All or Nothing

Kim is just a typical teenage girl. Who happens to be Best Friends with One Direction. As she falls for the beautiful blonde haired boy, drama is constantly being thrown her way, People are hurt, relationships are broken and friendships are destroyed. Kim finally realizes that shes gotta give it her all or walk away with nothing.

*On hiatus because it's so carroty I cringe*


22. Memories and Intruders

We finally arrive at Harry's families summer home at 6 o'clock after a very long journey. I am the first to get out of the van, stumbling out and touching the ground. "Oh thank the heavens that car ride is over!" The boys were loud and obnoxious the whole time. I couldn't even take a nap for crying out loud. Louis hands me one of my suit cases with a roll of his eyes. "You're so dramatic Kim." I take the suitcase and practically run to the familiar house. I can not wait until El arrives tomorrow. I try to open the door but it's lock so I still see if Miss Anne hides the spare key under the mat. She does of course. I smile because something's just don't change. I unlock the door and drop my suitcase on the floor. This place looks exactly the same. The only new things are some pictures on the wall and on the shelves. There is a picture of all 5 of the boys, Harry and Gemma recently and an old picture of me and Harry. I had to be at least seven and both of us were holding a jar of fireflies, grinning like no tomorrow. I touch the photo and smile at the memories. That was the day me and Harry had- 

"God damn Kim, did you bring your whole wardrobe?" Harry comes in with two more of my suitcases and drops them on the floor, interrupting my thoughts in the process. He sees I'm staring at the photo and smiles. He walks over to me and swings his arm over my shoulder."You remember this day? It was the day when we-" "What you two looking at?" Niall places his suitcase and my last one on the floor near the others. "How much Harry looked like an overweight elf." I hand the photo to Niall and he bursts out laughing. "Look how short he is compared to you!" I start laughing along with Niall and Harry just stands there trying to look mad at us. The other boys come in and Niall runs to them. "Look at Kim with some elf." Louis grabs the photo and starts laughing at it. "Oh god how old were you? Look at how tall Kim is compared to you! Aren't you older?" Zayn takes out his phone and takes a picture. Harry sprints over to them and snatches the photo away and places it on the table near the door. 

"Ok as far as rooming goes, we're going to have to eventually share rooms with someone." I raise my hand. "I'm rooming with El and Gemma when she gets here sorry not sorry." I grab one of my suitcases and make my way upstairs to my old guest room. It's exactly the way I left it. Some of my clothes are still folded and placed in the closet.This room holds so many good memories."So this is where you used to sleep." Niall walks in the room and sits on the bed. "Wow, it looks like you lived here. You have more stuff in here then Harry has in his. I simply nod. I came here every summer with Harry and his family since I was seven. A very awkward silence falls upon us and Niall breaks it. "Kimberly you can't avoid talking to me forever." I turn to face Niall. "I'm not avoiding talking to you Niall. It's just nothing to talk about." I turn on my heals and walk out of the room right across the hall into Harry's. "Knock knock." I enter the room and smile. Being in this house is memory central for me. "Harry can we make pizza and s'mores tonight. Like old times?" Harry laughs and nods his head. "Sure kiddo." He ruffles my hair and I hit his hand away. "I'm not the one with rocket ships on my sheets." I smirk at Harry and he throws me on his bed. Tickling my sides. "Stop Harry. DON'T MAKE ME KICK YOU IN THE NUTS." Harry immediately stops and backs away from me. "I surrender!" I jump off of the bed and run down the stairs incase Harry changes his mind. "COME DOWN GUYS I WANNA HAVE QUALITY FAMILY TIME. " I hear no movement of anyone coming down stairs and I sigh. "I'M MAKING PIZZA YOU HOES." This second statement catches everyone attention and they come running down the stairs. "I heard pizza." I roll my eyes at the boys, "Yeah yeah. Put on a movie and I'll put in the pizzas."

I place two pizzas in the oven and decide to pop some popcorn. I pour it into the bowl and wedge myself in between Niall and Harry. "What are we watching?" "I don't know some scary movie." I shudder just at the thought. I don't exactly do well with scary movies, especially at anywhere near night time. Louis dims the lights and I jump at that. "You going to be ok Kim? I can put my arm around you if you want." Niall smirks but I don't decline is offer. I rest my head on his shoulder and Inhale his scent. Oh lord Jesus take the wheel, this boy smells amazing. I'm instantly calm but it doesn't last for long. The movie starts right into the action. It's only ten minutes into the movie and I already feel as if I'm about to piss myself. Every little movement causes me to jump. "You ok Kimmy? We can't turn it off if you want." I shake my head no at Louis. "I'm fine." I was trying to sound strong but it comes out as a squeak. There is a loud beeping noise and I jump up and scream, tossing the popcorn everywhere. Louis runs and turns on the light. "It's just the oven timer Kim." The boys all stay silent but start laughing really hard at the sight of me. "HEYYY IT'S NOT FUNNY." I fail being angry at the boys and start laughing along with them. I walk into the kitchen and pull out the pizzas. I cut them up and place them on a serving tray along with some plates. I walk back into the living room to see the boys have paused the movie. I'm grateful for that because I honestly don't feel like choking on hot pizza at the moment. 

Once we're done with the pizza we un pause the movie. It's almost over and we're all quietly dozing off to sleep. We're all too full to make it up the stairs so we decide to crash in the living room. There is a storm raging on outside but I'm not afraid at all. I'm sitting in Niall's lap with his arms draped around me. He's half asleep and I'm almost fully asleep. Just as I was about to go under a noise outside the door jolts me awake. "Niall, Harry! Did you hear that?" I whisper yell at the boys. Both of them mumble in response. "It's probably just your imagination." I shrug my shoulders and Niall tightens his grip onto me. I smile but then a jingling of the door nob makes me sit straight up. The other boys must have heard it because they all sat up alert. "Yeah just my imagination my ass." I whisper 
scream again. The boys all quietly get up. What ever is outside seems to be struggling to get something. Each one of the boys grabs something in the dark and tiptoe  slowly towards the door. We hear the house mat dropping back on the floor and a key struggling to be entered into the door. Shit shit shit they found the key. Louis turns to all of us and puts his finger over his lips. Each boy raises his weapon and Louis swings the door open. The shadowy figure gasps at the door opening and all five boys go charging at it. 

"STOP STOP ITS ME!" The boys instantly stop and Louis flicks the light back on. "Baby what on earth are you doing out there? You're soaking love, come in!" Louis pulls Eleanor in and wraps a blanket around her. "El love why didn't you call?" El is shivering and lets out a sneeze." I called each of you at least ten times AND I texted you all!" "God El, I'm so sorry! I left my phone upstairs." Each of the boys pat down their pockets but realize they left them upstairs as well. El continues, "I figured you all were sleep by now and I didn't want to bang on the door to wake you guys so,  I searched for a spare key on the porch." Louis wraps his arms around El and kisses her. "That's so dangerous love, don't do it again! Plus you gave us a heart attack!" I then notice what each of the boys grabbed. Liam grabbed a remote control, Harry grabbed a DVD case, Zayn grabbed a pillow, Louis grabbed a blanket and last but not least Niall grabbed a piece of pizza crust. "Oh but don't worry El, the boys wouldn't have been able to do anything anyways." I point at what each boy had in their hand. "What were you all going to do if it was a killer? Let him watch a movie then tuck him into bed?" Me and El start laughing with eachother and I hug her. "God I've missed you El." Zayn gets up and stretches. "This was shit, I'm going to bed." We all go upstairs into our rooms leaving the doors open. "Night guys." "Night everyone." The house then became a eerie quite and I decided I better get some shut eye. 

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