All or Nothing

Kim is just a typical teenage girl. Who happens to be Best Friends with One Direction. As she falls for the beautiful blonde haired boy, drama is constantly being thrown her way, People are hurt, relationships are broken and friendships are destroyed. Kim finally realizes that shes gotta give it her all or walk away with nothing.

*On hiatus because it's so carroty I cringe*


23. Late Night Confessions

I doze off for a bit but not for long. I tip toe down stairs to fix me something to drink. But I'm already beat to it. Niall is standing in the kitchen with his back faced to me. I see he has made some tea so I open the cabnit to get some sugar. "Couldn't sleep Ni?" Niall is startled by me but then relaxes. I grab to mugs from the other cabnit and place them on the counter. "Mind if I join you?" Niall shakes his head,"Not at all." I pour us two a cup and sit down on the floor. Niall sits beside me and takes the cup from my hand. "Thanks." "No problem." I take a seat and sip the liquid. I hum in approval of the brew. "Is that my shirt Kim?" I take a look down and then begin to blush. I just had thrown on a shirt to wear to bed in the dark. "Yeah I guess it is." I smile at Niall and he returns it. We sit in silence but this time it's not awkward. It's more of a thinking silence. 

"You know I regret it right." I look at Niall in confusion, "Letting me take this shirt? Well you honestly didn't know I stole it so-" Niall starts laughing. "No about letting you go. There hasn't been one day that's passed where I haven't thought about it." Nialls face has turned serious and I shrug my shoulders."How are you and Harry?" I try to change the subject because I really don't feel like auguring tonight. "We're perfectly normal now, we're actually closer than ever since the fiaco. But all I want to know if you forgive me." Niall moves his head closer to mine and parts his lips. I lean in closer and our breaths mix. But I can't close the space. "If you think a kiss is going to fix this Horan, you're outta your mind." I playfully push Niall away and he makes a puppy dog face. We continue to drink our tea and start chatting about the pass year. 

"So what happened between you and that guy." I raise my eye brows and take a long sip of my tea. "What happened between you and Demi?" "I asked you first Kim." "I asked you second Niall." Niall looks at me and I smack him to go first. "Nothing happened except shameless flirting. She said she wasn't in a place to date anyone." Niall shrugs his shoulders like its no big deal. I nod my head, happy with this response.  "Well that guy's name is Sam, and we broke it off because things weren't working out. Niall lets out a snort, "Well duh Kim, but what did he do."  I try to focus on anything other than Niall. "He was a great guy really, he bought me flowers and chocolates. He would come up to my job just to take me out to lunch. But one day he said he was sick so I decided to surprise him with some homemade soup."  I try to swallow the lump that's forming in my throat. "And I walked in on him having sex with his ex girlfriend.He said he was sorry and all but I couldn't bring myself to forgive him after one silly apology. And yeah." I take the shirtsleeve and wipe my tears from my eyes. "I'm so stupid though, I should've known better." I place my empty mug on the floor and stand up. Niall follows my actions," Hey come here" he pulls me into a hug and I start to sob. I've been crying alot these past couple of months. 

"You didn't know he was a prick. Shhhhhh stop crying princess." Niall lets go of me and puts our mugs in the sink. "Stay here right quick." I watch as Niall goes into the living room to get two blankets and returns to me. He grabs my hands and leads me through the backdoor into the yard. He spreads one blanket out and sits on it, patting the the spot next to him. I sit down and he pulls me on top of him. We lay down and he puts the blanket on us. 

We're both staring up at the star filled sky, bodies intertwined with eachother, breaths in sync. These in fact are the moments I live for.

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