All or Nothing

Kim is just a typical teenage girl. Who happens to be Best Friends with One Direction. As she falls for the beautiful blonde haired boy, drama is constantly being thrown her way, People are hurt, relationships are broken and friendships are destroyed. Kim finally realizes that shes gotta give it her all or walk away with nothing.

*On hiatus because it's so carroty I cringe*


6. Don't know if I'll make it

Shopping with Eleanor was harder than taking final exams. I try on at least 100 dresses until she decides the pink , short cocktail dress was the best on me. I would totally agree. It was fitted at the top but lose and flirty at the bottom. It made my legs look extra long and I liked that. I wanted to just wear some converse with my dress but El looked like she was going to throw up when I said it. I get a simple pair of black flats and a few accessories. We return to the hotel room where Harry was in boxers. "Out Styles. We have to get ready." Harry simply nods and takes his suit to someone's room. I take a shower and El does my hair. She puts my hair into a flirty, perfectly neat bun. She tries to make me  put on eye liner but I turn away. She sighs and we settle on me just putting on red lipstick. El helps me with my dress and my accessories. El marvels at me. "Damn I'm good." I dramatically roll my eyes at her. "Yeah and you're going to be late if you don't hurry." El looks at the clock and goes into over drive mode. She got in the shower, did her hair , make up and put on her dress and accessories in under 30 mins.  Anddddd she looked like a million bucks. "Are you two done yet?" I open the door and Harry'a mouth falls open. El walks beside me and we both do goofy sexy poses.  "You two look great." I close Harry's mouth and laugh. "You're looking pretty striking yourself, Styles." I push Harry out the door way and go into hall. I smooth my dress down when  I see Zayn, Liam and Niall walk into the hall. They are all in black tuxes like Harry except Liam, who wears a grey suit. Louis comes out at the same time Harry does. I see Niall looking at me and I turn my head away. "Put on your sexy faces boys." The 5 boys stand in a line, striking pouty models faces. I laugh and El takes a picture. "What about you two?" Louis walks over and spins El first and then spins me. I lean on El back and we do the Charlie Angel pose. The boys woot and I laugh with El. "5 mins until we go down!" The boys are all fixing each other and I notice Niall's crocked bow-tie. I smile to myself and I approach him. He looks a little shocked as I adjust his bow tie.  "There." I whisper.  "Thanks." He whispers back. I run my fingers through his hair then quickly remove them. He was cute. "Woah, its getting hot in here." Harry does a cheeky wink and I roll my eyes. "Shut up Harry." I walk away from Niall going back to Eleanor and she elbows me in the rib. "ouch." Lets goooooooo." Paul yells and we all cram in the elevator. There is a mix of our smells but I smelled Niall's the most, mint.  The elevator doors open and there is a red carpet leading out the elevator. El takes Louis hand and they go out first. We all follow and see it leads to a beautiful banquet hall.  Before we go in, the papz are going wild at the sight of the boys. We all pose for pictures, ignore the rude questions and walk in. The hall is in full spring, a jazz band playing. "Let's dance, Louis!" Eleanor grabs Louis arms and they start to dance on the dance floor. Zayn and Harry went over to some stars, working their  British charm. I sit down with Liam at our table. I look around to see where Niall went but I cant find him. I just sit with Liam when Stole My Heart stats playing. Liam is doing the 1-2-3 flick and I burst out laughing. "Come on Love." Liam gets up and holds out his hand for me to take. "Nah Liam. I'm going to just sit and-" I have no time to finish my response as Liam pulls me on the dance floor. I start just rocking my hips from side to side. "Where's Danielle?" Liam smiles sadly.  "She couldn't come. " We continue dancing until someone taps on my shoulder. "Mine if I cut in?" I turn around to see Danielle. A big smile appears on Liam's face and he lifts Danielle up and spins her around.  "I've missed you so much Liam." Liam stats making out with Danielle and I stand there awkwardly. "Um well. I'm gonna go now. Try not to SWALLOW EACH OTHER." I gush over them and the song ends. I make my way to the table when Die Young by Kesha starts playing. I adored this song and wish I had someone to dance with me. But instead I sit down and  Niall pops up from nowhere and starts doing this adorable, horrible dance. He drags me out my seat and we start doing old school dances. I haven't laughed so much since we have been here. Kesha upbeat songs finish. I look around and me and Niall really are the only ones dancing. Everyone formed a circle around os and I take a bow laughing.  We all take out seats and listen to boring speeches. They bring out the food and I'm pretty excited because I was starving. I scarf down the food and I see everyone  at the table state at me. "Sorry but I like food." I continue to eat but slower this time. We get up to dance when we are finished eatting. The D.J turned off I'm sexy and I know it. "Oh kay. We are going to wind it down for the last song of the night. Grab somebody sexy and tell them to dance with you." Niall comes from behind me and I turn around. "We can't disobey the d.j." I smile at Niall's way of asking me to dance. Demi Lovato's catch me starts  playing. Niall pulls me in closer to him. I wrap my hands around his neck and lay my head on his shoulder. He always smelt so good. We kind of just move in a circle. As the chords came on, I started crying. I don't even know why I was crying. I guess it was because I missed him so much. I turn my head so that my nose is on his neck. I start crying harder as the second first comes on. I take fistfuls of his jacket in my hand. He pulls me off of him gently. "Whats the matter?" I just shake my head, trying to let him know I didn't know. He lifts my chin up and kisses me. It was gentle and so sweet. I look into his eyes and he takes his thumbs to wipe the tears off my face. I start to laugh at his huge thumbs. "What's so funny?" I hold out my thumb and compare it to his. "You have a really big thumb." He laughs too. He pulls me closer to him and whispers in my ear. "Thats not the only thing that's big." I smack his arm and he kisses my forehead. I feel him growing on my leg."Calm that thing down." Niall laughs and nibbles on my ear. He spins me around and I go back in his arms. I don't wanna let go. Unfortunately the song ends and we are all told to get out. Niall lifts me up in bridal position as we go into the elevator. The doors close and he hits the 12 With his hand. He kisses my forehead and I shiver under his touch, barley being able to keep my eyes open. We arrive on the floor and we get out the Elevator.  He goes to take me to my room but I kiss his neck. "I want to sleep in your room." He nods his head and takes me next door. He opens the door and I shiver at how cold it is. "You cold?" I nod my head as he lays me on the bed. "Hold on." I kick my shoes off, take off my jewelry and lipstick  and wait for him to reappear from the corner. "Here." He tosses me a green hoodie and I catch it. "Can you unzip me?" Niall nods and he starts to slowly unzip me. Once the zipper is down, he kisses my shoulder. I let the dress drop and put the green hoodie on. Niall laughs at the sight of me in it. Its huge on me. Even with my height it reaches the middle of my thigh."I'm so sleepy. I murmur. "Here come on then babe." Niall Leeds me to his bed and I get under the covers. Niall starts to undress and I let out a low whistle. "Dat ass Horan." Niall laughs and takes off his shirt, leaving him only in his boxers. He gets in the bed with me and we turn to face each other. "I've missed you a lot Kim, I'm so sorry and I love you more than anything." "I love you too Ni, I love you too." Niall kisses me and runs his hands up and down my legs. I quickly fall asleep.

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