All or Nothing

Kim is just a typical teenage girl. Who happens to be Best Friends with One Direction. As she falls for the beautiful blonde haired boy, drama is constantly being thrown her way, People are hurt, relationships are broken and friendships are destroyed. Kim finally realizes that shes gotta give it her all or walk away with nothing.

*On hiatus because it's so carroty I cringe*


18. No no NOOOOOOO

Louis makes his way in the apartment and I stay in my shocked state. Each boy gives me a kiss on the cheek and says hello, even Niall and Harry. When I felt Niall's lips on my cheek I snap into reality. 

"Won't you all come in!" Sarcasm quite evident in my tone. I pick up the pen and throw it on my counter top. I go into the living room where I see the boys are sitting on my couch, eating my pizza. "Why are you guys eating my pizza?" I pounce on them and they all fight me back. Damn these boys have worked out since the last time I saw them. "Calm down Kimmy, you have another box. Plus you do love me." I glare at Zayn and put my hands on my hips. "No I do not." Zayn smirks and points at my shirt. "We'll according to your shirt, you are the future Mrs.Malik. Sorry babe but I have a girlfriend right now." I look down at shirt in horror. Well this is fucking embarrassing. "And you're watching this countdown list on us? Somebody's missed us." I snort in protest. "But I don't really." "NOT ACCORDING TO YOUR ROOM." No no no NOOOOOO. This is not happening. I quickly run to my room and the boys are right behind me. The four other boys look around at my poster covered walls in awe. "Come here Kimmy, you've missed us." Louis brings out his arms and I accept his hug. "Looks like she really missed us, she has the cutouts of us and everyting." I wince at the Irish voice and I burry my head in Louis chest, feeling as if I'm going to cry. Louis catches on and changes the subject. 

"Now you may be wondering why we are here. I nod my head, signaling for Louis to continue. "Well, we were headed out to Harry's family house but before we could leave ,the fans spotted us.And then proceeded to chase us." I cover my hands with my face. "Why did all five of you travel together? Of course they were going to spot you! How can't you spot One Direction walking the London streets at noon!" Louis shrugs his shoulders and continues. "But your flat was near our location and we darted in the building with out anyone noticing. They've probably already spotted the cars so we should just stay for the night!" Louis says the last part fast and I gasp. "What!Noooooooooooo." The boys looked at me confused. " You don't wanna have a sleepover lank?" I turn to Harry where he has a smile on his face. "No its just that I-" I turn and look at each boys puppy faces. I sigh in defeat. "Looks like I'm having a sleep over with One Direction." The boys all cheer and smash me in the middle of a group hug, jumping up and down. "Oh God how I've missed these boys." I whisper but the boys hear me and stop jumping. "We've missed you so much Kim." 

They break the hug and I begin to cry tears of joy. I smile at them to let then know everything is ok. Everything is better than ok. Those five idiots will never be able to comprehend my level of love for them. 
It's three o'clock and the Louis shuts off the tv. "Hey Lou! People were watching that!" I nod my head in agreement with Liam. Louis smiles, "Why don't we just talk. We haven't all been together in almost a year! Like Kimberly what do you know about our personal lives." I shrug and try to roll some off of my head. "Lets see, Zayn's dating Perrie, Harry dated Taylor Swift in the beginning of the new year, Niall liked Demi, and Liam is single. Will anyone like to conform or deny?" All the boys look around at eachother. "Why don't you tell us the 411 in your life before we get into ours."

I glare at Louis and begin telling the boring nothing that is my life. "Well I'm working at Holister, probably going to go into uni in two years once I finish school." The boys all nod for me to continue. "Oh yeah and I had a boyfriend ." The boys ears perk up at this. "His name was Sam, but we broke it off about two months after we started." The boys look at me in silence. Did they want me to tell them why we broke it off? "Why are you guys staring at me like that?" "Just trying to figure out if we're going to kick this guys ass." I grin at Niall and shake my head. "No need. He's not worth it." My smile turns sad as I remember Sam and our quickly ending relationship. The boys nod their heads,feeling a little awkward and I rest my head on Liam's shoulder. I'm feeling a bit tired. I hum and close my eyes,"I'll take a little nap and wake up in a bit." 

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