All or Nothing

Kim is just a typical teenage girl. Who happens to be Best Friends with One Direction. As she falls for the beautiful blonde haired boy, drama is constantly being thrown her way, People are hurt, relationships are broken and friendships are destroyed. Kim finally realizes that shes gotta give it her all or walk away with nothing.

*On hiatus because it's so carroty I cringe*



I spent two hours talking and laughing with one of my best friends in the whole world. He took me to every store in the mall and every time I tried to pay, he would insist that he did so. I was still not use to this Harry Styles, the superstar one that can get what ever he wants because he's basically shitting money. I'm use to Harry Styles, the normal teenage boy that couldn't even afford a slice of pizza. I remember when we were younger, he would always say when he was rich and famous he would pay me back by buying me anything my heart wants. I laugh out loud and blush at the promises that are coming true.

"What you giggling about? Thinking of Niall?" Harry looks down at me and I smile even wider. "Actually no Harry, I'm giggling about you." He raises his eyebrows at my answer. "Remember how before you became all famous, you said you would buy me what ever I wanted." Harry laughs at the memories too, his dimples deep now."Yeah you would always buy me food or lend me money. I always felt bad but, look at me now." Harry twirls around and all of my bags shuffle in his hands. "Yeah Styles, you've come a long way. Have I ever told you how proud I am of you?" Harry grins back at me. "Just about everyday." I blush a bit. "But I truly mean it Harry, I'm so fucking proud of you." He kisses my forehead sweetly and I smile lazily up a him. "I know Kimmy."

I yawn and try to take some of the bags from his hand but he's having none of it. "Let me give you a piggy back ride back to the hotel, we aren't that far." "Are you crazy Harry, you can't lift my long self and carry all of those bags. I'm not that sleepy, I'll make it. Harry raises his eye brows and begin to smirk. Oh know I already I what's coming out next. "Are you trying to challenge me Lank?" Oh lord I knew it. "No Harold, I'm just simply saying I don't want you to get hur-." Next thing I know Harry is throwing me over his back and begins to walk forward.

"Styles this is too much weight for you, let me down." But the way I rest my head onto his shoulders really doesn't support my 'I want to get down' case. Harry chuckles again and I can feel his whole body vibrating. I choose to stop auguring and snuggle my head Into his neck. I inhale his smell and doze off a bit. I can't help it, Styles is like a nice pillow. "Kim?" I awake a little but then groan. "Yes love." Harry chuckles again and I groan at his nice vibrations.

"Wow calling me love? Someone is indeed sleepy. Now sleepy head, can you reach in my back pocket and get out my phone and dial Preston and tell him were almost at the hotel. Don't want us to get mobbed or anything." I lazily reach my long monkey arms into Harry's back pocket and get his phone out. I may or may not have pinched his bum in the process. And he may or may not have let out the most adorable laugh I've ever heard in the history of life. Niall's comes first of course, speaking of Niall I wonder what ever happened to my babe . I memorized Harry's passcode, 0723( mine and the band's birthday , holla) and scroll through his contact until I see Preston's name. I click on it and wait for Preston to answer. "Hey Harry, is everything alright?" "Oh hey Preston it's me, Kim. Harry wanted me to tell you were near the hotel. Could you er, please come and get us." Preston chuckles on the other end of the line. "I'm actually in a rush getting Liam and Zayn but I'll tell Paul. Stay a good distance from the hotel but not too far." "Ok Preston, thank youuuuuuuuu." "No problem." "Harry darling, put me down, Preston said Paul is getting us and for us to stay a reasonable distance from hotel until he arrives." I try to get down from him but he sighs and tightens the grip on my legs. "Why do you have to get off?" He sounds like a five year old toddler whining. "Well Harold, the hotel is right there and I don't want anyone to see us like this." It's really odd worrying about people trying to catch me and Harry in some way that makes it seem like we're in a romance. "Come on lank, they know we're best friends, please?" I look over Harry's shoulder at his face and see he's pouting. You really can't not give into a pouting Harry styles. "If Niall kills me for this I will haunt you until you die Styles." I huff and he chuckles as we stand in one spot waiting for Paul. In the process I'm able to take Harry's sunglasses and SnapBack and put them on. "I at least need those glasses, people with light colored eyes can get eye cancer easier. Why not just wear the new ones." Harry holds up the Ray Ban bag and I smirk. "Why don't you just wear the new ones." "Well because the frames are pink." I sigh and take the sun glasses out of the bag and place them on Harry's face."There ya go Harold, the fans will love them." I notice I still have Harry's phone in my pocket and I take it out. "Lets take a picture Harry." I once again unlock the phone and take a million pictures. I send myself all 27 photos we just took and hack into his Instagram. "Wait Kim, don't post a picture of us right now, the fans can find us." I sigh but know he is true so I slip the phones into my pocket and wait for Paul. Where in the hell is Paul? It's been at least 20 minutes since we called Preston. As if on cue,Paul's black SUV rolls on to the side of the curb. Me and Harry keep pulling on the door until Paul unlocks it. We slip into the car, after Harry finally put me down of course. "Well hello you two." I jump at the voice that came from the back of the truck. "Shit Niall you scared me." Niall just nods his head. I study his features. He is spread out on the backseat of the car, his hands are clenched Into fist and he's trying to look calm but I can tell he's pissed off. "Looks like you two had fun shopping and giving piggie back rides. I'll pay you back for the stuff Harry." I gasp."Hey how did you know I didn't pay for anything." "Because Harry was with you." I shrug my shoulders. Truth is, none of the boys will let me,El or another close female in their life's to pay for something. I guess it's like a famous popstar thing. "It's fine man, I owe her for like ten years of friendship. And I still don't think I'm done paying it off." I smile at my curly best friend and kiss him on the cheek. "Thanks Hair bear." I swallow him in a hug and Niall clears his throat. "Awwww does my Ni want hugs and kisses too?" I don't wait for Niall to respond as I climb over the row of seats me and Harry are siting in to the back row. I straddle him and try to kiss his lips but he turns away. I feel my cheeks begin to burn. "What's wrong Niall?" "Well talk about it later." I awkwardly get off of him and stumble onto face as Paul breaks. "Ok kiddos, I had to drive a different way so you all can go through the back entrance so you won't be spotted by fans." I groan at Paul's as he gets out. "Shit Kimberly are you ok?" I lift my body up and respond to Niall, "Just peachy." I snap at him. Harry gets out first and then helps me down as well. "Harry I can carry the bags now." "You're not carrying these ever ok." I follow Harry up to the staff elevator and Niall is slowly behind us. I rest my head on Harry's shoulder and push 16 with my hand. You could cut the tension with a knife and I'm glad to get out of the elevator. Harry takes the many bags to my room and places them on my bed."Thanks Harry, we needed to spend some time together, love you." He kisses me on my temple and walks away.I lay on my bed reading the alarm clock that says 1:13. I sigh and pull out mine and Harry phone. Shit I forgot to give it back to him. I go into my photos and make a 2 by 2 collage of 4 of my favorite photos from today. One is me and Harry smiling, one is both of us doing pouty faces, one is me kissing his cheek and the last one is Harry looking like he's going to lick my face as I shift away from him. I upload the photo on Instagram 
Radiiical: Had so much fun with my best friend @harrystyles today. He gave me a piggy back ride and We switched sun glasses too, holla 😭 love you Harold ❤❤❤.
Happy with the caption, I plop my phone down on my bed and trot down the hall to Harry's and Niall's. Once again banging on the door. I sewer those boys are deaf. Harry opens the door for me yet again. "We'll someone must be craving some Styles lovin, two visits in one day?" "Move you bastard." I push Harry out of the door frame and plop down on his bed. "You forgot this kid." Harry takes the phone from my hands and lays next to me. He checks something on his phone and begins to smile. He must have seen the photo. "Awwwwwww you do love me." I slap Harry on his stomach and he lays next to me. "Can I borrow a shirt for tonight?" Harry looks at me in disbelief. "Look I want one of your shirts Harry don't question me." Harry lies down beside me in defeat. "Why not just get one of Niall's?" "Yeah Kim, why not just get one of mine?" I shoot up and push Harry off the bed. "Bloody hell lank, you trynna kill me?" I look nervously over to Niall and give him a sheepish smile. "Well because you have a lot of tank tops and yeah."I quickly go into Harry'a bag and grab the white Rolling Stones tee. "I'll see y'all at the show." I give a quick kiss to Niall and practically sprint out the door. HAWKWARD. 


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