All or Nothing

Kim is just a typical teenage girl. Who happens to be Best Friends with One Direction. As she falls for the beautiful blonde haired boy, drama is constantly being thrown her way, People are hurt, relationships are broken and friendships are destroyed. Kim finally realizes that shes gotta give it her all or walk away with nothing.

*On hiatus because it's so carroty I cringe*


44. I fly like paper get high like planes

The sun peeking through the curtains slowly bring me from my slumber. I smile as I feel Harry's arm lazily wrapped around my waist. I turn around to face Harry; light snores fall from his slightly agape mouth. I carefully begin pushing his hair back from his face. His curls keep coiling and falling back in front of his face though. I missed this old hair style, it makes him look so much younger.

"Well good morning to you too darling." Harry still has his eyes close but he smiles at me. He finally open his eyes, blinking a few times to focus his vision and I kiss the tip of his nose. "What time is it?" I look over to the digital clock on the night stand. "8:04." Harry pulls me closer to him and kisses me on my forehead. "I like waking up like this." I grin at Harry before fully kissing him on his lips. "Yeah me too." I continue to push his hair out of his face before he effortlessly pulls me on top of him.



"Let's play a game." I tilt my head at Harry. "What kind of game?" "A kissing game." I arch my eyebrows at him as he sits up. "Oh yeah? And what is the objective of this game?" Harry shrugs his shoulders and grins at me. "There isn't one, but it gives me an excuse to kiss you for a long period of time."

I begin to kiss Harry, taking his bottom lip between my teeth, playfully biting it. His deep groan makes me smile. I pull away, taking his lip with me and I release it, letting it snap into place. "I want to give you something." Harry lifts me off of him and moves me right beside him. "Turn around. Keep your eyes close." I jokingly sigh as I follow Harry's instructions. I hear him shuffling around behind me before he places some necklace around my neck. "Ok open your eyes."

I look down at the paper airplane pendant and grasp it in my hand."You're giving me the necklace I gave you almost four years ago? If you didn't like it you could have just said so back then....." I turn around and tackle Harry onto the bed. "Thank you." He smiles at me and flips us over so he's on top. "There are other ways you could thank me." Harry's voice trails of as he repeatedly pecks the corners of my mouth. His soft lips kissing down my neck and onto my collar bones. Harry's harsh sucking brings me back to reality as I wiggle from underneath him. "Hey where do you think you're going?" I quickly dart out the door and into the hallway, running into someone. I stumble onto the floor and I see a tattooed arm outstretched to help me.

"Kimmy, just the girl I wanted to see. I need you to go somewhere with me." Louis pulls me to my feet and I brush the dirt off of my butt. "Well yeah let me just go into the room and change." Louis lets out a snort and his eyes travel to my neck area. "I don't have time to wait until you and Harry are done having your way with each other. Let's go."

Louis swings me over his shoulder much to my protest and we make our way out into the land of New York.


I absolutely love Louis; he was one of the first of the other boys that I bonded with. But sometimes he makes me want to murder him and myself too. He wanted me to give him all the details on what happened last night and of course I did. We're on our way back from the store, walking in a comfortable silence. One that I knew Louis would break soon.

"Have you told Niall yet?" I look over to Louis and shake my head. "I didn't even have enough time to tell myself at first. Besides Harry, you're the only one that knows." "Well as much as that warms the old heart of mine, you have to tell Niall." I let out a loud, drawn out groan at Louis. "We were so close Lou, I can literally smell the inside of my parents house. But you had to go and ruin it. Why do I even need to tell him?" I pick up my pace a bit so I can make it to the house even quicker. I can see it in the distance now.

"Because, he needs to know where you and Harry stand, it's only fair for him to know." Louis has matched his pace to mine and I shake my head, I hated it when he's right. "Or you could just wear a shirt like that one so he can see that huge love bite and Harry's necklace around your neck." I blush at Louis and begin practically sprinting to the house. Louis is quicker than me though and he surpasses me right as we get into the driveway. Running up the, stairs he begins to ring the door bell numerous times. I finally make it next to him when Zayn opens the door. Louis runs into the kitchen, dropping the cereal on the couch and Zayn chuckles at both of us. Running into the kitchen behind him, I halt as I see Niall making something to drink and Louis leaning against the refrigerator. I try to back away but Louis grabs me my my wrist and pushes me into the direction of Niall. Niall finally stops his actions and looks down at me. I turn to glare at Louis but that butt nugget has already left the kitchen. Slowly turning back around, I gulp at Niall. "We need to talk."

A/N: It's not a hackneyed fanfic with out the paper pendant necklace. Quick and uneventful chapter but hopefully I will have something better soon. Love all of you beautiful people.

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