All or Nothing

Kim is just a typical teenage girl. Who happens to be Best Friends with One Direction. As she falls for the beautiful blonde haired boy, drama is constantly being thrown her way, People are hurt, relationships are broken and friendships are destroyed. Kim finally realizes that shes gotta give it her all or walk away with nothing.

*On hiatus because it's so carroty I cringe*


24. What was that all about?

"RISE AND SHINE YOU ASS CRACKS!" I groan as Louis pulls the blanket off of me and Niall. Niall lets out a groan, "What time is it Lou?" "About six." How the hell is he this happy? Niall stands up and lifts me up with him. He gives me a chapped kiss on the nose and collects the blankets. 

"Well aren't you two the cutest little thing." Me and Niall flip Louis off and laugh with each other. "So are you two..." Louis starts making his hands intertwined awkwardly with eachother. Niall shakes his head, " Not yet, but soon." He gives me a wink and I blush furiously. He smiles and I study how straight his teeth have gotten the last time I saw him. 

We all walk into the kitchen and Harry is up whistling. "Whatcha cooking Hair bear?" I peer over his shoulder and into the pan. "Pancakes and bacon." I steal a piece of bacon off of the plate and sit on the counter top. "When is Gemma, Auntie Anne and Mr.Robin getting here?" "Later on today I believe. Can you call everyone for breakfast?" I hop off of the counter and stand by the stairs.

"WAKE UP EVERYONE!" I hear no movement other than Harry,Ni and Lou setting up the table. "THERE'S FOOD ON THE TABLE." Still no sign of the rest coming downstairs. "HAROLD MADE ITTTTTTT." My third attempt seems to be successful as the rest of the lot makes it down the stairs. "Oh thank you three for gracing us with your presence." Zayn ignores my sarcastic remark and tries to pat down his morning hair. "What are we doing up so early?" I shrug my shoulders and take a seat. "I actually don't know, but sit down." Harry brings out the food and I just gawk at it. He made chocolate and blueberry pancakes along with waffles.There is a plate with bacon piled high. We all attack the food and I moan as I take a bite into the chocolate chip pancakes. "Oh my god hair bear, you've out done yourself. This is sex in my mouth." The whole table mumbles in agreement. "But the real question is, how do you know what sex in your mouth tastes like?" I glare at Niall, cheeks heating up in the process. "Watch it Horan." Everyone laughs at my teasing manner and I continue eating my food, Niall eyes boring into mine. I hate when he knows I want him. 

We all finish eating and we all clean up the place a bit. And by we clean I mean I cleaned. Everyone went off to shower and I was stuck cleaning with Harry and Lou. Finally a bathroom was free so I went and showered. We were supposed to be going for a swim in the lake today. Only problem is, I can't swim. I retrieve from the bathroom with my high waist two piece on and go into the storage room to look for some old floaties. I spot some on the very top shelf. I get on my tip toes and grab them but something else catches my eye. I gasp at the yellow photo album with 'Best Friends Forever' written across it. I grab the book and run into the living room. "LOOK WHAT I FOUND HARRY." I take a seat beside him and toss the book on his lap. 

His eyes widen just at the cover,"Oh god no. I told my mum to throw this out." I scoff at Harry,"Well I'm glad she didn't because these are memories. We open the cover and written on the left is our messy hand writing. 
'Kim, Harry, and Gemma. Best friends forever.'
There is a heart with all our names but there is another heart with just me and Harry's name. I smile and flip through the book. We point out certain photos and laugh at them. The others soon come to join us and were all laughing at how stupid Me and Harry look. 

El points to the firefly photo again. "Hey isn't that the same one that's framed?" I nod my head. That was such a great day. I close my eyes and try to teleport myself back to that day. It's almost like I still can hear Harry's words coming straight from his mouth. 

"Hey when was this one?" I'm pulled back into reality. I squint to see the photo. I was dressed up all nicely and Harry was dressed nicely too. "Oh god that was the dance back in like eighth grade! How did that even get in here?" I remember that night. I was embarrassed to go with Harry because he was older than me and much more attractive than me. We got into this big fight but once we saw eachother that night, we made up. I remember he pulled me onto the dance floor with him to slow dance. He said he was sorry and  gave me a kiss on my cheek. My cheeks were on fire just at the thought of the innocent kiss.

We continue to flip through the book until we get to the last photo. It was a picture of the day Harry went off to the x-factor. He's lifting me up bridal style and Im giving him a sweet kiss on the cheek. I look up from the photo and stare at Harry for a while. I wonder if he knows how gorgeous he is.He catches me staring and I grab the book and close it. "Ok everyone lets get to this lake!" I glance back over at Harry and he's smirking. I practically run out the door with my floaties. Harry is right on my heals. "What was that all about lank?" He gives me a perplex look and I return it . "What ever are you talking about Harold?" I continue to keep my pace and eventually Harry falls back. What was that all about? 

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