All or Nothing

Kim is just a typical teenage girl. Who happens to be Best Friends with One Direction. As she falls for the beautiful blonde haired boy, drama is constantly being thrown her way, People are hurt, relationships are broken and friendships are destroyed. Kim finally realizes that shes gotta give it her all or walk away with nothing.

*On hiatus because it's so carroty I cringe*


16. Unexpected Visits

It's been about a year since I've seen the boys. I mean I saw them wrap up their Up all night tour, take home vmas, realease a second number one album, announce another tour, announce yet another tour, release a perfume and all but I haven't seen the boys in person since that night. And yes, I miss all of them terribly. 

I keep in touch with El because that's my sista from anotha mista and I awkwardly tweet the boys on special occasions And they respond back. Most of the time anyway. I've also become a bit of a carrot. I have all five cut out of the boys, posters lining my room walk and literally 50 shirts with the boys faces on it. I also may have stolen one of Niall's shirts and wear it when the days become hard and I miss him. I also miss Harry but Im just not ready to face that he may still love me. I sigh and turn on the tv where yet another One Direction music playlist is on. I groan into the pillow and throw it across the room. 

Then boys are in town and they actually wrapped up their UK leg of the tour a week ago. I wanted to get front row seats but I'm on a budget and that would be bloody awkward. "Oh hey guys, remember that last time we saw each other? Yeah! Good times!" I'm pretty sure they're leaving for South America in about two weeks. I scream as 'Kiss You'  comes on and start dancing around. The life of a lonely fangirl. 

There is a knock on the door and I mute the tv. I walk over to the door, who the bloody hell is this. I swing open the door and gasp at the beautiful site that's infront of me "Hello babe."

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