All or Nothing

Kim is just a typical teenage girl. Who happens to be Best Friends with One Direction. As she falls for the beautiful blonde haired boy, drama is constantly being thrown her way, People are hurt, relationships are broken and friendships are destroyed. Kim finally realizes that shes gotta give it her all or walk away with nothing.

*On hiatus because it's so carroty I cringe*


42. Hopped off the plane at JFK

“Hopped of the plane at JFK with my dreams in my cardigan.” “Urgh El, somehow I knew you were going to do that.” I walk in the airport with Eleanor to retrieve our luggage and stand outside by the entrance. None of the fans knew anything about me and El’s presence in New York so, we are able to just wait for Paul in peace.

“Are we going to the hotel first or to your parents?” I ponder Eleanor’s question for a while. I’m not sure who I want to see right now, my judgmental parents, more of my mom, or Harry who basically arranged this whole thing. “I think to the hotel, I want to drop my stuff off before I see my parents.”  I wait in silence with El until a honk of a horn startles me. Paul rolls down his window, giving us a warm smile. “Hope you ladies had a nice flight. Go on, get in. I’ve got ya bags. We both climb into the backseat of the SUV and wait for Paul to return to the driver’s seat. “So, hotel first?” I nod my head and Paul takes off to the hotel.


“We are going to have to go round back, you girls know the drill.” I look out the car window to see hundreds of girls standing in front of a hotel. Yup, this is definitely the hotel the boys are in. Paul pulls in around the back and we all exit the car. “Let me see, you girls can use the staff elevator to get up there. The boys’ rooms are all on the 12th floor. Keep knocking until you get lucky. I’ll be up there in a few.” With a nod of our heads me and Eleanor take off in search of the elevator and then the boys.


We enter the rather large and dull staff elevator and I push the 12 key with my thumb. G L 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12. The elevator comes to a halt and with a ding the doors slide open. There are only about ten rooms in the hall so finding the boys won’t be that hard. I knock on the first door and after a moment it swings open to reveal a shirtless Zayn. “Hey guys, I didn’t know you got here already.” Zayn gives each of us hug and fidgets with his hair. “I’m guessing you two weren’t really looking for me. Louis is in the room beside me and Harry is next to his.” I thank Zayn before he closes the door, going back to whatever he was doing. “I’m going to go with Louis.” Eleanor goes and bangs on Louis’ door while I bang on Harry’s.


Harry’s door swings open before Louis’ and he smiles as soon as he sees me. “Lank!” He crushes me in a hug and gives me a kiss on the lips. I have to tell him to stop doing that. I hear Eleanor make a noise and we both turn to stare at her. She’s looking at us with her famous smirk and I groan. I push Harry in his room and stick my tongue out at El, slamming the door behind me.


“I’ve missed you, how was your flight?” I remove my beanie, well actually his beanie, from my head and throw it on Harry’s King sized bed. “Well, all I could think about was the dinner tonight with my parents. Why did you set this up?” Harry face falls a bit and he sits down on the bed. “She’s your mum, plus I can’t really say no to Auntie Kim, she’ll have my head!” “You know how my relationship is with her though. You know what happened the last time I was with her. I can’t believe you did this. She’s going to make me feel like absolute crap.” Harry stands up from the bed and grabs my hands. “It’s been a long time, and when she called me she sounded like she really missed you. Just keep an open mind baby.” Wow, baby, that’s a new one. “I guess you’re right.” I look up to see a grin gracing Harry’s face. “What’s so funny?” “Why are you blushing so hard?” I touch my incredibly warm cheeks and shake my head. “I’m not blushing.” “But you are. Is it because I called you baby, baby?” I let go of Harry’s hands and cover my face. ”You better get used to it because there are more pet names coming, baby.” Harry pries my hands from my face and laughs. He slowly stops laughing and he runs his thumb across my bottom lip. My lips part at his touch and he smirks. “Why don’t we find another thing to occupy ourselves?” He snakes his hand around my face and presses his crotch into mine. “N-no, I have to start getting ready. And you do too.” I wriggle myself from Harry’s death grip and walk-run to the bathroom. I shut the door and slide down the wall. I remember I don’t have my luggage yet and I softly knock my head against the wall. It’s going to be a long night.


Paul pulls in front of what is supposed to be my parent’s new house. Harry opens the door for me and helps me get down from the SUV. “I’ll be back in a bit with the rest of the lot. Good luck you two.” I thank Paul and he speeds off to get the rest. I thought it might be a good idea for it to just be me and Harry with my parents just for a bit. That way my mom can get out all of her hurtful comments before the others get here.


“You’re shaking lank, calm down.”  I brush harry off and take a deep breath as I knock on the door. Harry grabs my hand and brings it to his lips to give it a kiss. I relax a bit with Harry's hand over mine. The door slowly opens to reveal my mom. If I didn’t know what she was capable of, I would think she was actually sweet. She was smiling brightly and she pulled me into a hug. “Oh god I’ve missed my baby girl.” She leaves a thousand kisses on my face and I just take em like a warrior. “I’ve missed you too mom.” I hear Harry laughing beside me and I just shake my head. “Oh god you’re still so skinny. Do you eat? And your breasts still haven’t come in yet. You’re almost 18 and you’re still about a 32 A. That’s adorable.”


And there is my mother.


“And you mister have a lot to talk to me about.” My mom pulls Harry in for a tight hug as well. “Don’t be strangers come in!” My mom opens the door wider for me and Harry to step inside. I look around and spot our old furniture. It’s the same layout, just a different house. There are family portraits lining the wall near the stair case. I study them and of course hanging is that picture of me and Harry with the fireflies. I see a picture of my whole family that reminds me of my father.


“Where’s Dad mom?” “I sent him to get some fresh baked garlic bread. We’re having spaghetti; I hope that’s all right.” “It’s perfect Auntie.” My mom disappears in the kitchen and I decide to take a seat at the dining room table. “And you thought she was going to be mean.” I glare at Harry and shake my head. “Just wait and see.” He kisses my cheek, and then he starts to nibble on it. ”Whoa there calm down kids.” Harry stops his playful assault on my cheek and my mom shakes her head. “I knew you two were going to end up together.” I mentally shoot myself in the head. I keep hearing everyone saying that like get new lines people.


“So when did you two start falling for each other?” I tense at this question. I still haven’t had one clean lie to ride this whole fake relationship thing out. Maybe I can say when he bought be a slice of pizza. Nah that seems lame.


“I think it was when I saw her crying because of her now ex-boyfriend. I held her in my arms and I just thought how amazing she was and if I was her boyfriend she would never cry.” My mouth hangs agape a bit. Either he’s a really good actor or that’s when he really started falling for me. It would make sense I mean. “And when did you start falling for Harry Kimberly?” Well maybe I’ve always kind of liked him. I mean he’s been here since the beginning and he will probably be here to the end. I actually really like him.” Well- it was when-“


The shrill noise of the doorbell saves me from having to answer the question. “Oh dear lord I hope that’s your father.” My mom scurries over to the door and opens it. “You must be Kimberly's and Harry's friends. Come in! And there you are Ron.” My dad is the first one to enter the house followed by El, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall. When I see my father I jump up from my seat and rush over to give him a hug. “Dad!” He drops the garlic bread on the table and he lifts me up. “Oh how I’ve missed my pumpkin spice” He puts me down and goes over to Harry. “Nice to see you again Harry.” “You too sir.” Harry and my dad firmly shake hands before he goes to shake the other boy’s hands.


“You all can take a seat, I’m going to be fixing the plates now.” My mom slight country accent comes out when she asks me to help her with the plates. I follow behind her into the kitchen and start delivering out the plates when she finishes piling food on them.


We are the last to sit and there is an open seat beside Niall and one beside Harry. Naturally I take the seat beside Harry without a second thought. We all chatter while we eat and my mom asks a million questions about the boy’s profession. ”Aww I just noticed that the love birds are sitting together.” I widen my eyes at Louis and kick him under the table. “Ow? What did you do that for?” “Oh god I’m sorry Liam, I was trying to kick Louis.” “Wait, I thought the dark haired one was Louis and the blonde one was Liam.” The boys and all laugh at my mother’s confusion. “Mom that is El, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall.” Each of them give little waves after I say their name. “Niall…..Niall… Isn’t that the one you had that massive crush on?”


Thanks for making it once again awkward mother.

I see Harry tense beside me and Niall choke on the water he is sipping. “Mommmmm.” I hope my mother will catch the hint but of course she won’t. “Oh god she wouldn’t shut up about you. ‘Niall is so cute. Why won’t Niall ask me out?’ The headaches that girl gave me about you.” Niall just lets out a roaring laugh and I shove a forkful of spaghetti in my mouth. “I’m surprise d you two didn’t date. It’s kind of like Harry and her, inevitable.” “Well actually ma’am, we did date for a little bit but we both decided it would be better if we remained friends. Isn’t that right Kimmy?” Kill me, just kill me now. “Yup. Hey Mom I think we’re going to get going after desert. It’s getting late.” And more awkward by the second.


“What? No you can’t! You all just got here an hour ago.” Well actually mother it has been two hours and thirty six minutes. “Why don’t you all spend the night here? We have got more than enough room in this house.” “Aw we would love to mom but the boys have a lot of things to do tomorrow and the location of the hotel just makes it much easier to do those things.” “Actually we have the day off tomorrow.” Thank you for your help Zayn. “Well we all don’t have any change of clothes so….” “I can pick up a change of everyone’s clothes if you all want to stay here.” Shut up Liam. “Yeah it sounds nice spending time in somewhere other than a hotel.” All the boys make an agreement with El and my mom claps her hands excitedly. “Then it’s settled! Ron, take Liam to the hotel so he can fetch their clothing.” My dad grunts and stands up from the table, Liam following close behind. “Kimberly be a dear and slice a piece of cake for everyone.” The rest stand up from their seats and walk into the living room. “I’ll help you.” I whip my head around at Niall and proceed to walk into the kitchen.

We stay silent at first, me digging in various cabinets until I find the smaller plates. “So Kimmy, I have a question to ask you.” I let out a hum for Niall to continue on saying whatever he was going to say. “Do you still think I’m soooooo cute and still dying for me to ask you out?” I turn around to a smiling Niall and I kick him in his shin. “Shut up you wanker.” Me and Niall just start laughing. It’s always been like this with me and him. No matter how awkward our situation may be, we can just laugh with each other. I’ve missed being able to just laugh with him.


“I was just asking. No need to assault my good knee.” I finally control my laughter as well, just random burst of giggles coming out. Niall steps closer to me and brings his hands to my face. “I feel him wipe the moisture from off of my cheeks with his thumb. “What happened to us Kim? We used to always just laugh like this, about everything and nothing.”  I shrug my shoulders. “Sometimes things just change. Nobody really knows why but they just do.” “Do you ever just think about us though? How different things could have played out?” “Of course I have Niall but we’re not good for each other. Nothing was easy with us.”  “The course of true love never did run smooth. Do you know who said that?” “Um Drake?”  Niall lets out his roaring laugh at my response. “Try Shakespeare. I do love you Kimberly, and this isn’t supposed to be easy.” I shake my head at Niall, I know it isn’t supposed to be easy but it shouldn’t be this hard all the time.


Niall moves slowly to my face and I already know what’s coming. I want to move away but I can’t. A part of me wants to feel his soft lips on top of mine. That’s why when he finally kisses me I don’t push him away; I move my lips in sync with his. He smiles when I wrap my arms around his neck. This is so wrong with the others just a room but it feels so right.


I pull away from Niall and shake my head. “Don’t stop on the count that I’m here.”  I look over to Harry with wide eyes. I start to shake my head back and forth at him. His arms are crossed and he’s leaning against the door frame, looking completely disappointed. “Harry-“He holds his hands up to silence me. “We will talk later, alone.” With that Harry storms out the kitchen and leaves me alone with Niall, leaving me feeling incredibly guilty.  

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