All or Nothing

Kim is just a typical teenage girl. Who happens to be Best Friends with One Direction. As she falls for the beautiful blonde haired boy, drama is constantly being thrown her way, People are hurt, relationships are broken and friendships are destroyed. Kim finally realizes that shes gotta give it her all or walk away with nothing.

*On hiatus because it's so carroty I cringe*


10. Harry Styles, boyfriend?

I partially wake up to hushed, panic whispers. I open my eyes long enough to see Harry talking to Louis and Liam. I look to see Zayn out cold on El's shoulder . Both of them under a blanket. I'm still laying on Nialls warm chest. "Can you keep it down before you wake those two, Harry looks as if he's going to point to me and Niall and I quickly shut my eyes. I keep them closed for ten seconds until I hear Liam start to talk. "Listen mate, you've got to loose the feelings for Kim." My heart quickens its pace and I listen more closely. "I don't have feelings for Lank, she's like my best friend." Louis lets out a snort. "Yeah, right, sure. You couldn't be more obvious. That little tickle stunt you just pulled. Saying we ran out of rooms and that she would have to share with you back in Cali. We see through you." Harry sighs and does his signature hair flip. "That doesn't mean I like her. I mean sure she's amazing but she's like my little sister." Liam and Louis look at each other. "I bet you didn't even want her and Niall to get back together." Harry's body tenses up. "I never said that." "But you didn't deny it either." Louis fires back at Harry. Liam sighs once more. "Listen Harry. You may not want to admit it but you love Kimberly in a way that's more than friends ok. But she's Nialls everything so just try to shake the feeling mate." Harry scoffs. "Ok Liam." El begins to squirm in her sleep. "Better wake everyone up, we're arriving in like 25 mins." Louis does as Harry said and kisses El. "Wake up beautiful." El begins to wake up and shrieks when she see Zayn on her shoulder.Just then Niall wakes up and I pretend to wake up too. Zayn just remains deaf to the world. "What in the hell is going on." Niall sits up, now alert." Eleanor is hyperventilating now. "I think Zayn is drooling on my shoulder." We all laugh at the puddle of drool on El's shoulder. She pushes Zayn off her shoulder and he wakes up. "What's going on?" Zayn's dazed face only adds to our roar of laughter. "Get up pretty boy. We're going to be landing in like 20 mins." Zayn shoots up at this. "Oh man I have to get ready!" Zayn bolts to the bathroom, shutting the door behind him."God damn Zayn, I gotta take a piss." Louis bangs on the door and I turn my attention back to Niall. He is just staring at Harry again and Harry is staring back. Liam senses the bitterness in the room and try's to ease it. "Ok boys we have a concert tonight at 8:30 so today you can basically do anything but you must be back at 6:30 to rehearse a bit." Harry and Niall snap their attention to Liam and both of them nod their heads. "Hey Kim, remember when we went to Texas with our class when we were like 13?" I burst out laughing at the memory. "Yeah and you were so scared of flying you peed yourself on the plane." Harry's cheeks redden a bit but he laughs harder. "Yeah and you lent me your underwear and some pink shorts." I'm now in tears now from laughing. "Yeah but they ended up looking like booty shorts because you were so tall." Harry is now in tears as well. "And then when we got off the plane Mrs.Johnson got wide eyed and asked if I was ok." I start to clutch my stomach."Yeah and you told her that you just wanted to show off your beautiful legs." Me and Harry are now crying so hard from laughing, clutching our stomach. I was laughing so hard no sound was coming out. Niall clears his throat. "Oh babe it was quite a sight." Niall gets up and stretches. "Yeah I bet it was." He gets up and starts talking to El: "What was his problem?" I mouth to Harry, pretending not to know what's going on." Harry just shrugs. I stare at the window and see that we are arriving at an airport. I would think that we would have landed some where a little more private but it was probably like 3 am and no one was going to be at the airport anyway. We land and grab our luggage. As the doors open I realize that I was wrong. Madness. That's the only way I can explain it. I thought Cali was crazy, no Dallas,Texas gave a new level of madness. Girls screamed as soon as Harry poked his head out. As each of the boys got out the girls went insane. Girls were crying. Some tried to break past the security and police and Im pretty sure some passed out. No bullshit. As me and Eleanor walked out everyone stared at us. The yelling died down and eyes were just on us two. Even the boys stared at us. I link my arm into Eleanor's. "HOW Y'ALL DOING HERE IN TEXASSSSS?" I break the awkward silence. "Great." The crowd says in unison. "So can we squeeze through y'all with out the boys being kidnapped?" The girls laugh and begin to clear a section for us to walk through. "Thank you so much. Some of the most civilized fans yet." We walk through the crowd, the boys posing for some pictures. We finally make it out of the airport and everyone looks at me, shocked. "What?" "What? That thing you just did back there." Zayn points back to the crowd of fangirls. "You like tamed them." I smirk and take a bow. "Gotta have that good ol' southern hospitality." Eleanor along with the boys snicker as we see three black SUVs approach. The vehicles window is rolled down to reveal Paul smiling at us. "Okay you all. Since my no sex ban was disregarded with you all," Paul's eyes narrows at each of us as we try to act causal. "Look there's a plane ." We all begin to pretend to be memorized with the invisible object in the sky to avoid Paul's gaze. "Yeah yeah. Girls share their rooms and you boys will have to share with at least one other boy. And I will be keeping a sharp eye on you all so don't try anything . We all nod our heads at Paul's commands. "Great, now get in the trucks." We all head into the trucks. I get in with El, Liam and of course Niall. He intertwines our fingers together and I hum as I stare out the window. I'm so engulfed with the whole Harry may secretly be in love with me thing I hardly notice Niall smiling at me. I turn to face towards him, his cheeks tinting pink when my eyes meet his. "Everything ok Niall?" He breathes a long breath out. "You're really adorable when you think all hard and what not." Now I'm the one who is blushing as he leans over and kisses my temple. "Speaking of things that are hard..." I gasp at Nialls low raspy voice and he moves my hand to his growing bulge. I slap him off of me as he begins to nibble on my ear. "Get a room would ya."I laugh at Eleanor and give a quick peck on the lips to Niall. "Too bad we can't get a room. Stupid sex ban." I laugh at Niall's little mumble because that child is horny 24/7. We finally arrive at the hotel not too long after we arrive in Huston. Niall gets out first and helps me out. "This is goin to be the longest three days of my life." I roll my eyes at Niall, he acts like I don't have a plan for us to spend the nights together. "Ni, just make sure you room with Louis. Clearly I'm rooming with El because she's the only other girl. At night el will go into you and Louis' room and you'll come to mine. Tahdah, problem solved." Niall looks at me in awe. "Wow, aren't you just brilliant." I beam at my gorgeous boyfriend as we make our way to the very top floor. We are greeted by none other than Paul again. "Ok listen up kidos, this is how rooming will work. Kim and El, you two are together." I swing my arm over Elenors shoulder and our heads knock against eachother. "Shit." We both say at the same time. A chours of awwww leave our lips. "We both just used the same curse word at the same time. We're such twins." We hug eachother from the side and say I love you at the same time. All the boys look like they are about to puke, even Paul and Preston look a bit sick. "Erm on with the rooming. "Louis and Liam, Zayn I'm sorry but you're flying solo this time and last but not least Niall and Harry. I will be keeping an eye out on all of you." He makes dagers with his fingers at all of us. It all happened so fast I almost didn't catch it. "Wait." Paul turns to face me. "Yes Ms.Jones." "Can you repeat the rooming one more time?" Paul sighs and repeats the names. "You and El, Louis and Liam, Zayn alone and Niall and Harry. Something wrong?" The name Niall and Harry keep repeating in my head over and over and over again. I shake my head no and Paul turns to leave. Oh shit, this can't be good.

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