All or Nothing

Kim is just a typical teenage girl. Who happens to be Best Friends with One Direction. As she falls for the beautiful blonde haired boy, drama is constantly being thrown her way, People are hurt, relationships are broken and friendships are destroyed. Kim finally realizes that shes gotta give it her all or walk away with nothing.

*On hiatus because it's so carroty I cringe*


15. Same Mistakes

The rest of the night was tense. 

For me anyways. 

During the wardrobe changes Harry or Niall wouldn't even look at me. So clearly those shits were going to just ignore it. For now at least. 

The boys finally start closing the show with WMYB and never in my life am I more happy to hear that song. The boys bow with a standing ovation from the crowd and walk off the stage. 

Instantly Niall pushes Harry against the wall. Hard. "What the hell was that Harry?" "What was what?" Harry batts his eyelashes and smirks. Niall tightins his grip on Harry's shirt and raises his fist. "I'll punch that smirk off of your pretty face." Harry continued to grin and that's when it happened. Everything went in slow motion when Niall's fist connected with Harry's lip. 
The snap of Harry's head was echoing in my head. When Harry faced Niall again he punched him right in the eye. I started crying but did nothing for 5 good seconds when the situation  registered in my head. 

I ran towards the boys, not carring if I got hit, and start screaming. "NoNiall, Harry, stop! You're going to kill each other ." The others heard and pulled a routy Niall off of a routy Harry. "What the hell is going on?" I run over to Harry and inspect his lip. "Shit Harry." I begin dabbing his lip with my finger and he hisses at the pain. "I'm sorry Haz. Are you ok?" 
    "Why did you go to Harry first?" I snap my attention to Niall and turn around to see Him more hurt than anything. "What?" Niall sighs, "Why did you go to Harry first?" I'm lost for words, why did I go to Harry first. "Because he's- you just- I-" I stampeder as I try to get the words out. Niall holds up his hand, "Save it." The other boys look awkward. "We'll give you two a minute." The other boys carry Harry out,  leaving me standing in front of Niall alone. His eye starts trickling blood and I reach out to wipe it. He grabs my arm mid way. "Don't start pretending to care for me now." I look at Niall but all I see is the hurt in his eyes. He believes I don't care for him. 

"Is there something going on between you and Harry?" I look at Niall in shock, "No! Why the hell would you think that!" "You two have been spending a lot of time together lately." I shake my head, I can't believe him. "Because he's my best friend, don't you fucking trust me!" We stand in silence for a few moments before Niall parts his lips. 

"I think you should go home." Tears are brimming his eyes and I stare back at him in disbelief. "No we just can't break up again! I just got you back." Niall sighs again. "You'll always have me Kim but for right now it's best if we just be friends." The words hit me right in the gut. I begin to cry. "Good bye Niall." He kisses me on the forehead and I can feel the tears on my cheeks from him crying. 

And that's when I ran. I ran through the halls pass the the voices screaming, trying to capture my attention. I run out the stadium at 11 at night on the dark Texas streets. The hotel is only a block away so I sprint. Everything is blurry and I'm so stupid because the boys may worry about my safety but I can't be in that arena right now. 

"Kim! KIMMMMMM! Slow down." My lungs burn as I slowly stop running and turn around to a panting Louis. "What's wrong love?" I hug Louis tight and sob into his shirt. "Niall -hiccup- wants me -hiccup- to go h-home." Louis strokes my hair and sighs. There's been alot of sighs tonight. "He doesn't mean that love, why not stay and talk about it in the morning?" I suddenly lift my head from Louis chest and start frantically shaking it. "No, it'll just make things worse. I just wanna leave tonight." Louis picks me up bridal style and I nuzzle into his chest. The front of the hotel is swarmed with fans screaming and they honestly don't give a damn about me being sad or Louis trying to comfort me; they just want a damn picture with Louis. It takes us all of twenty minutes to get through the crowd and up to my room. Louis try's to make me laugh and I appreciate that. I pack up my bag and shut of the lights. "I know you're tired and all but will you drive me to the airport Lou?" Louis smiles at me. "Of course love." He takes my hand and leads me to the elevator. We wait in the back of the hotel because we need a car and the boys will be arriving any moment. 

The black SUVs pull up and I see all the boys exiting. I avoid eye contact until I feel a skinny arm wrap around my waist. "Come here kimmy." I hug Eleanor tightly and tell her I'll call her tomorrow. We give each other cheek kisses and Paul insists to let him  take us to the airport. I honestly don't care, I just wanna go home. Louis pays for my ticket (much to my protest) and waits until I'm about to board. "Call me as soon as you land, I'll ask me mum to pick you up." I hug Louis tightly. "Thanks Louis, I love you so much." Louis gives me a peck on the cheek and sends me off. I watch as we take off, carrying the broken memories with me. 

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