zayn and Perrie couldn't stop smiling throughout the dinner. It warmed my heart to see them so happy together. They both honestly deserved each other. I turn off the first installment of Twilight and make my way to the stairs. Harry had disappeared when I turned on the movie,saying it was a disgrace to society. 

I reach his slightly closed door before I nudge it open with my foot. " I turned off the movie so-" I stop in my tracks as I see Harry sitting on the bed. His eyes are closed but they quickly open when he hears me gasp. Harry is palming his crotch through the fabric of his jeans.  His movements cease as I stay frozen in my spot. "I-I'm sorry. I s-should have knocked or something. Oh god." Blush creeps up to my cheeks. I back away but he quickly stands up, stumbling over to me. He lightly grabs my wrists and pulls me over to the bed.  He sits down and pulls me in between his legs. 

"Please touch me." I gulp as Harry's raspy plee is quietly said. He carefully brings my hand to his cheek and he sighs at the contact to his skin. His gaze bores right into mine, his green eyes over powering my brown ones. I drop my gaze and pull my hand away from his. I continue tracing his face however. Drawing random patterns on his perfect features. I trace the pattern of his pink plump lips. A whimper escapes my lips as his slightly parts. I continue tracing down his body until I reach the hem of his t-shirt. He clearly gets my silent communication as he tears the shirt from his tan torso. 

My fingers are instantly tracing the large butterfly tattoo on his stomach. He said he was a bit embarrassed of it but it was my favorite tattoo of his. I feel him intently watching me as I trace the swallows, me leaning down to give his collar bones a kiss. I try to retract but his arms instantly wrap around my waist, preventing me from escaping. "Please." I look up at him and continue my exploration on his body. Everywhere I touch,  a trail of goosebumps follow. 

My index finger lightly goes down to a fine trail of hair , stopping when then get to the band of his boxers. I muster up the courage and start to unbutton his pants. I fumble with it and he begins to chuckle, causing me to laugh a bit. "Let me help you." He easily unbuttons his pants and slides them down his thighs a bit. I take a shakey breath in as I see his semi-harden length. 

I panic a bit at my lack of experience, not knowing how he likes to be touched. I carefully hold his covered length in my hand. Harry releases a stifled moan.   "I-I don't know what to do." I say honestly, blushing furiously. "Just pump up and down." I do exactly that, making my hands into fist and slowly pump up and down his thick shaft."A-a little harder p-please." I grip his shaft, pumping a bit harder. I feel dampness on his black boxers as I continue. His erotic noises only egging me on to continue. "Shit, can you. Fuck can you look at me-" I peer up at Harry and he groans. His boxers suddenly get wet, telling me he is coming. 

And what a sight it is. The beads of sweat  roll down his forehead.His hair is falling from his perfect quiff, beginning to curl to its original state. His eyes are squeezed shut, eye brows knitted together. Perfect lips forming an O. Broken fragment of my name falling from his lips. Pink tinting his cheeks. He's perfect. My best friend is an angel, he must be. 

My pumping slows as I watch him in awe. It's a great feeling knowing I did this. I caused him to fall apart. 

I feel him soften in my hand. His eyes suddenly snap open as I release him. We just stare at each other. I look down to his lips as he licks them. The tension in the room is too precious to be broken. I move my lips in front of his. I barley touch then I move back a bit. His emerald eyes watching me as I internally battle myself. I close my eyes and press our lips together. He grabs hold of my waist and pulls my body closer to his. I fist his curls in my hand and give them a tug. He groans at my rough movement and I take the opportunity to slip my tounge in his mouth. The kiss reminds me of the first time we kissed. 

We pull apart to breathe and a giant smile is on his face, dimples indenting deep in his cheeks. He pulls me ontop of him and I squeal as we fall back into the bed, him placing kisses all over my face. "Go get cleaned up." I laugh at Harry and he wriggles his eyebrows suggestively. "Do you wanna help me?" I slap his shoulder at his playful attitude. He laughs and rolls me over to lay next to him. He stands up and kicks off his extremely tight jeans. He goes in his dresser and pulls out a pair of his boxers. He holds them in his hand and winks at me. When he leaves I try to sort out my thoughts. What on earth did I just do? 

I drag myself off of Harry's bed and crawl to his dresser. I pull a random black tee out along with a pair of his joggers. I stay kneeled down as I strip, tugging his clothing over my body. I stand up to adjust the waistband on his joggers when I hear the door creek open. 

"God you're tall." I snap my head up to see Harry with his boxers on. "Yeah well." I walk over to the bed and jump in it, falling on my face. I roll over to see Harry running towards the bed. "Harry!" I shield my face as I feel Harry fall on me. "Ouch you're heavy." Harry lifts his head up at this. "Oh am I?" Harry suddenly sits on me and wiggles his butt on my stomach. "Ouch Harry get off of me." He starts tickling my neck and I start laughing uncontrobaly. I try to push him off but he straddles me, grabbing my wrist, pinning them above my head. "Lets call it even yeah?" I gulp as Harry moves closer to my face. "Yeah." He contuines to look at me, the playful atmosphere suddenly gone. "I'm going to miss you when we go to America for the week." "I'll miss you too." He releases my wrist and lifts off of me. He lays next to me and I turn over to face him. He pulls me closer to him and smiles. "Hi." "Hi." He kisses my forehead and I close my eyes.

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