All or Nothing

Kim is just a typical teenage girl. Who happens to be Best Friends with One Direction. As she falls for the beautiful blonde haired boy, drama is constantly being thrown her way, People are hurt, relationships are broken and friendships are destroyed. Kim finally realizes that shes gotta give it her all or walk away with nothing.

*On hiatus because it's so carroty I cringe*


17. "Hello babe."

I jump up and down squealing. The pizza guy smiles at me. "I'm going to need you to sign right here, I take the pen and sign along the dotted line. I hand the recipet back to him and grab the two pizzas. "Thanks love have a wonderful day." The delivery boy winks at me and I close the door politely in his face. I forgot to give that creep back his pen, it's a nice fancy one too. I'm pretty sure he'll be back for it. 

I plop down in front of the tv and unmute it. What makes you beautiful is on and I gag. I've heard that song so many damn times I wanna scream. But I don't because pizza is infront of me and I don't wanna scare pizza away. As I said before, I'm lonley right now, don't judge me. Half way through my second slice there's a knock on the door. It's probably just that pizza boy getting his pen back. 

I don't even bother muting the tv as I grab the pen and continue to eat my pizza. I swing the door open and drop the pen on the floor. And I mentally kick myself for not checking the peephole before hand. "Hello Kim." 

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