All or Nothing

Kim is just a typical teenage girl. Who happens to be Best Friends with One Direction. As she falls for the beautiful blonde haired boy, drama is constantly being thrown her way, People are hurt, relationships are broken and friendships are destroyed. Kim finally realizes that shes gotta give it her all or walk away with nothing.

*On hiatus because it's so carroty I cringe*


11. Quality Harry Time

I throw my suitcase on my hotel bed and go down the hall to Harry's and Nialls room. I knock on the door and on the tenth bang , it swings open. Harry's face appears with his breathtaking smile. "Well what a surprise lank, come on in." I roll my eyes at Harry's cheery attitude and look around the room. It's easily two times bigger than me and els but they are the pop stars paying for all of this. Sorta . "Where's Niall,Harold?" Harry's face quickly tenses but then goes back to normal."He, um, stepped out for a bit." "Did he say when he would be back?" Harry shakes his perfectly messy curls."Urgh I really wanted to go shopping. Poop." I look back at Harry and have a brilliant idea. "You know, maybe my best friend with the curly hair can take me instead." Harry's whole face brights up. "You serious lank." "Well yeah Hareh, you're my bast frand fo life gurl frand." Harry takes my hand in his and laces our fingers together. "Then lets go." 

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