All or Nothing

Kim is just a typical teenage girl. Who happens to be Best Friends with One Direction. As she falls for the beautiful blonde haired boy, drama is constantly being thrown her way, People are hurt, relationships are broken and friendships are destroyed. Kim finally realizes that shes gotta give it her all or walk away with nothing.

*On hiatus because it's so carroty I cringe*


2. The Morning After

The next day I wake up Niall's arms are still wrapped around me. I smile a little but then  get a little upset that Niall wouldn't remember any of it. And sure enough Niall wakes up ,looking a little shocked that I'm in his arms. "Good Morning....? I feel horrible." Niall was about to ask what happened but then  he ran out the tub and puked right in the toilet. What a great morning after....

I get out the tub and rub his back. He hurled some more and I told him I was getting him some water. I come out the bathroom to see Harry and some girl from last night right in the hall. Passed out naked on each other. "Gross." I walk over them and get a bottle of water and find some Advil and a banana. I walk over them again and return to the bathroom and closed the door.

"Here." I hand him the pills, water and the banana. He shakes two pills in his hand and chugs back a water. "You okay?" He nods and rips open the banana. He chews it and I stand there  awkwardly. "Hey," His voice was so soft and weak."did we, er, "fool around" last night?" I shake my head no because we technically didn't. He just nods his head, no emotion on his face. He looks so sick, his hair is matted down to his sweating forehead, his blue eyes dull and he had a bit of vomit on his lip. I start laughing really hard. He just looks at me. "Whats so fucking funny?" I point to the corner of my lip and he does the same to his, feeling the vomit on his lips and started blushing. "Let me get it for you." I take a rag from the rail behind me  and wipe off his lips. I wanted to kiss him again but I didn't. Instead I rinse off the rag and place it on his forehead. He softens even more under the cold rag. I just wanted to crawl in his arms again. I push his hair off his forehead. He whimpers like a puppy and I laugh because this is the first time in months I saw the old Niall Horan. I release his hair and it stays in place as a small Mohawk. I sit across from Niall, looking at his perfect features.

"So did ya think about my offer?" I look confused but then remember him asking me to go to America with him and the rest. "Yeah, I'm going to go. " Niall smiles in the most adorable way I've ever seen. "Good. Well I have to get in the shower now...." I just stayed seated until I got the hint. "Yeah, so I will see you in a few. I go in the tub to grab my wedges and walk out the bathroom into the hall with Harry and his naked keep sake. This time though, they had a sheet over them. I thanked whoever covered them up, hopped over  them and went into the kitchen where Louis was singing making breakfast.

"Good Morning Lou." Louis didn't seem a little shocked that I was there. I assumed someone told him about last night because Louis asked was Niall good. I laugh and then tell him I didn't do anything but kiss and cuddle. Louis raises an eye brow and I explain to him how I wanted him to remember it and not be drunk. "Fair game. You want any?" I nod my head yes and he makes more waffles. "What about Harry, Niall and Harry' s , erm, friend". I nod yes to Niall and Harry and shrugged to the tramp outside the door.  "Wheres El?" I pop a blueberry in my mouth. " Still in bed. I wanted to surprise her." Louis was always super sweet and he loved El more than anything. "Eleanor also wants to go shopping with you today." I nod my head even though I already had pleny of clothes for America. "You coming to America with us?" "Yeah buddy she is." I choke on my waffles as I see Niall just wraped in a towel. He had a great upper body. I grab a glass of orange juice and gulp it down. Niall does a hip thrust and I roll my eyes  at him. "Here mate, made you some waffles." Niall happily accepts and sits down next to me. "How was Eleanor?" Niall howled and Louis just nodded his head. "You both disgust me." They don't really respond to me but rather keep talking. "I wish I would have gotten lucky like that." Louis arches his eyebrows again. "From what I heard you snogged K-" "LOUIS. Don't you want to get that food up to El now?" I make a gesture with my head and Louis finally gets it all now. Too bad Louis thinks out loud.  "OHHHHHHH. You haven't told him that-" "LOUIS." I give him a look that could kill and he held his hands up in a surrender position. "Ok. Ok. Well I'm going to be heading up stairs." Louis takes the plate of waffles and starts going up stairs. "What is Lou talking about? Who did I kiss?" I look around then sigh and answer him. "We were playing spin the bottle and you landed on a blonde." I take a bite out of my waffles hoping he would just drop it. "So I kissed her?" Of course he wouldn't leave it alone. "Not quite." "Who did I kiss then?" I pick up my glass of O.J nonchalantly. "Me." I take a long sip of my orange juice while I see him put two and two together.  "But I thought you said we didn't fool around." I put my glass down and turn my chair to face him. "We didn't. You were so drunk you went to the blonde but kissed me. You dragged me in a bathroom to try to get in my pants but I told you no because you were drunk. I led you to the tub and we cuddled and you sang to me because you didn't want me to leave. The End." I get up from the table and put my plate in the sink. Niall is quick to follow. "That doesn't sound like anything to you? "For goodness sake Niall we cuddled and you sang to me. That's  It. Plus you were drunk as hell." Harry walks in, also shirtless. And pants less.  "There's the happy couple." Harry gets a hand full of blue berries and stuffs them in his mouth. One falls down his naked body.  "Out Harry. And go cover up." Harry shrugs and leaves the kitchen. I turn back to face Niall."What song did I sing to you?" I pretend not to remember but I don't need to think ." The A-Team."  "Did you like it?"  "What?" "I asked did you like me singing to you?" I felt my cheeks getting warm and I turned around. "It was no big deal."  "Well I'm glad it was nothing to you." Niall sounded upset as he left the kitchen. Me being the wuss I am just cried over the sink . Until Harry came back in. Then I just cried in his arms.

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