All or Nothing

Kim is just a typical teenage girl. Who happens to be Best Friends with One Direction. As she falls for the beautiful blonde haired boy, drama is constantly being thrown her way, People are hurt, relationships are broken and friendships are destroyed. Kim finally realizes that shes gotta give it her all or walk away with nothing.

*On hiatus because it's so carroty I cringe*


30. Um, what

What? No Harry couldn't have just asked me out. "Wait be your girlfriend? Like your girlfriend girlfriend ?" Harry's eyes go wide. "NO! My pretend girlfriend ." I let out a relief breath. I thought he meant his real girlfriend. "So you want me to be your girlfriend?" Harry nods his head eagerly." Yes please. There's no one else I'd rather do this with." I look into his beautiful eyes. I know I was going to get a lot of hate and probably never have a somewhat normal life but my best friend needed me. "Yes, I'll be your girlfriend." Harry throws his arms around my waist and lifts me up. "Oh god thank you thank you for doing this. You're the best best friend ever." I chuckle," Yeah I know." He puts me back down and looks at me for a moment. He finally speaks, "Lets go tell Cindy." He laces our fingers together and we make our way back to the room. The door is slightly cracked and we see Cindy sitting alone at the table. Is the meeting over that fast? 

Harry clears his throat and Cindy darts her eyes up at us. "Yes?" She says clearly annoyed and I mentally roll my eyes. "I've found someone to be my girlfriend." He pushes me forward and I let out a squeak. Cindy face instantly lights up. "This is perfect! The best friends who fell in love! Oh god the press will eat this shit up! Good job Styles. As for you," Cindy looks at me a little coldly," We will be faxing over the paperwork as soon as you all leave here. Tell no one, it will all be in the contract. Now leave before you miss your car or bus or whatever you're taking." I roll my eyes at Cindy and follow Harry out of the building into the SUVs."Where's Niall?" Liam shrugs his shoulders. "He said he was going to ride back with Ash and the others." I nod my head and begin to daydream about the days that are to come. 

We arrive back at the hotel and when I enter my room a packet with confidential written on the front page is waiting for me on my bed. I text Harry and tell him to come to my room and in seconds someone's knocking on the door. "Hiya babe." "Whatever Styles get in." I pull Harry in and close the door behind him. "The contract is here so sign it or something." Harry shakes his head."Mine already came and I signed it before you told me to come here. I lay down on the bed and begin to scan the packet. "Holy fuck I'm getting 1328 pounds a week for this. That's almost two thousand dollars man. For 16 months! This is crazy." Harry just laughs. I continue to scan when a part catches my eye. 'Persons who tour and travel on the Take Me Home tour may be told about the grounds of the relationship. Clients may not tell anyone else the grounds of this relationship.' "What does that even mean Harry?" Harry sits up."Basically, if they're on tour with us you can tell them this relationship is fake. If they're not on tour then you can not tell them." I hold my hand out to Harry and he grabs it. "I wanted a pen you idiot." Harry lets out an oh and retrieves a pen from the side table. "Kim, you know we're going to have to act like a couple and stuff." I grab the pen from his hand and begin signing in all the places indicated. "Well duh Styles." I get to the last page and Harry stops me. "And you're sure you wanna hold my hand and act all lovingly towards me?" I furrow my eyebrows together." Oh please Harry I do that anyway." I sign the last signature needed and close the packet. In a way it felt like I was selling my soul. I hand the packet to Harry and he says he was going to give it to Preston so he can take it to Cindy. "I'm going to text the boys so we can tell them about us. So hurry back." Harry shoots me a thumbs up and I compose a group text message: 
To: LiLi, Zaynster, El Tomlinson, Loueh,& Whoran
Guys come to my room! Big news!

I patiently waited on my bed until all of them came into the room. All except Niall. "Where's Niall?" I found myself asking for the second time today. Liam answered me again,"I don't think he's feeling well." I sigh and continue on with my announcement. "Well you all I-we have something to say." Harry intertwines our fingers and gives my hand a squeeze. "Me and Harry are dating now!." Harry kisses me on my cheek and I watch my friends shocked expressions. "What?" El squeaks out. Another deadly silence falls over us. "Well congrats!?" Louis gives an uneasy smile and I flashback to that night in the plane when he was yelling at Harry to get over me. "Well don't look too excited guys !" I sarcastically remark at my friends. "It's just a publicity stunt, we're not really dating, damn." Everyone then breaks out into a breath of relief. "Wow I would have hated to been actually dating. You all looked like somebody killed your mums." We all start laughing at eachother and another silence falls upon us. "Guys lets do something tonight with eachother. Lets go to the carnival or the movies or something." We all nod our heads at Eleanor's request and she jumps up and down. "Yay yay! There's a carnival somewhere near here , lets go tonight." "Yeah that sounds good. Zayn gimme your key so I can see if Niall wants to go too." Zayn tosses me the key and I walk across the hall to his room. I silently slip the key in. "Hey Niall we're going to the carnival tonight, wanna g-." I drop the key card from my hand when I have the door fully open. My mouth drops open at the sight I see. 

A/N: In a really good mood because this fandom is amazing. I also am writing another fanfic called million dollar secrets and its mostly about Harry but the other boys are in it too so check it out please :)

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