All or Nothing

Kim is just a typical teenage girl. Who happens to be Best Friends with One Direction. As she falls for the beautiful blonde haired boy, drama is constantly being thrown her way, People are hurt, relationships are broken and friendships are destroyed. Kim finally realizes that shes gotta give it her all or walk away with nothing.

*On hiatus because it's so carroty I cringe*


25. Sittin on the dock of the bay

We arrive at the lake and the boys run off the dock and do cannon balls. El offers her hand out to mine but I shake my head. She shrugs her shoulders and carefully gets into the water. I'm sitting on the dock alone watching the fun go on. I should get in, the water isn't that deep a little off to the side. My height will make it so that I don't drown but I still stay put. I'm about to get up to get a floatie when I feel something grab my dangling ankles. 

"AHHHHHHHH." My high pitch scream sends Niall to surface. I glower down at him and kick him away. "You know this seems familiar." I raise my eye brows up. "Oh yeah really? In what way?" Niall slides me closer to the edge of the dock. "Well, me being in between your legs, making you scream while we're getting wet." Niall winks and I cover my hands with my face to hide my redden cheeks. "Fuck off Horan." Niall chuckles and pulls me yet closer to the edge of the dock. "You wanna go down on me?" My eyes widen in shock and I pull my hands away from my face. "What?" Niall starts smirking. "I said do you want to go down with me. Like you know, under the water." He splashes some water at me and I roll my eyes. "As much as I would love that, cough cough sarcasm, I can't swim." Niall looks at me with a grin on his face. "I don't believe that for one second." Niall slowly pulls me off the dock. My butt is hanging half way off and my hands are gripping the edge. "I'm serious Niall don't." He sees the pleading in my eyes and slowly rips my hands off of the edge. "Hey,I got you." Niall effortlessly lifts me off of the dock and I'm met with the warm lake water. He tosses me on his back and swims to the others. El gets on Lou's shoulders and we're playing an intense game of water volleyball. 

The sun begins to set and we all decide to go back home before Harry's parents and Gemma get there. We're in spitting distance of the house when we see a car pull into the driveway. I'm on Harry's back, my chin resting on the top of his head. Niall offered but I told him no way since he carried me the whole day in the water. He was upset but when I placed a small peck on his lips, his anger was replaced with a happy energetic Niall. 

We see Anne,Gemma and Robin exiting the car as we get closer. We're finally right in front of them and I whisper to Harry to let me down. I want to make a good first impression  on his stepdad. Harry just holds my legs tighter, refusing to let me go. "Hello everyone!" Anne smiles at all of us and then gives each of us a hug. "Now is that my girl Kim Kim." I return the bright smile to Ms.Anne. "Hello Auntie Anne." "Harry darling,let her down so I can give her a hug!" Harry sets me down and I warmly embrace her. "Look at how tall you've gotten! You're so much taller than me now! Oh we just missed you at the wedding darling!" I smile at her,"Yeah sorry I couldn't come." We all walk into the house and continue our mini reunion. "Are you just going to stay away from me Kimmy?" I turn to face Gemma and give her a bone crushing hug. "I've missed you so much Gem." I release Gemma and turn to face Harry's stepdad. "Oi,you're the girl that's in all these photos, I thought Anne had another daughter she wasn't telling me about!" I give the tall man a shake of the hand. "Hi, I'm Kimberly." Robin looks shocked at me. "You're American? Harry you didn't tell me you had an American girlfriend." My eyes widen at his statement. "Oh no no sir, we're not dating. We're just best friends." Robin seems content with that answer and we all settle a few seconds before Anne begins to speak. "I don't know why they just won't date." I stiffen along with Niall and Harry just shakes his head. "Mum." He says it warningly but she brushes it off. "I remember the first time he told me about you Kim." Harry's eyes widen at this and he shakes his head frantically. "Mum." Harry's face flushes a bright shade of pink and I speak up. "No actually auntie Anne I wanna hear this." "Yeah me too." Louis pipes up too. Anne begins to clap her hands together. "WHO WANTS CHINESE? CHINESE IS GOOD YEAH."  We all throw pillows at Harry and he huffs, his plan clearly failing. 

"Now as I was saying, I remember the whole thing so well. It was close to school ending and I asked Harry if he decided who he was going to bring with us to the summer home. His face got all red and he said he actually wanted to bring a friend of his that was a girl but not a girlfriend. I remember being shocked at this but told him to tell me about her. He got this puppy love look on his face. He said her name was Kimberly but everyone called her Kim. She was what two years younger but only one grade below. He said she was in the gifted program and she was in his reading class. I remember him saying'Mum she has the prettiest Carmel skin and her hair was shiny. She's different, she's not from here.' I said sure she can come and he began jumping up and down. Before he left he said 'I think I'm falling in love with her Mum.'"

Anne finishes her story and were all gasping for air at Harry's bright deep shade of red face. "Awwwwww Haz, you thought you were falling in love with me?" I stand up, walk over to him and give him a big side ways hug. "Get offa me." But much to his protest, Harry returns the hug anyway and pulls out his phone. "I'm ordering Chinese." He mumbles but Anne stops him. "Wait I need to get a picture with everyone." I feel awkward that were all in our swimming suits but hey, why not. We take the final picture which is of just me,Harry,and Gemma. Harry is lifting both of us up in each of his arms and we all have our cheeks pressed together. 

We eat dinner with much conversation around us and I'm really sad we'll be leaving tomorrow morning. We clear the plates and all head up for bed. I stay back with Harry though, feeling bad if I left him alone with the dishes. 

"Hey it's out last night here." Harry grins as he hands me the last dish to dry off. "Yeah, so what Styles." He leads me to the back door, a blanket already laying down. It wasn't the same blanket I laid with Niall on. No, this was the one we always slept on the night before we would leave to go home. I felt fourteen again. "Don't tell me you forgot about our good ol tradition." Harry grabs my hands and drags me alongside with him. We both fall back on the blanket. My hand absent mindley finds his in the dark. 

"Remember the last time we were out here lank?" I nod my head and blush. "There wasn't much talking going on that night." I silently remember. Not because we were kissing, because we were in this same position, looking at the stars, wondering what our fate would hold. I do however remember looking at the sixteen year old boy and hoping he would kiss me before he left for the xfactor. I look over to Harry and prop myself up on my elbow. "You're really pretty Harry." He copies my actions and smirks with amusement. "I'm pretty?" I nod my head. "You're cute, no like attractive,hot- wait no this is coming out so wrong." Harry laughs at me in my flustered state. "I mean you're quite gorgeous Harry." I pull his brown locks in my hand and wind my finger around a strand. I'm used to brushing his hair out of his eyes but he's keeping it pushed back these days. His chin has became more defined and I peek at his new tattoos. So much has changed about him in less than a year. 

"Thanks." Harry shakes his head and laughs half-heartily. I know I've embarrassed him by the way he keeps his head low. He lays back down and I speak up again. "But Harry?" The seriousness in my tone makes him sit up again. "What's wrong?" He sits me so that I'm straddling his waist. "Are you still fallingIn love with me ?" I smirk at Harry and he mumbles something. I laugh and he flips me over so he's on top and begins tickling me. I laugh along with him and when he stops we lay back next to eachother. He's drifting off to sleep but I can't sleep as I watch my best friend in the moon light. 

Because when I asked him that question I caught what he mumbled. And if I didn't know any better, I would swear he said "I think I already have."

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